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NR 512 Week 4 Scavenger Hunt Work Sheet Latest

NR 512 Week 4 Scavenger Hunt Work Sheet Latest

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W4_NR512 Second Life (SL) Scavenger Hunt Work Sheet
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1. As you complete the Scavenger Hunt, please write your answers to the questions on this worksheet.
2. Save it as a MS Word document in the following format: YourName_NR512_ScavengerHunt

3. Upload the worksheet to the Drop Box in your course page by the end on Week 4 on Sunday at 11:59 pm MT.

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STATION 1 — Points Possible = 20
Find the ANA Code of Ethics book in the Medical Library; click and get the web link Select from Provision 1, 2, or 3. Bring content from the Provision you selected – discuss and report on the Provision you selected here. Reference the Provision you will discuss here; cite in proper APA format.

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: NR 512 Week 4 Scavenger Hunt Work Sheet Latest

Title: NR 512 Week 4 Scavenger Hunt Work Sheet Latest


As per the Code (ANA 2015) all registered nurses have a set of obligations and ethics that they have to follow. There are 9 prime responsibilities of the nurses with statements explaining the how these provisions are guided hereafter.
These provisions came by in a scenario of Mrs. Williams who was severely ill but her condition had not been spoken of to their family members as well. Two nurses taking care of this patient Keisha and Kyle broke the patient confidentiality clause and spoke about the condition of Mrs. William in an elevator openly while her daughter who was unaware of the condition heard about her mother and broke down.
“PROVISION 1: The nurse practices with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and unique attributes of every person” (Lachman, 2014 ).
“Respect for human dignity.”In this case we have two nurses who despite being compassionate and maintaining good relationships with the patient they disrespected her privacy and did not pay heed to the need for confidentiality.
“Relationships with patients” The nurses were friendly in nature but not individuals to help build relationships they spoke indiscriminately about the patient in the elevator while the patients daughter heard upon them. This led to the relative getting anxious about the patient.
“Nature of health.”In retrospect the nurses prior to being off from duty should have ensured that the reports were delivered to the patients relatives. At the same time they should have made sure that the Doctor in charge and the surgeon had delivered the news of impending surgery and the worsening condition of Mrs. Williams to the family.

“The right to self-determination.”It was crucial after the results were out to ensure that the discussion regarding the surgery and thereafter about what best next step was possible for the patient and all pros and cons should have been well discussed.
American Nurses Association (ANA). (2015). Code of ethics for nurses with interpretive statements. Silver Spring, MD: Author.
Lachman, V. D., Swanson, E. O. C., &Winland-Brown, J. (2014). The New ‘Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive
Statements’ (2015): Practical Clinical Application, Part I.nursingworld.or/”>
STATION 2 – Points Possible = 30

Go to the City Government building and locate the mayor. Click on him to get information about aabout a federal hurricane disaster plan disaster plan. Answer these 3 questions: Where will this plan be used? Who will oversee the plan? Where was it used most recently in 2013?Place your answers below and then continue to the next page of the worksheet to complete Station 2.


Good morning sir, I am Dorinda looking for a few answers regarding your disaster management program for a school scavenger hunt
1. Where will this plan be used? Post Hurricane
2. And who will oversee the plan? FEMA
3. Can you tell me where has it been used in the past? Hurricane Sandy in 2013 is the most successful illustration for this program.

STATION 2 – continued

Take picture/”selfie” with the mayor. To take a picture: choose your snapshot camera icon from your left toolbar. Then click on Save to Disk. Then from the highlighted green dropdown barchoose 320 x 240and then click SAVE. Remember to save the photograph to your desktop to easily locate it. Copy and paste your photo in the box on the next page.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

STATION 2 – copy and paste your picture in this box
STATION 3 – Points Possible = 30

Find the board room in the Hospital Administration Building. Click on the CEO to receive information on a new cardiac wing. Answer these two questions: Who is the donor and what are the two next steps for hospital board project? Place your answers below.


Greetings Sir, My Name is Dorinda and for a school project I need to gather data regarding the Cardiac wings put in place by your institution?
1. May I ask who the Donor is? The cardiac wing was created through anonymous donor.
2. What are the next two steps for hospital board project? We hope to target next the opening of the Cardiac Wing as the completion of the wing is due Jan 2017.

STATION 4 – Points Possible = 30

Locate the Smart room in the Hospital/Urgent Care building. Find the patient sitting on the exam table; complete hand washing prior to interacting with the patient.
You are now going to assess the patient for newly diagnosed pre-hypertension. Your patient has just had his blood pressure taken. Click on the blood pressure cuff to get his blood pressure. What is your patient’s BP? Now click on your patient to get answers to the following questions: What is your diet? How many times a week do you exercise? Document your answers to ALL questions below.


BP: 130/90
Hello, I am Dorinda your nurse, I shall begin with checking your blood pressure followed by a couple of questions in regards to your diet and exercise so as to help you get it under control will that be fine with you?
1. What is your diet? Due to pressure issues my diet is that of low sodium consumption.
2. How many times a week do you exercise? Currently I work out three times a week which is relatively higher than my regular schedule.
STATION 5 – Points Possible = 30
STATION 5 – Points Possible = 30
Go to the patient room on the first floor of the Hospital/Urgent Care building. Observe the patient in bed hooked up to an EKG.Click on EKGmachine and determine whether the EKG findings is a normal or abnormal reading. If abnormal reading who and what would you do next? Place your answer below.
ANSWER: Greetings, how are you today, I am your nurse Dorinda. I am going to go through your vital signs today.
HR-111, BP 156/97, SPO2 89
First readjust the pulse ox and once again check for blood pressure, if reading remains the same than put the patient on oxygen cannula to help them breathe as the oxygen level in body is low (2LNC, at this time is what I would put it on), while this takes place would call in my tech to run the EKG and apply

IV. Draw blood and get labs and check electrolytes and cardiac enzymes, stat, (along with cultures,). This will be done keeping in mind the policy of the hospital. I shall continue conversing with the patient find out issues regarding pain, cardiac history and other chronic problems. To ask them regarding their previous visit to their local doctor and medications that they have been prescribed, and medications presently being taken. Lastly would contact their Dr. In charge and discuss if patient will be admitted to hospital.
STATION 6 – Points Possible = 30
Go to City Government Building. Find the infectious disease department in Public Health Office.
Find the representative who most likely would be in charge of any Zika virus outbreak in the community.
Click on the representative to get the web link to the CDC office providing oversight for Zika.
Identify the correct type of mosquito and list three symptoms indicating infection. What test is required for diagnosis and what are the vaccine options? Place your answers below.
ANSWER: Hi, I am Dorinda, I need some information regarding Zika virus.
I would like to know if there is a web link which talks about this virus in detail. Yes there is follow the link”>

1. What is the type of mosquito that carries the Zika virus? Zika is spread through the bite of infected Aedes species mosquito (Ae. aegypti and Ae. albopictus).
2. What are the three symptoms indicating infection? Red Rashes, high fever combined with Joint pain.
3. What test is required for diagnosis? The Zika virus can be confirmed through the blood or urine test.
4. What are the vaccine options? Currently there are no specific options available.
STATION 7 – Points Possible = 30

Go to the Education classroom in the Hospital Administration Building; Take photo standing beside title slide only of PowerPoint presentation; Copy and paste your photo in the worksheet. Choose your snapshot camera icon from your left toolbar. Then click on Save to Disk. Then from the highlighted green dropdown barchoose 320 x 240and then click SAVE. Remember to save the photograph to your desktop to easily locate it. Copy and paste your photo in the box on the next page.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
STATION 7 – copy and paste your photo below

Remember to: Save this worksheet as a MS Word document in the following format:
Place it in the Scavenger Hunt folder in the Drop Box in your course page by the end on Week 4 on Sunday at 11:59 pm MT.

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NR 512 Week 4 Scavenger Hunt Work Sheet Latest
NR 512 Week 4 Scavenger Hunt Work Sheet Latest


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I understand this is a lot of information to cover in 5 weeks, however, the Bible says in Philippians 4:13 that we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. Even in times like this, we are encouraged by God’s word that we have that ability in us to succeed with His strength. I pray that each and every one of you receives strength for this course and life generally as we navigate through this pandemic that is shaking our world today. Relax and enjoy the course!

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