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NUR 513 Assignment Worldview and Nursing Process Personal Statement 

NUR 513 Assignment Worldview and Nursing Process Personal Statement

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Nurses have an important role in providing care that improves safety, quality, and efficiency. They practice in accordance with their worldview while doing so. Garrett (2018) defines worldview as the set of assumptions and beliefs that drive nurses’ practice. It represents the way in which nurses interpret and describe their experiences. Culture has a tremendous impact on nurses’ viewpoint. It establishes the ontological and epistemological foundations for their belief system. As a result, this essay investigates my personal perspective, nursing theory that corresponds to my philosophy, and an example of how the theory could assist me in addressing a healthcare issue. It also investigates how the worldview will help me improve my future profession as a nurse.

NUR 513 Assignment Worldview and Nursing Process Personal Statement 

NUR 513 Assignment Worldview and Nursing Process Personal Statement

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Nursing Philosophy

I believe that nursing practice is holistic in nature. It takes into consideration the multiple aspects that interplay to influence one’s response to nursing care. The aspects include religious, spiritual, and cultural elements that influence the uptake of nursing care. Patients have religious practices that must be respected during the provision of nursing care. It is important that nurses incorporate the diverse religious practices of their patients into their plan of care. This is critical because religious beliefs and

practices can influence the uptake of a given approach to healthcare. For instance, it would be appropriate for the nurses to incorporate the services of clergies in situations where a patient believes that the health problem could be solved with a combination of medical and religious interventions (Mauk & Hobus, 2019).

Moreover, I also believe that culture has a significant impact on the provision of quality, safe, and efficient nursing care. Thus, the practice of nursing should take into consideration the cultural values, beliefs, and practices that influence care. Nurses should demonstrate cultural competence when working with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds. The competence is developed by being aware of the values and beliefs of the patients and respecting them. Nurses need to work in collaboration with their patients in identifying the cultural aspects that need to be considered in the provision of healthcare and their roles in promoting them (O’Brien, 2018). Through it, nurses will provide holistic care that is not only focused on the patient’s health problem but also the factors influencing the recovery process. NUR 513 Worldview and Nursing Process Personal Statement Assignment

NUR 513 Assignment Worldview and Nursing Process Personal Statement 

Nursing Theory

Theories have a significant influence on the care that nurses offer to their patients. They inform the decisions of care that the nurses embrace. Theories also form the basis of research in nursing. As a result, they also inform evidence-based practice in nursing. One of the nursing theories that inform my practice as a nurse is Virginia Henderson’s theory of need. The theory asserts that the focus of nursing care should be to enable patients to have the independence to undertake activities that will meet their health needs. Henderson observed that optimum health could only be achieved with the provision of care that meets the fundamental needs of the patients. The assumptions of Henderson’s theory resonate significantly with my assumptions on nursing practice. According to her, nurses have the professional responsibility of providing patients with care until a period when they are able to take care of themselves. Nurses should also be devoted to their professional practice. They should explore the ways in which optimum nursing care is provided to match the healthcare needs of the patients. Henderson also asserts in her theory that nurses should be educated for them to provide appropriate care to their patients (Peate, 2019). They should undergo a long period of training to inform their safe, efficient, and quality practice in their settings.

My philosophy is centered on providing care that addresses the basic concepts of nursing care. The concepts include nursing, health, individual or patient, and the environment. These concepts are also evident in the theory of Virginia Henderson. According to her, nursing entails assisting patients in doing things they could have done if they were not sick or ill (Raingruber, 2017). Individuals are perceived to have fundamental needs that must be met. They may need assistance in situations where they lack the independence in meeting them. Henderson asserts that the environment entails both the internal and external factors that influence health. As a result, nurses provide patients with environments that promote optimum health and recovery from a disease. The last aspect in Henderson’s theory that influences my practice is the components of needs that nurses must promote in their patient care. They include ensuring that patients’ breath normally, eliminates wastes, sleeps and rests, moves to their desire postures, and maintain hygiene among other elements (Raingruber, 2017). Therefore, this theory reinforces my practice of nursing by acting as a guide on the manner in which prioritized care is given to those in need. It informs the basis of the decisions that I make in relation to patient care.

Example of Current Practice

An example of current practice that can be resolved using my worldview and nursing theory is the need for 24-hour nursing care for patients in hospital settings. Generally, the provision of nursing care is a continuous process. Nurses engage in the provision of continuous care as a way of ensuring that actual and potential needs of patients are addressed in a timely manner. The need for this practice is informed by my worldview as well as Henderson’s theory. As shown earlier, nursing practice should be holistic in nature. It should address current and emerging health needs of the patients. The needs can only be identified with the provision of continuous care that aims at responding to immediate needs of the patient for optimum health and wellbeing. Henderson’s theory also informs the need for continuity of nursing care. According to her, patients have multiple healthcare needs that must be addressed by the nurses (Raingruber, 2017). Consequently, it make it relevant for nurses to engage in continuous care for them to provide care that meet the actual and potential needs of the patients.

How my Worldview and Nursing Theory will help in Developing my Future Practice

My worldview and nursing theory will help in developing my future practice in many ways. Firstly, it will help me engage in research that will contribute to the practice of safe and efficient care. It will also help me engage in care that protects the rights and needs of the patients. The principles of my worldview and the theory will also help me explore the ways in which care in our setting can be improved. This includes exploring the need for a change in institutional practices and policies to influence the quality of care offered to those in need (Raingruber, 2017). Therefore, I believe that my worldview and nursing theory will influence significantly the development of my future practice as a nurse. NUR 513 Worldview and Nursing Process Personal Statement Assignment

NUR 513 Assignment Worldview and Nursing Process Personal Statement Conclusion

In summary, my worldview about nursing has a significant influence on the care that I provide to the patients in need. It influences the need for a consideration of aspects such as cultural, spiritual, and religious beliefs in the provision of care. Virginia Henderson’s theory has a significant influence on my professional practice. It informs the values and beliefs that I use in providing my nursing care. Therefore, I believe that the use of nursing theories and my philosophy will influence my future practice as a nurse.


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Topic 5 DQ 1

During this program, you will complete an evidence-based practice project addressing a problem, issue, or concern in your specialty area of professional practice. Consider an area in your specialty that you believe needs improvement. Which nursing theories could you apply to this problem? Why is this the best theory

The nursing profession provides many areas in healthcare and patient care that one can practice in. Within the healthcare system, nurses make up the largest workforce but are still struggling with staffing shortages that create a threat to public health, the healthcare system and patient care. One area of suffering that is seeing the effects of the shortage is in nursing faculty. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (2020), “Faculty shortages at nursing schools across the country are limiting student capacity at a time when the need for professional registered nurses continues to grow; Budget constraints, an aging faculty, and increasing job competition from clinical sites have contributed to this crisis” (para. 1). This issue was highlighted during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. In my home state of New York, we were hit hard by the outbreak which left many of our hospitals in chaos. Many of the nursing students I knew were expedited through their course if they were in their final semesters and funneled into hospitals because of the staffing shortages. Prior to the pandemic I do remember there were a few friends of mine who had to look for other online schools because the schools near them didn’t’ have enough classes as a result of not having enough nursing faculty to conduct those classes. Many of my nursing colleagues who are in education say that their class sizes have doubled as a result of understaffing and now with the need for more nurses, students are having a hard time enrolling in nursing courses because of classrooms being over capacity. This is a threat to health care as the shortage of faculty means less class rooms and courses being made available and longer waiting periods to enroll in courses. It was very difficult to find a nursing theory that would best solve this problem. The only theory I found that could work was the Middle Range Nursing Theory which is a type of nursing theory. “Middle-range theories get into more specific areas of nursing as opposed to grand theories; They can come from day-to-day nursing practice, research, or from theories of similar disciplines” (Western Governors University, 2021). This theory will allow the individual(s) to focus on the problem (nursing faculty shortages) and gather resources and information from various areas of research and experience to develop effective and efficient solutions and new approaches to nursing education such as more online learning versus being in the class room, financial incentives to recruit and retain nursing faculty.



American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). (2020). Nursing Faculty Shortage. https://www.aacnnursing.org/news-information/fact-sheets/nursing-faculty-shortage

Western Governors University (WGU). (2021). Understanding Nursing Theories. https://www.wgu.edu/blog/understanding-nursing-theories2109.html#close

NUR 513 Assignment Worldview and Nursing Process Personal Statement 

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