NSG 6430 Discussion: LGBT Essay

NSG 6430 Discussion: LGBT Essay

NSG 6430 Discussion  LGBT Essay

The physician-identification of LGBT group is a thematic problem for various healthcare institutions. Not all patients are comfortable being identified as either male or female because these are the common gender identity options provided by in various health institutions. Additionally, LBGT patients prefer being handled by specific health providers. Therefore, developing LGBT competency is important in the optimization of the LGBT patient care. LGBT patients have unique needs and requirements which cannot be fully addressed by the general healthcare practitioners and that is why Jann, Edmiston and Ehrenfeld (2015) emphasizes the need to introduce training programs to develop LGBT competencies among the healthcare providers.

Additionally, Jann, Edmiston and Ehrenfeld (2015) asserts that whereas certain providers may be amenable to the LGBT community, they may lack knowledge regarding the unique health requirements of the LGBT patients and this further necessitates the competency. Majority of the academic health centers in the United States have implemented LGBT competency training and this means that the healthcare system is adapting to accommodate the culturally diversified population to represent their needs fully.

The definition of healthcare needs has become more complex in the current society due to the changes in the values and norms of the people. Sexual orientation as well as gender identity are some of the major issues that present greater challenge in healthcare delivery. In as much as some of the healthcare providers have accepted the LGBT groups as part of the mainstream gender identities some have resented their identities and do not want to be associated with them totally. Therefore, the article provides greater insights on the importance of developing the LGBT competencies in ensuring universal health coverage and overcoming any forms of cultural-based discrimination in the healthcare sector.

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Developing LGBT competencies is an important way of promoting quality healthcare provision for all.  Recognizing and appreciating diversity helps nursing practitioners to interact freely with their clients and handle them accordingly (Baker & Beagan, 2014). Many

NSG 6430 Discussion LGBT Essay
NSG 6430 Discussion LGBT Essay

healthcare institutions are striving to ensure equitable care for all people who identify themselves as LGBT. As an NP, I will work to expand my knowledge about sexual orientations and gender identity; this is important in ensuring that I understand the needs of the LGBT patients and serve them accordingly. Additionally, I will use an inclusive language to open doors for open discussion with LGBT patients. For example, when asking the patients about their names, space should be included where the patients can indicate their preferred name considering that some LGBT may not prefer being called by a name reflecting their gender identities. Additionally, a section indicating preferred pronoun should be included and this means that not all people would wish to be identified the way they appear. NPs should have proper interpersonal skills and be positive to all people they interact with without judging them based on their gender identity.

Finally, allowing the patients to state their identities or tick accordingly in the patients’ card will help in screening the LGBT patients and providing appropriate care to them (Bonvicini, 2017). The intervention will ensure that the patients are not offended and are free to share their identities for effective interaction. The ultimate purpose of introduction at the initial contact is to avoid cultural conflicts that are likely to emerge between the healthcare providers and the patients.

LGBT Health CareNSG 6430 Discussion  LGBT Essay
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