NR 430 Topic 1 DQ 1

NR 430 Topic 1 DQ 1

NR 430 Topic 1 DQ 1

Discuss why you have decided to complete your BSN at this time, and the concerns you have about completing your baccalaureate degree. Based on the readings in the course resources, what strategies can you implement to be a successful student? 

It was a dream which was not fulfilled since long due to financial constraints and family priorities. But now after recently moving to this country, I have found a suitable time to further purse my nursing studies. There was a time when experience was a good replacement for

a BSN, but those days are gone. Moreover, a BSN degree will open better job prospects, opportunities as a nurse and job satisfaction. A highly educated nursing workforce can help a nations’ population by high quality, patient–centered care. Deepening or upgrading my knowledge can provide quality nursing care to critical patients through critical thinking, planning, implementation and lastly by evaluation. 

My primary concern is balancing full time work while pursuing studies as well as dealing with household chores at the same time. I am also concerned about completing my assignments on a tight schedule. 

My strategies on being successful includes attending classes regularly, reading through course materials, and asking relevant questions. I will refer back to it throughout the semester, manage my study space, set a schedule and use available online resources. Academic writing skills may be useful for patient reports in a clear and concise manner. It will be beneficial for me to be aware of relevant online databases to expand my knowledge, search for and retrieve the most current information to the patient. NR 430 Topic 1 DQ 1

Balancing work, family, school and other aspects of life can be a great deal for nurses and nursing students. Several habits can help a nurse become effective and make one excel. The most important habit is to master time known as effective time management. It involves making out time for every aspect of life;work, school, family, friends, and taking out time to relax after a stressful day. 

Also, setting goals that are measurable and achievable sets a student apart for success. Cultivating a healthy lifestyle, focusing on a task at a time helps to prevent multitasking which makes you want to catch a glimpse of everything (Murphy, 2015). 

Finally, in order to be successful in a nursing program such as RN to BSN, it is paramount to ask for assistance when overwhelmed or when necessary. Being proactive, appreciating and rewarding oneself for a job well done are all wonderful ways to achieve success. These habits keep one elated and healthy,setting the path to effectiveness and success. 

You gave a great tool for Rose regarding her concern for balancing a full-time job, home life and school; ask for help. Sometimes it is hard to balance everything all at once. When we get overwhelmed, one aspect in our lives can suffer. To avoid this, we need to remember to ask for help. Caitlin Vogt states in The Importance of Asking for Help (2021), “Be specific, and make a list if you think that will organize your thoughts. When you can clearly articulate the assistance you need, your professor, counselor, classmate, or friend will have a better idea of how to guide you. You are helping them help you!” I agree with her statements. I tend to ask for help; however, I do not think that I am specific enough which can cause confusion. I think asking for help while being clear and precise, can help you balance your work, home life and school schedule. 

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Caitlin Vogt. (2021, August 9). The Importance of Asking for Help. 


I concur with you that pursuing a dream would motivate you to become a successful student in nursing especially after settling the barriers that delayed the pursuit. Acquiring knowledge in the nursing field and the potential job openings as well as contributing to the healthcare of the people in a community would also be a motivating factor (Brown et al., 2021). The key puzzle would be student life-work balance considering the workload of the course as well as the working hours in a full-time nursing job. This would definitely compromise the timely delivery of school requirements as patient care at the full-time job remains uncompromised (Collier, 2018). It is true that regular class attendance and timely reading of class material eliminates the pressure that would result from accumulated workload of class coverage. Management of time and having a schedule for every day’s evets helps in maintaining high standards of study and work as well as rest. Application of efficient academic writing skills also fuels efficiency in undertaking class work. 


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Finishing your BSN will help open so many more opportunities in the nursing world, it will also help increase your pay. I am so happy for you to be able to fulfill this long sought after goal/ dream of yours. Balancing all of the finances that come along with it is defiantly hard but in the end it will pay itself off. You will also feel so much more accomplished and educated in the end and feel more confident in providing evidence based practice/ quality nursing care to your patients. Great job getting started! 

 I decided to complete my BSN to develop my skills further through the use of evidenced based practices and research that will improve patient care and outcome. Also, I am doing this degree for a better career opportunity. I wish to use the GCU learning resources which are available online and other recommended resources within my reach to enhance my knowledge. Effective time management to balance work and study will be a good strategy to help me excel as a student. 

However, the most concern would be organizing my writing with citations and keeping up with assignments before the due date . I believe GCU would provide the resources and support needed to overcome these challenges. 

 Based on the readings this week, were there any tips you might use to help you with time management for assignments? Have a plan will help keep you on track. There are sources of information from GCU that can assist you with the writing elements. 

GCU has provided great learning resources which includes how to create proper citations. Obtaining a BSN will help us learn, as nurses, to implement evidence based practice into our patient education. I believe this is important because health care is always evolving and it is our duty to stay up to date with the latest practices. Below, I attached a link to some tips for time management which include figuring out how you are spending your time (Lucidchart, 2020). With this, you can decide where parts of your life are easier to cut back on and which parts require more time. 

10 tips for Mastering Time Management at work. Lucidchart. (2020, September 16). 

I have decided to complete my BSN for a few different reasons. One reason is to further my knowledge in the most recent evidence based practice of nursing in order to provide better patient care. Academic nursing research is crucial to providing quality nursing care because it gives the foundation for evidence-based practice (EBP) that is often the catalyst for changes that impact patient outcomes (Falkner 2018). The next reason is my place of work requires that all ADN nurses obtain a BSN or higher within 3 years of hire, and lastly the more education I achieve the higher I get paid. All three of these reasons point back to an overarching idea that I am here getting my BSN to further myself along in my career and become a better nurse.

I don’t have many concerns with getting started in my bachelorette program except the sole fact that I’d rather be outside enjoying playing sports or doing activities outside rather than being on the computer. I have never been one to like sitting on a computer for any period of time really. A few strategies that I can implement is time management, using evidence based practice sources of information, and remembering to ask for help when I don’t understand or am feeling overwhelmed. Enlist your family to keep a master calendar so everyone knows when you’re working, going to class and studying. And be sure to schedule some free time for the things you like to do, whether it’s working out, reading, listening to music or spending time with your family. That balance will help you get through the rigors of nursing school (Murphy 2015). 

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