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MHC 6306 Assignment Performance Appraisal

MHC 6306 Assignment Performance Appraisal


Described the type of performance measurement that the selected healthcare organization uses.

Explained the advantages and disadvantages of the current model of performance measurement used by the healthcare organization.

Described the effects of a performance appraisal on the employees of the healthcare organization.

Explained the importance of performance appraisals to the healthcare organization’s HRM.

Provided recommendations for improving the performance appraisal process of the healthcare organization.

Presented a structured document free of spelling and grammatical errors.

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MHC 6306 Assignment Performance Appraisal

Properly cited sources in APA format.

Healthcare performance measurements are aggregated, quantified and analyzed data on a particular healthcare-related activity. Their purpose is to identify opportunities for reducing costs, improving quality of care and increasing efficiency of care delivery. They’re also used to monitor other initiatives that an institution wants to track — or needs to track — to satisfy regulatory requirements.

These measurement initiatives are typically developed and operated with the active involvement of the physicians and hospital staff whose performance is being measured — as well as government and other third-party agencies — to ensure that the measures are meaningful, and the data are accurate.

MHC 6306 Assignment Performance Appraisal


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Types of healthcare performance measurements include:

  • Quality and efficiency of patient care
  • Cost of healthcare services
  • Disparities in performance
  • Care outcomes

Level of safety and adherence to governmentally-mandated standards.

There are many reasons why healthcare performance measurements are important to healthcare institutions and society in general:

Good health is more important to people than most other goods or services 1. Society has a strong collective interest in assuring that the healthcare system works to ensure people lead healthy lives as much as possible.

Governments and individuals spend a lot on healthcare. Not only do people collectively and individually spend significant dollars on healthcare (and/or healthcare insurance), these costs have risen quickly over time compared to other economy sectors.

People want to make informed decisions about their healthcare. Objective performance measures help people make better healthcare decisions because they can compare “apples to apples” and seek the best care.

Governmental bodies can make better healthcare polices. Performance measurements provide solid background data for legislative policy discussions about healthcare programs and investments — indicating where improvements in laws and mandates can be made.

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