NR 506 Week 3 Discussion:

ENGL 147N Week 1 Discussion: Pro-Position Topics

ENGL 147N Week 1 Discussion: Pro-Position Topics

ENGL 147N Week 1 Discussion: Pro-Position Topics


Required Resources

Read/review the following resources for this activity: 

  • Textbook: pp. 94-103, 267-270 
  • Lesson 
  • Minimum of 1 article (academic or credible online source) 

Apply the following writing resources to your posts: 

  • Link (library article): Point: Vaccines Save LivesLinks to an external site. (This link will take you to an overview of vaccines. Click on the title under Related Items in this overview area to access the article. This is a sample pro article.) 

Initial Post Instructions 

Part 1: Research & Review

Please review the Point: Vaccines Save Lives, an example of a pro article. 

Note: The article was pulled from our Chamberlain library’s Points of View Reference Center database. This resource is highly recommended, as it presents many of the topics in the General Education Healthcare field that may be applicable this term. To access the resource from our library website, choose Databases A to Z on the homepage. Locate and click on the Points of View database.  Scroll down to Health & Medicine. You will see a large list of potential topics ranging from Allergies in Schools to Vegetarianism. When you click on a topic (Vaccines, for example), you will see an overview of the topic, as well as points, counterpoints, and a guide to critical analysis. 

For your initial post, develop your ideas about a selected topic by conducting an online search to find a recent pro article about your topic. The goal is to find an article that takes a clear pro position. Include the following in your post: ENGL 147N Week 1 Discussion: Pro-Position Topics

  • Name of the article 
  • Author 
  • URL 
  • Brief summary of the article 

The article can be an online source from credible websites or an academic resource from the Chamberlain Library. It must be cited in APA format. For pointers on APA citations, please refer to the Chamberlain Library’s Citation and Writing Assistance website (noted in the Required Resources). 

Part 2: Application

For the second part of the initial post, address the following: 

  • Discuss which of the topic generation methods from this week’s lecture worked best for you and why (or did you use an alternate approach?). 
  • How will you remain objective about your topic? 
  • Who is your audience? 
  • Based on the topic development completed so far, brainstorm 3 potential pros for your topic choice. 

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Follow-Up Post Instructions 

Respond to at least two peers or one peer and the instructor. Strive to provide constructive criticism that will help your fellow students develop their own topics by asking questions, pointing to additional research, or providing professional and personal examples. Help your fellow peers to brainstorm potential pros for their topics. Since many of the topics we will deal with in this course are controversial, a respectful, professional tone is expected. 

Note: If you see that someone has already received feedback from two peers, please choose to help a peer who has yet to obtain feedback. 

Writing Requirements 

  • Minimum of 3 posts (1 initial & 2 follow-up) 
  • Initial Post Length: minimum of 3 college-level paragraphs 
  • APA format for in-text citations and list of references 


This activity will be graded using the Discussion Grading Rubric. Please review the following link: 

Course Outcomes (CO): 1, 3, 5 

Due Date for Initial Post: By 11:59 p.m. MT on Wednesday
Due Date for Follow-Up Posts: By 11:59 p.m. MT on Sunday 

Hello All, 

Welcome to our first discussion board (aside from introductions) of the term! I look forward to jumping right into these topics. 

You may begin posting on Monday, March 2 for credit. This week, we will be discussing Pro-Position Topics.  

As you’ll recall from the reading, there are a few different strategies for generating a topic. The first one discussed was doing preliminary research. I think this is always a good approach to try. It’s a great idea to take a look at the current, argumentative, hot topics. One way to do this would be to check out the databases in the library. You can look for recently published articles on a broad topic you are interested in, and narrow it down based on what research is available. Another technique is simply turning to the news. Current news is usually full of controversial topics. Finally, the reading mentioned chatting with family, friends, and colleagues. What issues are people talking about these days? If you work in a medical facility, what are the issues being debated right now? These are all really good ways to determine a topic you would like to pursue. 

Another thing we are focusing on this week is the audience. When I was working as a staff writer for various news and arts publications, I had to consider this often. Depending on the publication, I might want to think about the age, education level, political views, or general ideas of my audience. Sometimes an audience might be broad, while it could be very specialized other times. These are all things to take into consideration when writing. It could affect style and delivery. 

When we take a look at the example of a pro-position source, like “Point: Vaccines Save Lives,” we note that the recommendation that children be vaccinated against certain illnesses is for two reasons: 1) to protect individual children against disease and to help them develop antibodies, and 2) to eradicate the diseases by “wiping out the bacteria and viruses that cause these diseases” (Lee & Carson-Dewitt, 2017). The authors mention smallpox and polio, which are unheard of in this country, thanks to vaccines. They also name the current list of diseases that doctors recommend vaccinating against. 

You will want to find a source that does the same for your own topic: argues in favor of it for a list of reasons. You will be looking at your source and naming three pro-positions about your topic. 

If I were, for instance, looking for pro-positions for requiring the HPV vaccine for girls and boys, I might give the following: 

  1. It shields against a serious STI (HPV). 
  1. It can prevent 60-70 percent of cervical cancers. 
  1. No serious side effects, other than soreness at the injection site, have been found. 

A 2012 study involving 190,000 young women found “no new safety concerns” with the Gardasil vaccine (Joelving, 2012). It was found that some pre-existing illnesses were discovered in a handful of patients when they received the shots, but the shots did not cause those conditions. The only side effects that researchers observed during the study were fainting and mild rashes, which were expected. All side effects were temporary. 

If I were interested in showing the pros of vaccinating against HPV, I would look to the statistics (prevention of 60-70 percent of cervical cancers and prevention of 90 percent of genital warts). Those numbers are huge. 

I look forward to your posts! 


Joelving, F. (2012, October 1). HPV Vaccine Found Safe in Large Study. Reuters:    Retrieved from to an external site. 

Lee, D. & Carson-Dewitt, R. (2017). Point: Vaccines Save Lives. Points of View: Vaccines & Health Hazards, 2. Retrieved from to an external site. 


  •  Name of the article: Cosmetic Surgery offers hope for the disheartened
    • Author: Sally Driscoll & Ann Griswold
    • URL: 

Brief summary of the article:

     The article discussed some of the reasons why people have chosen to undergo cosmetic surgery. It brings to light that beauty is very important in relation to relationships, self-esteem, and job opportunities. The author discussed how people who are considered beautiful have higher chances of obtaining and maintaining job opportunities. Undergoing cosmetic surgery can assist with birth defects and imperfections that cause people to have low self- esteem and feel unattractive. The author presents the issue that whether we think it is true or not, most of the time looks do truly matter. 

Part 2: Application

For the second part of the initial post, address the following:
• Discuss which of the topic generation methods from this week’s lecture worked best for you and why (or did you use an alternate approach?) 

    I utilized preliminary research to investigate how much material I could find on both the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery. The preliminary research assisted me with choosing to use this particular article for this discussion. 

  • How will you remain objective about your topic?
        I will keep an open mind while researching this topic. I will actively research and consider both the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery. I will ensure the information that I provide is factual and does not appear to be biased to the audience.
  • Who is your audience?
    My Audience will be my classmates and professor.
  • Based on the topic development completed so far, brainstorm 3 potential pros for your topic choice.
    1. It can increase self-esteem
    2. It can assist with obtaining and maintaining jobs
    3. Cosmetic surgery corrects deformities that may be caused by cancers, birth defects, accidents, etc. 


Driscoll,S. & Griswold,A.,(2016). Cosmetic Surgery offers hope for the disheartened. to an external site. 

Heuristics. (2018). In Oxford English dictionary. to an external site. 

Seyler, D.U. & Brizee, A. (2018). Read, reason, write: An argument text and reader (12th ed.) McGraw Hill Education. 


You have a clear pro claim and three key points. Good. I can see this was published in 2016, which is good. Cosmetic surgery is such a popular thing these days. I know so many women who have chosen to get breast implants. A couple of them did so for reconstructive surgery after having mastectomies, but the majority got them to enlarge their breasts (or, at least lift them and change the shape). In recent years, I have had a couple of friends go back and have their implants removed due to health issues. I know at least one other friend who is planning to do that, as well. 

It’s funny that the majority of people that I know who have had cosmetic surgery have been women, and it has been breast augmentation. I might know a handful of women who have done liposuction or done minor procedures, like botox. I cannot think of a single man that I know who has undergone the knife for cosmetic surgery! 

I would imagine increased self esteem would be the primary benefit! 

Name of the article: Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) 

URL: Links to an external site. 

Basic summary of the article: 

      Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that can cause illnesses in both humans and 

animals. Some types of Coronaviruses are confined to birds or mammals while others can transfer from animals to humans. Illnesses associated with coronaviruses are usually mild, with two specific strains among the main causes of the common cold in humans. Other types can cause serious respiratory illnesses that can potentially prove fatal. 

     On December 31, 2019, China informed the World Health Organization (WHO) of the first cases of the illness in Wuhan.WHO officials named the illness caused by the virus as coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).Symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to the flu, with patients reporting fever, cough, and shortness of breath. The symptoms typically occur between two and fourteen days after exposure to the virus. In severe cases, COVID-19 can cause pneumonia, kidney failure, and death. The highest risk of death is in people above age sixty-five and people with already compromised immune systems, such as those with diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease. 

        As with most viral diseases, COVID-19 has no cure, although its symptoms can be treated. some research had shown promise that a vaccine would eventually be developed. Health experts recommended precautionary measures as the best way to reduce the chances of contracting the virus. They suggested maintaining a focus on good hygiene by washing hands thoroughly, avoiding hand-to-face contact, cleaning household surfaces, using a tissue when coughing or sneezing, and disposing of it afterward. People were also advised to avoid those who were ill and stay home from work or school if they displayed any signs of illness. 

Part 2 

   The topic generation methods from this week’s lecture that worked best for me are by reading topics that pick my interest and also decided on the topic that I can talk more about. I wanted to pick circumcision but I know I will be biased and not be open-minded because I am an African and while the female circumcision is getting more attention where I came from, male circumcision is not even open for debate. 

    With the COVID -19 topic, I care for the patients as a nurse and see how this disease can be devastating. It scares me as a human being, a parent, and a nurse. I am curious about its disease process and I will be open-minded. As there are too many cons to this topic, there are so many pros to it too. 

As there are so many articles COVID-19, I will use scholarly articles to research the facts to state the pros and cons of COVID-19. 

My audience will be Professor Amy and my fellow students. 

The 3 advantages of my topic are; 

  1. United we stand, divided we fall.
  2. Appreciating little things we took for granted
  3. Putting our differences aside.


“Coronavirus Disease 2019.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 5 Apr. 2020, 

“Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak.” World Health Organization, 5 Apr. 2020, Links to an external site. 

“Naming the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and the Virus That Causes It.” World Health Organization, 2020,