Assignment: Self-Assessment of Nursing Informatics Competencies

Assignment: Self-Assessment of Nursing Informatics Competencies

Sample Answer for Assignment: Self-Assessment of Nursing Informatics Competencies Included

Assignment  Self-Assessment of Nursing Informatics Competencies

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: Assignment: Self-Assessment of Nursing Informatics Competencies

Title: Assignment: Self-Assessment of Nursing Informatics Competencies

Throughout the globe, the adoption and use of technology is expanding, and the healthcare sector seems to be keeping astride with this expansion. Yet, it remains pertinent for us to understand the level of our technological competency, and more so its scope. Within the nursing sector, one efficient tool that may find extensive use assessing technological competency is the Tiger-based Assessment of Nursing Informatics Competencies (TANIC). The tool, as observed by Hunter, McGonigle and Hebda (2013), rates a nurse’s technological skills on a four-feature scale that ranks one as either beginner/NA, comfortable, proficient or expert based their grasp of basic computer skills, literacy in IT and their proficiency in managing clinical information. Based on this background, the current discussion seeks to provide a comprehensive explanation of the TANIC tool. Specifically, it will examine the strengths and weaknesses that characterize the tool, alongside nursing practice skills that I can develop and leverage in nursing informatics to enhance my career.


To keep pace with changes in any career, one must always strive to improve on certain relevant skills. For me, one such avenue is on basic computer skills, particularly on my knowledge of text-editing applications. Text-editing happens to be an area in which I have limited experience, and I know that I can do better with more knowledge and experience in computer, printer and cartridge recycling processes. While I have never had an opportunity to recycle any of these components, my beginner status is not a detraction. Better still, I am confident of my competency and expertise in other basic computer skills, such as emailing, since this is one tool that I use every single day when executing my roles as a nurse assistant.

In relation to information management, I believe that I can enhance my competency level by learning extensively on proprietary information systems. While I have hardly had any experience in this area, I am exceptionally enthusiastic about learning more on this computer environment. Also, given my exceptional knowledge and experience handling patient health information, PHI, I believe that navigating the proprietary information systems niche will not be much of a challenge. In addition, I consider myself an expert in the fields of clinical data input and update, a strength I can particularly leverage when learning about information systems designed for proprietary data.

Yet still, I understand that there is much I can improve on in terms of my competency with information literacy. In fact, my decision to go back to school for further studies has exposed me to the use of these competencies, and one related area that I must improve on is my ability to determine the scholarly nature of a publication. Often, nearly all the sources that emerge when one is looking for information tend to appear legitimate, yet in reality most are rarely precise in being truthful, let alone being evidence-based. As such, one must be very careful when handling such sources as even a blatantly non-reputable source can easily pass as reputable. Nonetheless, I trust that my strength and ability to describe privacy and security information will give me an upper hand in as far as my desire to master information literacy is concerned.

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Skill Strengthening Plan

A number of outlets through which one can further develop these competencies exist. One such avenue is through e-leaning.

Assignment Self-Assessment of Nursing Informatics Competencies
Assignment Self-Assessment of Nursing Informatics Competencies

Numerous courses tailored to these areas of competencies exist online, and all one has to do is to verify their validity. The concept of e-learning is a boon to learning initiatives as it not only overcomes most of the traditional barriers to education, but is ridden with advantages that most students can benefit from (Czar & Hebda, 2013). Utilizing e-learning, for instance, enables you to pursue a course from any location, and at times is equally flexible to accommodate your convenient time of taking it. Further, e-learning offers expansive resources as you can seek guidance from a horde of other persons already proficient your area of interest. Moreover, you can pursue a healthcare technology and informatics course in the traditional classroom, its technology orientation notwithstanding.

Note that my decision to enhance my knowledge in the mentioned areas draws from the fact that they are relevant to my practice, are easily accessible, and I can reach out to our informatics specialist should I need help with specific questions or concerns. With the increasingly expanding uptake of technology, I understand that improving my technological knowledge and competency will not only enhance my relevance in the contemporary and future workplace, but will also enable me pursue and accomplish other technology-dependent goals in future.

Analysis of the Implications of Technology on Nursing Effectiveness

For anyone pursuing or intending to pursue a career in healthcare, informatics is nowadays a necessary skill, and more so for a nurse practitioner. Presently, working in the healthcare sector requires one to have more than basic technology skills in order to be able to function appropriately and communicate effectively. In addition to understanding basic computer use and its components, one must be able to use technology to find professional, up-to-date literature for daily inferences and for further education purposes. So much is technology critical for nursing practice that Huston (2013) describes it as an increasingly recognized skill in the 21st century, chiefly because it facilitates mobility and ensures that such important healthcare processes as relationships, interactions and operations proceed smoothly.

Assignment: Self-Assessment of Nursing Informatics Competencies Conclusion

From a personal perspective, the TANIC tool emerges as the most appropriate and reliable tool to determine one’s competency in technology and informatics. Specifically, the tool enabled me to identify both the areas in technology that I need to improve on, as well as those that I am strong at, and which I can leverage to advance my career in nursing. For instance, through the tool I was able to discern my underwhelming skills in text-editing, and equally able to draw a plan with which to improve on this aspect. Additionally, I have managed to explore the implications that technology has on nursing practice, effectively showing the extent to which technology and informatics are key areas that a nurse must be competent in for a better and fulfilling career in nursing.

Type the Title of Your Paper

Begin this paper with a brief paragraph that provides an overview of the assignment and its purpose. Provided an overview of the TANIC tool. There is no separate heading for this paragraph; the heading for this paragraph is the same as the title of the paper. The last sentence in this paragraph is a sentence that begins \”The purpose of this paper is to¨. This Introduction is worth 5 pts.
Selected and described at least one skill in each area that is pertinent to their self -assessment to strengthen their abilities in each of the three main domains of skills noted in the TANIC tool: (basic computer competencies, information literacy competencies, and information management competencies). (30pts -10 for each area of the TANIC tool described). This consists of a total of three paragraphs (one paragraph for each domain area addressed).

Skill Strengthening Plan

Provided a brief outline for developing these competencies. Plan identified resources and explained how these resources are relevant to current practice and/or future goals. (25)
This consists of 2 paragraphs one paragraph which addresses the plan of strengthening skills, the second paragraph reflects relevance to practice or future goals.
Analysis of the Implications of Technology on nursing Effectiveness
Analyzed how developing nursing informatics competencies contribute to effectiveness as a nurse. This consists of one paragraph.
End the paper with a summary on the main points of the paper.

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