Assignment: Professional Statement Nursing Essay

Assignment: Professional Statement Nursing Essay

Assignment Professional Statement Nursing Essay


This is my professional statement to the admissions committee of the UNM Nurse-Midwifery Program. In this professional statement, I will highlight the reasons for my application and why I should be considered for the program. It also outlines my professional goals and academic qualifications as a nurse and why my experience and expertise will conform to UNM’s mission.

Several reasons can be attributed to my strong desire to become a nurse-midwife. I have dedicated many years of studies in nursing with the main goal of becoming a midwife because of a strong passion for the profession. The main reason why I ventured into the nursing profession was to provide care to patients. In the course of my professional development, I took interest in women’s health care and that has then driven me into being a nurse-midwife. I have been nursing babies since my childhood and I consider them very fragile. Therefore, I trust no one but me to take care of them appropriately. The nursing midwifery profession is being autonomous; I consider it suitable for me.

My path towards midwifery has not been smooth. I have faced many challenges and obstacle but all through, my strong desire and passion for this profession have kept me going. I hard to complete my college education and work as an intern as a qualification requirement (Alhassan et al., 2014). I started working as a nurse intern in a small community healthcare organization where I attended to several women and children as a medical intern. I took special care of women who visited the clinic with children age 1 to 3 years. From here, my passion for women and children’s healthcare was largely developed. As a result, went back to college and specialized in midwifery with utmost surety. I have since worked as a nurse-midwife in various state and county hospitals gaining experience every day.

Why I Am Interested in UNM Nurse-Midwifery Program

I am interested in taking the UNM midwifery program because I will gain much experience to add to my professional goals and expertise. UNM has been ranked as the 7th in the entire nation for its midwifery program (Alhassan et al., 2014). I believe this program will provide me with the best opportunity to develop my professional goals. I will also be able to attain a master’s degree in Nursing after completion of the program. I will also be eligible to attain national nurse-midwifery licensure and certification after I complete my certification exam administered by the American Midwifery Certification Board.

How I Fit with the UNM MissionAssignment Professional Statement Nursing Essay

The UNM’s mission is to educate nurse-midwives to give care to rural and underserved populations (Fullerton, & Ghérissi, 2015). I have spent all my entire nursing career providing healthcare services to the mothers and children living in rural areas. Most of these

Assignment Professional Statement Nursing Essay
Assignment Professional Statement Nursing Essay

underserved populations are normally sidelined during healthcare provision by the government. I dedicated my time to providing nursing services in rural areas since I have lived in those areas and understood the hardship they go through and how they have to survive with scares resources. Therefore, with my nursing skills and the experience I have had in rural and underserved populations, I fit in within the UNM’s mission of educating nurse-midwives to give care to the underserved and rural populations.

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My professional goals have been centered on promoting, maintaining, and restoring the health and well-being of families, women, and communities. I strive to give excellent patient-centered care. Additionally, I focus on developing interpersonal skills, increasing my technology skills and becoming an expert. The UNM nursing program will help me greatly in achieving my professional goals because their midwifery concentration studies program contains courses that will equip me with the skills necessary for my professional goals (Valentin‐Welch, 2016).

My Academic Performance

I have earned a registered nurse (RN) credential by earning a diploma in nursing and passing the National Council Licensure Examination as it is a basic requirement before beginning any midwifery schooling (Cheyney et al., 2014). I have basic academic experience in midwifery with my strengths mainly focusing on caring for newborn, Antepartum care, Midwifery management, and health assessments. I have however experienced difficulties in biostatistics and will need to make some improvements.

My Clinical Performance

I have been able to exercise my expertise for quite a long time in the midwife nursing field and I have gained several skills through that. My performance has been given positive remarks from my seniors. I consider my ability to effectively communicate with the health care team and the patients to be my most essential clinical strength. I have excellent leadership, evaluation, and organizational skills and a caring and compassionate attitude. The only challenge that I have experienced so far is the inability to deal with different levels of people but I am working on that and have been seeing improvement towards overcoming it.

Other Relevant Information

I am happy and content with nursing and more so the fact that it occurs in a continuous learning process. I will continue providing care to patients to the best of my abilities whether my efforts are or are not noticed. Nursing is a privilege to me and is more than a profession. I, therefore, urge UNM to advocate for improved healthcare policies.

Professional Statement: You are asked to write a professional statement that addresses each bulleted item noted and is formatted as outlined below. This narrative is a very important part of your application as it offers insight into your professional goals and expectations. The quality of the professional statement is crucial in admission decisions since it provides the Admissions Committee a first-hand example of your writing skills and your ability to present ideas in a clear, logical and coherent manner. The professional statement avails the Committee of your personal perspective on your professional contributions, strengths as a student, current skills and abilities, and prior experiences. Prepare and proofread your statement carefully as well written statements will notably strengthen your application.

Please address EACH of the following subjects in your professional statement.

Explain why you want to be a Nurse Midwife.
Describe your path thus far to Midwifery.
Explain why you are interested specifically in the UNM Nurse Midwifery program.
Our mission is to educate nurse-midwives to give care to rural and underserved populations. Describe how you fit with our mission.
Define your professional goals and how this program will contribute to achieving them.
Consider your academic performance and describe in detail your academic strengths and challenges or areas of needed improvement.
Consider your clinical performance and describe in detail your clinical strengths and challenges or areas of needed improvement.
Please share any other information you feel is pertinent to your application that you wish the admissions committee to know (e.g. overcoming personal and/or professional adversity, etc.).

Consider this your opportunity to communicate key information with the Admissions Committee about your professional background and reasons for pursuing a graduate degree to become a Nurse Midwife.


Bold each question listed above and write your response (not in bold) underneath.
Limit your responses to three to five typed, double-spaced pages.