Assignment: Professional Goals and Exceptions Essay

Assignment: Professional Goals and Exceptions Essay

Assignment Professional Goals and Exceptions Essay

My plan after graduation is to attend the University of Texas in Austin in the fall by majoring in Master in Clinical Psychology. Clinical psychology is specialty that is concerned with provision of comprehensive and continuing mental and behavioral health care for people and families. The key areas here include examination and treatment of mental illness, psychiatric problems, and abnormal behavior. I opted to master in clinical psychology because it is both challenging and rewarding. It is challenging because it provides an opportunity to implement what has been learnt into practice through research and internship. On the other hand, it is rewarding because it is only after graduating with master’s degree that I can register with American Psychological Association and become a certified psychologist. Consequently, this will provide an opportunity to give back to the community.

As indicated above, my professional goal is to master in clinical psychology and hopefully work with children. While working with children, I intend to major in counseling autistic children in a clinical environment. However, since autism characterizes a spectrum of disorder that entails various conditions that differ in magnitude and often manifest as challenge with communication or undesirable and disabling consistent behaviors (Baio, 2014). I also look forward to doing other various functions. They include conducting assessment, proposing possible treatment options, and initiating appropriate therapy such as verbal behavior therapy, applied behavior therapy, and social pragmatic strategies. Ideally, I appreciate that working with autistic children is vital in improving outcomes for both the autistic children and their families.

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The class project in experimental psychology was to determine the relationship between breakfast intake and memory retention. The project was triggered by existing studies that indicated the essence of breakfast in students. Most of the studies have

Assignment Professional Goals and Exceptions Essay
Assignment Professional Goals and Exceptions Essay

established that students who eat breakfast before going to school have higher likelihood of better performance in class compared to those who miss breakfast. Essentially, the studies have shown that breakfast is a crucial meal for children and it is associated with many positive effects on the performance of children in school, behavioral, and cognition enhancement. Regarding achievement in class, breakfast intake is linked to improved scores in reading, math, and spelling. Besides, eating breakfast reduces clinical visits and also results in better weight-related outcomes including reduction of obesity risks. Moreover, consumption of breakfast before taking tests increases the chances of good performance. However, going to school on an empty stomach is associated with various adverse consequences such as reduction of performance level, emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges, including attention problems. A number of studies have indicated that students who always fail to take breakfast often repeat a grade. It is against this backdrop that this project sought to provide a research proposal that aims at finding out if the breakfast consumption improves memory retention in students. This research was quantitative experiment involving 20 participants. The research questions included:

  1. Does consumption of breakfast help in improving the performance of the students in school?
  2. Does breakfast consumption help in memory retention among the students?Assignment Professional Goals and Exceptions Essay

Finally, since I have a plan to pursue master’s degree in clinical psychology, I acknowledge master programs are characterized by intense research.  Besides, given that the project involves children as the main focus and my intention is to work with children after graduating, I look forward to continuing with this experimental psychology project.

This assignment is a little different and I just don\’t have the time to complete it. I will post the questions below. A few background info to answer the questions. I will be attending University of Texas in Austin in the fall to master in Clinical Psychology to hopefully work with children, as far as question 4 I will post the essay in my files just so you can reference to it to answer the questions pertaining to it. And as far as question 5, I will not be continuing with the same topic as the previous experimental project. The questions should be written in an essay type form but still answering the questions. They are:
1) What your plans are after graduation (for the next five years). Questions to address: Will you be attending graduate school? When? What degrees are you considering?
2) What is your professional goal? In other words, what will you be working on? (for example, if your goals are a degree in business administration – what specific jobs or functions would you imagine you doing?
3) If it is psychology, what type and what would be your ideal population? (for example, Counseling autistic children in a clinical environment)
4) Describe your previous class project in experimental psychology. What was it about, what were some of your research questions, was it a quantitative or a qualitative experiment? Note:
Several of you are taking experimental psychology concurrently with this class. No problem, describe the type of project you would like to do)
5) Answer the question: Are you interested in continuing with your experimental psychology project? And if not, what interested you today? Be as specific as possible.