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Assignment: Practicum-Client Termination Summary

Assignment: Practicum-Client Termination Summary


Termination occurs when the goals of a therapy set by the counselor and client have been achieved (Swift & Greenberg, 2015). Termination also occurs if the patient problem has become more manageable or is resolved. This paper aims at offering a client termination summary showing the client information, therapy details, termination details, presenting problem, psychosocial issues, service offered, treatment process, goal status, treatment limitations, remaining difficulties, recommendations, follow up plan and instructions for future plans. It is forced-termination. The patient is compliant with her medication while at the hospital; however, they are not working. She is about to join the mental health Co-op after discharge and the parents have accepted to offer emotional support needed. Additionally, the practicum period is almost over and there is a need to terminate the therapy (Westmacott & Hunsley, 2017).

Presenting Problem

The patient was brought in by the police from NPC. Initially, she was calm but turned aggressive towards the clinician evaluating her. She had been aggressive towards her father for one week before admission.  Her problem started at 18 years after a rape although she has been avoiding talks around the sexual assault.

Major Psychosocial Issues

The patient has chronic mental weakness and poor impulse control. She has serious interpersonal relationship problems and has been very aloof, has bizarre thoughts as well as paranoid ideas. She was in a psychotic state and was internally pre-occupied, self-talking, disorganized and poor concentration. All these issues affected her functionality and even social life.

Types of Services Rendered

The client was managed using individual psychotherapy. The therapist and the patient engaged in regularly scheduled talks. The sessions focused on past problems, experiences, thoughts, feelings, and relationships (Hamm & Firmin, 2016). Family therapy was also provided which included education, stress reduction, emotional processing and regulating and structured problem-solving.

Overview of Treatment Process

The client treatment process followed the care program approach (CPA).  The process was selected because it ensured that the patient

Assignment Practicum-Client Termination Summary

Assignment Practicum-Client Termination Summary

received the right treatment for her needs (Kemp, 2016). It was a four-stage process. First, the patient was assessed to determine her health and social needs and then a care plan was set that met her health and social needs. The therapist was then appointed as the key worker and to act as the point of contact with other members involved in the care. Lastly, treatment approaches were reviewed regularly and changes made accordingly.

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Goal Status

The client interpersonal relationships improved because she made friends with people who attended group therapy. Her positive symptoms were treated and her security maximized.  However, medications were not working and thus a practical measure to handle her temperament levels was not achieved.

Treatment Limitations

As outlined above the patient was compliant with her medication although they were not working. The therapist, therefore, did not get the best approach to handle her anger and the client was uncooperative and most of the time could turn against the staff members and beat them.

Remaining Difficulties

The medication is not working on the patient and thus there is a high chance of relapse. The patient has anger issues and may still be angry with the father.


There is a need to support the patient to help her adapt to life in the community, reduce symptoms, consolidate remission and promote the process of recovery. The patient should not be antisocial because it may increase her aggressive behaviors. The patient should be taken to a renowned and comprehensive mental health center.

Follow-Up Plan

Follow-up plan set is contacting the family to find out if the patient has been admitted into the Mental Health Co-Op. A follow-up is also set to check whether the patient has relapsed. The family left a contact number to use making it easier to follow-up on the case.

Instructions for Future Contact

In the future, a similar approach used will be necessary. The family, therapist and the patient will have to sign a formal agreement. Additionally, the client was advised to contact the therapist any time she feels she need to talk to her.

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