Assignment: Leadership Skills Reflection Essay

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Assignment: Leadership Skills Reflection Essay

This assignment focuses on the importance of self-assessment and reflection. 

Assignment: Leadership Skills Reflection Essay
Assignment: Leadership Skills Reflection Essay


Self-awareness is essential for developing leadership skills. Recognizing your own strengths, weaknesses, and values, and understanding emotional intelligence and learning styles can help you to be a more effective nurse leader. 

For this assignment, you have the opportunity to take a variety of self-assessments to learn more about yourself and identify your assets and weaknesses as a leader. This will assist you in discovering how you can improve your own self-leadership skills. You will be asked to think critically about your results and submit a reflection as directed below. 

Select three of the following self-assessments and complete them. Be sure to document the results of each assessment to assist you in completing the reflection portion of the assignment below. 

  1. Emotional Intelligence Assessment: “Emotional Intelligence Test”: 
  1. Personality Assessment: “Free Personality Test”: 
  1. Learning Styles Assessment: “Values Profile”: 
  1. Values Assessment: “Values Profile”: 
  1. Values Assessment: “Rokeach Values Survey”: 
  1. Diversity Assessment: “Cultural Competence Self-Test”: 

Self-Assessment Reflection 

Becoming self-aware is an ongoing process requiring introspection. The more often people practice self-reflection, the more opportunities they have to understand their own behaviors and adapt their approaches to working with other people, which can improve both your own and other’s abilities to meet their professional goals. 

In a 750-1,000 word reflective essay, address the following: 

  1. Briefly summarize why you selected each self-assessment and the results you obtained on each assessment. 
  1. Identify the leadership style that closely aligns to your philosophy of care, and explain what appeals to you about that style. 
  1. Reflect on how you might incorporate elements of that particular style as you exercise leadership in a practice or health care organization setting. 
  1. Discuss any particular areas for improvement the assessments helped you identify and some steps for improving your leadership capabilities. 

You are required to cite three to five sources to complete this assignment. Sources must be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and nursing content. 

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. 

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. 

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance. 




A Sample Answer For the Assignment: Assignment: Leadership Skills Reflection Essay

Title: Assignment: Leadership Skills Reflection Essay

Assignment: Leadership Skills Reflection Essay

Leadership is a key aspect of nursing (Heckemann, Schols & Halfens, 2015). It allows nurses to direct and support patients and healthcare when offering care as well as deliver high-quality care and ascertain patient safety while engaging in various daily roles. A tool used to assess leadership qualities among nurses is the American Association of Critical-Care Nurse Manager Skills Inventory. This paper aims at using the tool to explain personal leadership skills in terms of personal and professional accountability, career planning, personal journey disciplines and a reflection of practice behaviors and tenets. The paper will also outline how current leadership will be used to enhance the surgical unit and a personal goal for leadership growth.

In terms of professional and personal accountability, my analysis reveals that am a perfectionist a strength and weakness at the same time. The perfectionism helps in meticulously handling my patient and if fuels the desire to take on challenges. It inspires the need to pursue exciting and new areas of nursing to achieve high professional standards (Noh, 2017). The trait ensures that patients are safe since I have to double and triple-check doses, reassess patients as changes occur and offer 110% on my clinical tasks. In contrast, the trait is a weakness because I set unattainable expectations and the need to ensure nursing tasks are perfect consumes time. I also tend to take extra time before completing my shift because it ensures that my patient assignments are in great shape for the oncoming nurse.

Currently, I operate as a surgical registered nurse which requires long hours and exposes one to stressful situations and unpleasant sights. As a career plan, there is a need to undertake a BSN and specialize in surgical nursing by enrolling for a master’s degree. However, the long hours of working combined with perfectionism make it hard to pursue the BSN but plans are underway to work with the tight schedule. A weakness noted in terms of career is reduced research skills and I believe that pursuing the BSN and MSN will impart research-related skills required in nursing.

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Looking at personal journey disciplines, a nurse should be updated in terms of education, profession and practice updates as well as

Assignment Leadership Skills Reflection Essay
Assignment Leadership Skills Reflection Essay

breakthroughs in nursing. As a strength, am an ardent reader of journals and magazines and have subscribed to various monthly nursing journals. I also follow the nurse’s online diaries to review other nurse’s experiences and learn from them. The journals and the nurse’s real-life blogs ensure that I learn new skills and strengthen my nursing roots. On the flip-side am always working on nursing-related activities and thus have no time to indulge outside the nursing arena. The nursing roles are demanding which creates a need to develop a creative way to treat oneself and get time to relax and recharge to enhance the execution of the nursing tasks.

In terms of reflective practice reference behaviors, I like working with nurses from diverse backgrounds. As I was joining the nursing career I desired to work with nurses from different countries since it would help in dealing with patients and clinicians from these diverse backgrounds. It would also make it easier to interact with the culture and blend despite the background, religion and ethnicity differences. Diversity enhances collaboration, innovation, and creativity since everyone brings in different cultures, perspectives, and ideas which results in better patient care and satisfaction (Darnell & Hickson, 2015). A negative aspect in terms of these behaviors is a patient who prefers a nurse with a higher practice experience or from their background. Nevertheless, every patient is entitled to their rights and choices and thus I use these experiences to enhance my skills and interaction with various cultures as a way of becoming the preferred nurse.Assignment  Leadership Skills Reflection Essay

To advocate for change in my workplace, I will ensure that the surgical unit adopts team reflection. Team reflection improves teamwork because members express their thought, feelings, and opinions on shared experiences which build openness and trust and offers insight that can be implemented in the future (Giesbers et al., 2016). Team reflection will be adopted in the monthly meetings and it will be rolled out in a way that members do not feel intimidated and they can share their thought freely.  It will bring progress and satisfaction in the unit the surgical team ideas will be incorporated in the unit practice and goals. Lastly, as a way of enhancing my leadership growth, I will keep on increasing my nursing knowledge by making a list of areas that requires improvement and finding ways to obtain this knowledge. Additionally, I will attend nursing conferences, ask for extra assignments, get a mentor, take online courses and subscribe to applicable professional blogs.

In conclusion, Leadership in nursing is crucial. A personal leadership analysis reveals that am a perfectionist which helps in offering 110% in my clinical tasks although it consumes time. I have also learned that I need to advance into BSN and MSN as a way of enhancing lacking research skills. The analysis also reveals that I use journals and real-life blogs for nursing updates which leaves no time for personal activities. The results also show that I thrive in diversity although patients who prefer more qualified nurses or clinician from their background reduces my serving morale. As a way of enhancing the surgical unit, I propose the use of team reflection while for personal leadership growth an increase in knowledge is selected.

Rate yourself using the results from the \”Nurse Manager Skills Inventory\” Topic 5 study material.

Write a reflection of 750‐1,000 words in which you identify your strengths and weaknesses related to the four content areas below:

Personal and professional accountability
Career planning

Personal journey disciplines

Reflective practice reference behaviors/tenets

Discuss how you will use your current leadership skill set to advocate for change in your workplace.

Identify one personal goal for your leadership growth and discuss your

implementation plan to achieve that goal. w

the essay must have proper conclusion with thesis of your reflection paper.

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