Assignment: Birth Control Screening on Women Health Essay

Assignment: Birth Control Screening on Women Health Essay

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To prepare:

• Review this week’s media presentation, as well as Chapter 1 of the Schuiling and Likis text.
• Select and research one of the following women’s health issues: birth control, abortion, family planning, human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in women, or another issue approved by the course Instructor.
• Consider the impact of political, social, and sociocultural factors on the women’s health issue you selected.
• Reflect on how the personal perceptions of providers might influence their ability or willingness to care for women in relation to this issue.
Post an explanation of the women’s health issue you selected, Birth Control including the impact of political, social, and sociocultural factors on this issue. Explain how personal perceptions of providers might influence their ability or willingness to care for women in relation to this issue.

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: Assignment: Birth Control Screening on Women Health Essay

Title:  Assignment: Birth Control Screening on Women Health Essay

Women’s health is not only influenced by biological characteristics but also political, social, and cultural factors. The social structure of gender controls the attitude, views, behavior, and roles that are defined for men and women. Women’s health is interlinked with physical, cultural, social, and spiritual aspects that are determined by biological, economic, political, and social contexts that prevail along the lifecycle. This paper aims to discuss the impact of political, social, and sociocultural factors on family planning and the provider’s perceptions that influence their ability to provide birth control services to women.

Birth control is an important phenomenon that gained prominence in the United States before the year 1914, before ushering in the agitation for the legalization of contraception. Birth control directly affects women’s health since it entails them using contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies or control family growth. Indeed, Statistics reveal that 77% of women in the United States utilize some form of birth control. The above percentage represents reproductive aged women who are in marriages. However, 10% of women who are in marriages and are susceptible to unintended pregnancies do not use any form of birth control methodology. Therefore, the above statistics reveal that birth control is an important issue when it comes to women’s health.

Impact of Political, Social, and Sociocultural Factors on Birth Control

The issue of birth control as women’s health matter has been influenced by various facets, which have impacted the manner in which women and providers perceive its uptake. The political impact on birth control has been very evident in various countries such as the United States. Indeed, birth control has taken a political angle since legislators have the rights to make decisions that affect the manner in which birth control interventions are used through enactment of policies (Weeks, 2017). The laws made by legislators can impact the manner in which insurance coverage for birth control occurs in a country. Fundamentally, the political process determines the role of for-profit employers as regards the coverage of birth control in their insurance schemes. In the United States, it was previously required that employers provide these services for their employees in their insurance covers; however, the current administration through the Department of Human Services made proposals in 2017 that would empower organizations to refuse to finance such operations in the covers based on their moral convictions and religious beliefs. Therefore, politics plays an important role in birth control as a women health issue.Assignment Birth Control Screening on Women Health Essay

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Social factors that impact the use of birth control include gender, family structures, and approval or disapproval by spouses or family elders. Birth control is a decision that should be made by couples within the marriage institution; however, the responsibility is often

Assignment Birth Control Screening on Women Health Essay
Assignment Birth Control Screening on Women Health Essay

left entirely to the woman (Colleran & Marce, 2017). Besides, men are not involved in birth control programs and education programs on birth control methods that are also not available for them. Moreover, in societies with large family structures, birth control services are often not utilized, while in those with small family structures, birth control is widely used. Furthermore, the decision on birth control uptake is made by men and family elders in some societies, and women have to seek approval from them before accessing the services.

Sociocultural factors include religion and cultural beliefs and practices. Certain religious institutions, such as the Catholic Church and Traditional African churches have frequently disapproved of the use of artificial birth control methods. Additionally, women with strong religious identities are less willing to discuss birth control with their spouses, families, and communities (Klaus & Cortes, 2015). Consequently, they become reluctant to access and use birth control services. However, some cultures allow the use of birth control and even have traditional herbs that are used by women for birth control. The role of a woman in other cultures is to give birth and take of young ones, and hence birth control is disapproved. Besides, some societies view children as a blessing, a source of wealth and labor, and hence encourage couples to bear as many children to increase their wealth.


The perception held by health care providers conc4rning birth control may influence their decisions when it comes to the matter. Providers with strong social, cultural and political beliefs against birth control may struggle to offer its services to women. On the other hand, birth control may be advocated for by providers with more liberal mindset. Therefore, the personal perception of a provider is fundamental as regards the application of family planning.

As an advanced practice nurse, you must remain current on health issues that commonly impact women such as birth control, abortion, family planning, the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Many of these women’s health issues are heavily influenced by political, social, and sociocultural factors. These influences might not only affect a woman’s ability or desire to receive care, but also a provider’s ability or willingness to offer care. How might political, social, and sociocultural factors influence your personal perceptions of these women’s health issues?

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