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PRAC 6665 Week 2 Assignment 2: Practicum Experience Plan (PEP)

PRAC 6665 Week 2 Assignment 2: Practicum Experience Plan (PEP)

The practicum experience plan has helped me put into practice the skills and knowledge learnt as an adult gerontology acute care nurse practitioner. Working in the cardiology department, I have been able to help the patients battling hypertension, heart failures and heart attack. It allowed me carry out the medical assessment of the patients and help them on medication and health promotion measures that are aimed at improving the patient’s quality of life. Since the conditions are directly related to the diet, exercise and smoking habits, it is imperative as a AGACNP to emphasize on patient education about healthy diet, promoting the use of healthy cholesterols, avoid intake of saturated fatty acids (Yu et al., 2018).

The cessation of smoking is also crucial to curbing the progression of the cardiovascular conditions. During the practicum experience, I was privileged to work with other health practitioners on educating the patients about the health problems associated with smoking and how promoting measures on cessation of smoking. The sensitization of the members of the community and society on the dangers associated with smoking proved to pay off and those who willingly agreed to give up on smoking were guided through the rehabilitation process and minimizing the withdrawal effects (Golechha, 2016).

On the self-reflective and assessment section, I was able to achieve the improved cardiovascular health among patients through the emphasis on health promotion measures. The patients who responded well to the educative program on regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet experienced less cardiovascular conditions and improved on their cardiovascular health overtime. The patients were able to improve their quality of life and reduced the number of readmissions to the healthcare facility (Toukhsati et al., 2019).

The goal to achieve a considerable reduction in the rate of tobacco smoking among the young adults is still the main challenge in the practicum practice and hope to continue with the community engagement and other stakeholders to promote cessation of smoking and vaping among the youth and adults. I know the educational program on sensitization of the population on health effects of smoking and promoting cessation of smoking requires more time and that is why I will proceed with this program to ensure its fruition. I do believe that it is the healthcare workers and professionals who should be on the forefront in the campaign against the use of tobacco and other illegal substances that are detrimental to human health (La Torre et al., 2020).

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The practicum practice is a crucial part in nursing that helps the advanced nursing students to put into practice the immediate concepts, knowledge and skills learnt into practical real-life situations. The nurse student is able to use the practicum experience to carry out a self-reflective and assessment session that can help one become a better nursing practitioner. The reflective learning and practicum experience can be the very approach to the training of healthcare practitioners especially in challenging times like the current moments of a raging Covid-19 pandemic (Jones et al., 2020).

PRAC 6665 Week 2 Assignment 2: Practicum Experience Plan (PEP)


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