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NURS 8100 Week 9: State and Local Role in Health Care Policy

NURS 8100 Week 9: State and Local Role in Health Care Policy

As noted previously, policy is enacted and carried out through multiple levels of government. This week, the focus turns to the role of state and local government in policy making, with particular attention to the function of state boards of nursing in the regulation of practice. In light of health care reform efforts, scope of practice issues are of central importance and this falls under the purview of state boards of nursing. How do the states differ in terms of scope of practice? What impact does this have on professional nurses across the United States?

Research translational connotes conversion from basic science to clinical research and subsequently from the clinical research to routine clinical practice (Westra et al., 2015). Essentially, research may have significant potential influence on policy by enabling the scholarly foundation for policy action. Translational research also influences the policy by improving the competence of health care health care sector to establish connection between policy making and research bodies to ensure the development of evidence-based policies. It also help in precise and objective documentation of the existence, quantification of the degree, and illustration of the correlates of a policy issue, assessing the issue to recognize effective and ineffective interventions, identification of the preferred and unwanted consequences of policy decision, recommending options to address the issue, and elevating the quality of discussions about health policy issue that include scholarly evidence, biases, and anecdotes. Moreover, the other influence of translational research on policy is derived in circumstances where policy embracing and implementation is controlled by the theory of translational research that demands that every phase of policy making should be transparent, sophisticated, and properly documented on the basis of standard methods.

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“Bench to Bedside” is an example of health care policy that has been influenced by research. This policy is characterized by a process in which research findings obtained from the laboratory are directly implemented in the patient health care delivery to develop new treatment ways (National Cancer Institute, 2020). The focus of advocacy for “Bench to Bedside” translation has been extended to encompass capacitating the adoption of basic and clinical research into health care settings and into larger community environments. Ideally, “Bench to Bedside” is a significant policy in health care industry that should be approached collaboratively between clinicians and researchers to try and implement novel patient treatment methods for various health issues.

NURS 8100 Week 9: State and Local Role in Health Care Policy



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