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NURS 8002 Discussion : Have you ever read an online blog? If so, what was the aim of the blog? What did you like or did not like about the blog?

NURS 8002 Discussion : Have you ever read an online blog? If so, what was the aim of the blog? What did you like or did not like about the blog?

I enjoyed reading your blog post this week. The strategies you mentioned, combining vision and execution, and mitigating pitfalls, were very interesting to me! We can organize and plan to the best of our abilities, but inevitably there will be snags in our plans. It is a great skill to be able to plan for these potential roadblocks. I find your post especially intriguing because I was just speaking with a colleague this week about planning for “worst case scenario” situations in our clinical area. If we can think ahead and envision what potential pitfalls and roadblocks could impact our plan, we can create an alternative plan to follow when it happens.

Proactive planning can also be helpful in nursing research. According to Pruitt and Privette (2001), for nursing researchers performing studies, “many challenges encountered are not typical textbook considerations.” The authors also state “creativity and consideration” of these difficulties can improve upon research. Therefore, it is important for nursing professionals to be practiced in proactive planning for potential pitfalls and roadblocks. I think this is a wonderful strategy you mentioned that can be beneficial to all of us throughout this program and beyond.


Pruitt, R. H., & Privette, A. B. (2001). Planning strategies for the avoidance of pitfalls in intervention research. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 35(4), 514-520. doi: 10.1046/j.1365-2648.2001.01868.x

RE: Blog – Week 1

This is insightful Lindsay, time management, organization of resources, as well as the combination of vision and execution is necessary for the success of an individual. These approaches are necessary in planning for the success in the learning processes. The combination or merging of vision and execution often ensure that an individual remains on course of achieving successful outcomes in the learning processes (Zangerle, 2021). Vision enables an individual to focus on their responsibilities in different operational processes. Through planning and vision, an individual is able to surpass their intended achievements or objectives. The success in the academic programs is also dependent on the setting flexible schedules that allows an individual to meet deadlines and ensure that every work or assignment is successfully accomplished (Walden University, n.d). Additionally, organizing and balancing multiple schedules while also meeting the deadlines of the course have resulted in the completion of my online BSN and MSN degrees.

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Great post Lindsay. I do agree that analyzing one’s schedules and pro-actively planning for pitfalls are very essential in this doctoral program as far as online learning is concerned.

Distance education has grown from a simple form of correspondence to a highly sophisticated synchronous and asynchronous interactive online learning environment. As technology has advanced, so is the online delivery of entry-level (Understanding and Utilizing Best Practice Strategies for Facilitating Online Learning, 2009).

NURS 8002 Discussion : Have you ever read an online blog? If so, what was the aim of the blog? What did you like or did not like about the blog?

There are many skills which students are taught throughout their academic careers. Time management is one skill that students spend years trying to perfect. This is why it is often rather common to observe students having different issues due to their lack of time management skills. When it comes to online learning then time-management is a skill that a student just cannot do without. If an online student lacks proper time management skills, then it would be very hard for him or her to cope up with his or her online education.


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Great strategies Lindsay Stein,

I really enjoyed your post. I used the same strategies as you. Years ago when I was doing my master’s degree in nursing in addition to working a full-time job and being a parent it was very challenging. I was having a hard time with organization and planning. I missed some deadlines and due dates. I was always not too sure of what to expect week after week. The only thing that propelled my success was the anticipated vision of seeing myself graduating and becoming an NP. Once I had that vision in mind, I set a strategic plan on how to get to my goal and executed the plan. I was able to juggle between my online classes and still meet my family’s needs.

It is important to highlight that strategic planning is an ongoing process when a student engages in online learning. It keeps your focus and serves as an actionable way to reach your goals.


Shoemaker, L. K., & Fischer, B. (2011). Creating a nursing strategic planning framework

based on evidence. Nursing Clinics of North America46(1), 11.


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