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NURS 8002 Discussion Blog: The DNP-Prepared Nurse and Their Community Vaccine and immunization legislation.

NURS 8002 Discussion Blog: The DNP-Prepared Nurse and Their Community Vaccine and immunization legislation.

Doctoral level-prepared nurses play an essential role in addressing the actual and potential health needs of their communities. They collaborate with the community members to identify the resources that can be used to optimize their health outcomes. The nurses also promote change to ensure continuous improvement in the implementation of initiatives to enhance their health. Therefore, this blog examines the most important challenges in my community, their importance, and practice interventions that can be implemented to address them.


One of the most important challenges in my community is the rise in lifestyle diseases. There has been a rise in the rate of lifestyle diseases including diabetes, obesity, overweight, and hypertension in the community. The rise is attributed to the minimal engagement of the community members in healthy lifestyles and behaviors that include healthy diets and active physical activity. The problem affects mostly the young and middle-aged populations (Sathe & Hiwale, 2020). The population’s predisposition is linked to its increased access to unhealthy foods and sedentary lifestyles such as too much screen time and consumption of sugar-rich diets. The second most important challenge in my community is substance abuse. A significant proportion of the young population in the community abuses drugs such as amphetamine, marijuana, and cocaine. Factors such as peer pressure, low level of knowledge, and easy access to drugs have contributed to the problem (Sathe & Hiwale, 2020). Interventions that aim at addressing the issue should be implemented to enhance the overall health and wellbeing of the community members.

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Importance of the Challenges

The rise in lifestyle diseases and substance abuse in the community is important in several ways. First, lifestyle diseases such as obesity, hypertension, and overweight affect the quality of life of the affected populations. It lowers their productivity through the time and resources spent in managing them (Meyer et al., 2019). Lifestyle diseases also increase the burden experienced by the community members. Often, the affected populations require frequent hospital visits and hospitalizations, which affect their productivity and community development. Lifestyle diseases also predispose the affected to early mortalities due to disease-associated complications (Atroshi, 2020). Substance abuse is also important due to its health effects. Accordingly, substance abuse predisposes the community members to drug dependence. It also increases their risk of other health problems that include cancer, upper respiratory tract infections, low immunity, and premature mortality (Meyer et al., 2019). Consequently, interventions that address the issues should be implemented to ensure optimum public health.

Practice Change Interventions

One of the practice change interventions that can be implemented to address the above challenges is health education. Community members should be educated about the importance of healthy lifestyles and the effects of their current challenges. Health education is an important tool for creating awareness and stimulating change from the affected and populations at risk. Health education will also strengthen the effective utilization of community resources to address the challenges (Bednarek et al., 2018). The other practice intervention that can be implemented to address the challenges is the adoption of effective and responsive policies. Accordingly, community policies that eliminate easy access to drugs by the community members should be adopted. The policies should also strengthen the creation of safe communities that support healthy living and enhanced access to healthy diets (Meyer et al., 2019). Therefore, the above interventions will minimize the population’s vulnerability to health challenges.


Doctoral-prepared nurses play an essential role to play in the promotion of optimum public health. They explore issues of priority in their communities and implement responsive interventions to address them. The identified issues in my community include a rise in lifestyle diseases and substance abuse. Therefore, interventions to address them should be implemented for the overall health and wellbeing of the community members.


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