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NURS 8002 Discussion Blog: How Do You Practice Intra- and Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Practice?

NURS 8002 Discussion Blog: How Do You Practice Intra- and Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Practice?

You are the DNP-prepared nurse responsible for overseeing a large intensive care unit (ICU). You have  noticed that in the last 3 months, the number of nosocomial, or hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), has dramatically increased among patients who have undergone cardiovascular procedures. You would like to initiate a practice study to determine the source of these HAIs and to improve patient outcomes in your ICU.

Intra and inter-disciplinary collaboration in health has been shown to contribute to enhanced patient outcomes and healthcare services (Karam et al., 2018). I have had various experiences with inter and intra-disciplinary collaboration. For example, is experienced collaboration between a pediatric nurse and a family nurse practitioner? While the pediatric nurse took care of a child who fell and got injured at home, the family nurse practitioner performed detailed checks with the family members to ensure that the home environment was safe for the child and free from anything that could cause further injury to the child upon discharge to go home. I have also participated in interdisciplinary collaboration with physicians to formulate treatment plans for patients to help them heal, recover and maintain health and a healthy lifestyle.

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The collaborations have strengths and weaknesses. One of the strengths is that it results in better patient outcomes. When different professionals work together on a patient’s case, they pull together their expertise to improve patient care (Reeves et al., 2017). They also lower healthcare costs. In the absence of collaboration, the patients may have to be referred to another specialist; however, with collaboration, the patients get services without further referrals. Professionals also learn to respect each other’s perspectives (Johnson & Johnson, 2016). On the other hand, during collaboration, conflicts may arise between the collaborating individuals. The conflict can reduce patient safety and reduce care efficiency.

NURS 8002 Discussion Blog: How Do You Practice Intra- and Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Practice?

My experience mirrors what has been explored by Henry et al. (2018). The authors discuss interprofessional collaboration at the center of knowledge and skill acquisition through various activities. The authors state that it has several benefits come.For instance, individuals get to know other professions better (Henry et al., 2018). My experience mirrors this in that through various collaborative efforts, I have acquired various skills in patient care and coordinated care. I have a deeper understanding of comprehensive and complete patient care. Therefore, nurse professionals should explore and implement various strategies that can strengthen inter and intra-professional collaboration.


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