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NURS 8002 Blog Learning Online

NURS 8002 Blog Learning Online

RE: Blog – Week 1


Top of Form

One of the strategies I implemented when enrolled in previous online learning environments was the ability to combine vision and execution. This skill is conducive to enhancing my ability to plan and time manage in each semester. By merging vision and execution, I can achieve and often surpass the course’s goals and set a coursework schedule that meshes with other obligations such as family and work. Organizing and balancing multiple schedules while also meeting the deadlines of the course have resulted in the completion of my online BSN and MSN degrees.

A strategy I could improve on is the ability to anticipate and mitigate pitfalls. I have previously set ambitious goals for myself and thus far have been able to achieve them due to my strong sense of persistence; however, when I don’t plan for probable pitfalls it usually results in lack of sleep and increased stress. As written by Zangerle (2021), “Many of you work in care settings that never close or are open for the majority of any 24-hour period. This contributes to long hours at work, many of which are scheduled and structured and some that aren’t… it’s those nonstructured hours that can derail your day. She encourages her students to expect the unexpected and learn to manage these derailers of time.”

One recurring example would be knowingly planning time to complete an assignment after a scheduled leadership forum at work. Roughly 50% of these forums result in aggressive action plans for fast-approaching deadlines to resolve organization-wide issues. Despite this probable pitfall, I still schedule the assignment time knowing it will be in addition to another project and create competing priorities. By analyzing my schedules and proactively planning for pitfalls, I can then create mitigation strategies to avoid the negative consequences of these obstacles. A mitigation strategy for the mentioned example would be setting time earlier in the week to complete my assignment versus using my usual weekend days. This response may result in the need for flexing down an hour of work before leadership forum day or getting up an hour earlier to create uninterrupted time.

NURS 8002 Blog Learning Online


Zangerle, C. M. (2021). Two tactics for time management and stress reduction. Nursing

Management52(4), 6–8. https://doi-org.ezp.waldenulibrary.org/10.1097/01.NUMA.0000737784.64810.4b


Thank you for your very informative blog post!  I have not had students previously note “vision and skill” in this context – but it appears to use a sophisticated form of planning in advance to assure completion of assignments.  It must have been a successful strategy for you as you were able to use it in your BSN>>MSN program!

Mitigation is always another great tool Anticipating areas where you need to incorporate appropriate planning as a way to mitigate those potential pitfalls is an important strategy for us all!

Organizing has always been a key of empowerment for the planning portion of my educational and professional journey. Academically, it has been an important part of preparing for success. I have found it to be imperative to gather information about the courses, prepare that information so that it is in order and easy to follow, as it is required to be completed throughout the course. I then prepare any additional resources needed to assist in accomplishing the weekly objectives.

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In my mind planning can be the important kickoff to determine how the end product will be accomplished. I do wonder about its place in general for all areas of work it is used. And its importance for others and how they prepare for projects, whether it be academic or professional. Using organization in the beginning to prepare for courses can assist me in not feeling so overwhelmed and unsure about what is to come throughout the semester. Organizing “helps in avoiding confusion and delays, as well as duplication of work and overlapping of effort” (tutorialspoint.com, 2020). Saving time while being efficient and working towards the goal has empowered me in the past, and I look forward to this continuing to be of assistance.


Time management is a new strategy I plan to implement into academia. Professionally and personally I have found myself attempting to complete tasks and having no bar on time. Sitting long hours until I have swollen feet and missed meals while attempting to complete assignments, have caused me to interconnect the stress of completing school work with my professional and personal time, as well as the bare necessities of life. At the same time this issue is most likely a partial result of a strength of mine…focus when working on a project. Channeling that focus into planned blocks of time will help me stay on point with assignments, within limitations, while maintaining a level of self care and discipline.


My plan entails setting specific days aside for school work, using a timer to set limits on how much time I should spend working on tasks, and working within those blocks of time, not only for school assignments, but for personal and professional time as well. According to Yoder-Wise (2019, p. 102) there is an importance to managing time and stress in our personal and professional lives. They are seen as interconnected. “Time management is one method of stress prevention or reduction” (Yoder-Wise, 2019, p. 115). Using these time management techniques will hopefully assist me in not only reducing stress, but helping me to become more efficient, increase my productivity and become a better student.




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RE: Blog – Week 1 – Response from Dr. K 8/30/21

Thank you for your main blog posting!  I cannot agree with your more about organizing yourself for the task at hand!  Getting organized at the beginning of a project (like this course) will help you to :”map” out the taks and your responsibilities.

Time management, as you have noted is the skill you hope to implement in order to set limits on completing tasks.  In your organization of the term – you will not only use each module week guide  to plan the expectations.

I wish you all the best!

Welcome again to NURS 8002!

Dr. K:)

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