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NURS 8002 Assignment: Linking Areas of Focus Into Future Plans for the DNP

NURS 8002 Assignment: Linking Areas of Focus Into Future Plans for the DNP

In obtaining your DNP degree at Walden, you will complete a practicum/field experience and Doctoral Project. Both of these program-of-study milestones are directly aligned to the achievement of the AACN DNP Essentials. The focus of your Doctoral Project will be on a quality improvement project that you would advocate for to address a nursing practice gap or organizational need.

Nursing education has an expectation of each nurse after completion. However, the expectation from a graduate nurse is different from the expectation from a doctorate student. In the doctorate program, nurses will be trusted with critical roles in the health care system (Schober, 2017). These essentials outline the foundational competencies that form the pillars to the advanced nursing practice roles. The purpose of this paper will be to describe the three AACN DNP essentials that most align with the completion of a doctoral project. Again, the paper will explain how the AACN DNP essentials will relate to completing a practicum field experience.

The three AACN DNP essentials aligning with completing a doctoral program include leadership for quality improvement, attaining the practice’s scientific foundations, and using patient technology and information for improved care (Schober, 2017). These essential would show that a student has a foundational competency in the nursing practice.

The first essential AACN DNP allows nurses to easily apply the information gained from science and knowledge into practice.  They ensure that nurses use ethics, biophysical and organization sciences to improve patient safety (Hande et al., 2017). All the application of knowledge gained in the learning process should always aim to improve patients’ health conditions. Also, they can use the nursing theories and scientific application to identify the nature of health care, strategies and actions effective in evaluating and enhancing care delivery to improve health care delivery.

The second AACN DNP essential is about attaining leadership skills that can improve quality after the doctorate project. A nurse would be fit to develop effective strategies that aim at improving methods of health care delivery. These strategies must meet the current and future needs of patients (Heinen et al., 2019). This essential would come from the critical examination of the scientific information and the present health care policies. They also have to ensure that the current quality improvement methods used within the healthcare system effectively meet safety, affordability, cost-effectiveness and cultural sensitivity. The completion of the program further implies that a new professional is at the helm of health care management and would lead a change that health care has required for many years.

The final AACN DNP essential talks about the ability of the nurses to apply information technology to allow adequate evaluation and development of a program that will have a positive outcome on patients. The quality-of-service delivery remains the main objective that these nurses would be aiming to achieve with the inclusion of their expertise in information technology (Schober, 2017). An increase in the program’s effectiveness affects the evaluation of the care programs and the outcome, which would result in perfection and accuracy.  Essentially, these nurses have high professionalism in ensuring that information systems improve care quality and affect the general decision-making.

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Completing the practicum experience will allow nurses to apply these essentials in the nursing practice and understand their roles as doctoral nurses. Leading in technological application in the healthcare system and proposing changes would be some of the new roles nurses will have after the practicum experience. Besides, the nurses would also integrate and synthesize essentials of advanced nursing practice across the curriculum. For example, nurses will know how leadership skills take effect in healthcare management and the issues they have to face in nurse leadership.

NURS 8002 Assignment: Linking Areas of Focus Into Future Plans for the DNP


The completion of a nursing doctorate project comes with added responsibilities on the qualified nurses. The health care system would be depending on their experience to create change in the system. The application of research and theories in the course is essential in improving care outcomes. Also, the healthcare institutions’ leadership requires their experience as they understand effective changes that would improve the quality of care. Besides, these nurses’ skills in information technology would be needed in developing the health care system to support practice and enhance the decision-making process.















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