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NURS 6600 Synthesis Practicum – Nursing Informatics

NURS 6600 Synthesis Practicum – Nursing Informatics

As I begin on this journey towards greater good I need to first develop my program of study and professional development plan. The purpose of this paper is to assist me in broadening my perspective on being a student and enable me to fully understand my personal and professional goals. In addition I will share my professional and educational background as well.

Education and Professional Background

My name is Amanda and I am a BSN, RN working at NuRoc Community Care Center. I teach CNA, psychology, and Medical Terminology classes at NWTC. In addition I field insurance claims from home. I am divorced and recently purchased a house in Northeast WI. I have three beautiful acres of land and love living here.

I started my career at UW Milwaukee and got a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. I then went on to Marquette University to obtain my Master’s in Physical Therapy. After completing my MPT I went back to UWM to obtain my bachelor’s in nursing and Masters in business administration. I truly love knowledge and value my education.

I have a lot of diverse experience under my belt as a nurse and prior to being a nurse. I worked for a year in the wound clinic at Freidert Hospital in Milwaukee. Here I treated all different types of wounds as a Physical Therapist. After becoming an RN I began to work at the Nursing home. This has tremendously expanded my critical thinking skills. I also worked at the hospital for two years mostly in oncology but also float/pool. In the midst of this I expanded my experience farther by obtaining my teaching certificate. I teach CNA courses and this semester for the first time I am teaching leadership development for associate degree nurses. I am very excited to start this course.

How do you ever know if one is ready to start school again? I feel I am as I wish to advance in my current field and eventually own a CBRF in the near future. I truly love school and learning more about nursing. In the field I have been in many leadership roles, charge nurse, team leader, facilitator, MDS Coordinator. Being involved in leadership roles confirmed my desire to advance my career in leadership and administration.

Professional Goals

The purpose for my completing a graduate program was originally to take my mind of stress in my life but has evolved into an aspiration in owning a CBRF. I want to become DON at my current job to test out how I will do as a leader and authority figure. I would like to take on a role of staff development coordinator, which will incorporate my teaching skills and nursing skills. I also aim to obtain my MSN and use it to further my career as a nursing professional.

NURS 6600 Synthesis Practicum – Nursing Informatics

Course Learning Goals

Healthcare finance and budgeting is probably the most important class for me to do well in. This course will assist me in having the necessary tools for eventually starting a CBRF on my own. In addition to this learning APA format will assist me in producing professional documentation and presenting my ideas professionally. In addition it will help me to effectively communicate with my coworkers. My goal is to be able to communicate effectively and be a respected leader in my profession.


I have contacted a local nurse at the local clinic in Wausaukee to shadow her in practicum. I view practicum as the final and key tool in my learning success. It will let me take all, my knowledge and use it to treat patients in a real life setting. This will also teach me aspects of healthcare that you don’t learn online or in a book. The nurse I will be working with is a reputable member of society and she is an excellent leader and mentor. She feels confident that she will still be working at the clinic in two years.


I am already familiar with the online learning curriculum, since that is how I got my teaching certificate. I look forward to moving ahead with my masters at Walden University. This experience should broaden and expand my horizons. On the next few pages I have completed my plan of attack for completing my master s degree in an efficient and timely manner. NURS 6600 Synthesis Practicum – Nursing Informatics


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Semester Credit Hours

Core Courses: (All core courses must be completed before starting the specialization courses.)

NURS 6000

Success Strategies in the Master of Science in Nursing Online Environment

FT1, 11


NURS 6110

The Nurse Leader: New Perspectives on the Profession

FT1, 11


NURS 6101

Policy and Politics in Nursing and Healthcare

ST2, 11


NURS 6125

Integrating Theory and Research for Evidence-Based Practice

ST2, 11


NURS 6150

Promoting and Preserving Health in a Diverse Society

SUT1, 11


Specialization Courses: (Not transferable)

NURS 6200

The Nurse Administrator: Leading and Managing for Excellence

FT 2, 12


NURS 6210

Health Care Finance and Budgeting

FT 2, 12


NURS 6220

Human Resources Management

ST 2, 12


NURS 6230

Case Study: Quality Nursing in a Complex Health Care Organization

ST 2, 12


Capstone Courses: (Final Courses in the Program.)

NURS 6500

Capstone: Synthesis Practicum I

SUT 2, 12


NURS 6510

Capstone: Synthesis Practicum II

NuRoc community care center




Transfer Credit Awarded (if NURS 6600 Synthesis Practicum – Nursing Informatics

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