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NURS 6512 Lab Assignment: Ethical Concerns

It is not uncommon for nurses advanced practice nurses to encounter situations where a
patient's wishes regarded their health are in conflict with the family's wishes, professional
experience, or evidence hence creating ethical dilemmas (Haahr et al., 2020). Therefore, it is
important for an advanced practice nurse to make informed decisions that can positively impact
the patient's condition. The case considered in this assignment is for a 60-year-old man who was
diagnosed with inclusive body myositis several years ago and is currently facing a rapid decline
in his condition. While the patient prefers to be at home and get end-of-life care from there, the
wife is of the opinion that her husband is admitted to the inpatient care setting.
Making a better decision regarding this case requires particular assessment information.
Inclusive body myositis exposes the patients to falls; hence this patient is at risk of falling
(Weihl, 2019). I would assess the patient's quality of life and ability to undertake daily life
activities. Assessing the proficiency of the home caregiving would be key in determining
whether the partner can offer good care and give moral support.
An appropriate response to this scenario requires that I consider ethics as an advanced
practice nurse. Guided by nursing ethics, I would strive to educate the family and the patient to
ensure that they have sufficient knowledge regarding the condition and how the family can help
take care of the patient. After the assessment, I would also collaborate with the patient's wife and
other family members to help come up with an appropriate care plan which is likely to have a

better impact on the patient's condition. These actions are in accordance with the principles of
beneficence and nonmaleficence, which involve doing the right and good thing for the patient
and doing no harm (McDermott-Levy et al., 2018). I would also ensure that I treat the patient’s
medical details with confidentiality.


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