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NURS 6003 Discussion: Strategies for Academic Portfolios

NURS 6003 Discussion: Strategies for Academic Portfolios


Admittedly, the interest and resolve to create eportfolio is admirable and inspiring. Consequently, it is imperative to create the best eportfolio due to the vital position held by portfolios in influencing professional nursing practice. Essentially, in addition to the uses of portfolio in highlighting the

NURS 6002 Discussion - Week 5 Strategies for Academic Portfolios

professional strengths and achievements indicated by the student, the portfolio can also be used mentorship purposes (Mollahadi, Khademolhoseini, Mokhtari-Nouri & Khaghanizadeh, 2018). In most cases, portfolio is applied as a strategy for integrating the theory and practice and improving nursing profession. It has always been utilized in indicate the learning and growth of students and inspiring the students to move to higher levels. Besides, portfolio is also used as a tool for formative and summative assessment. Therefore, documenting experiences and feedback in the eportfolio that the student intends to create, it is highly likely that the student will be helpful in mentoring other students who gets the opportunity to read the eportfolio.

Moreover, while creating eportfolio, it is recommended to consider developing a portfolio of evidence (PoE). Mostly, nurses are encouraged to develop analytical and critical thinking skills to facilitate informed clinical judgment. Therefore, PoE forms one of the best techniques to improve analytical and critical thinking in nursing students. Besides, PoE ensures reflective practice, which is critical in narrowing the gap between nursing theory and practice by ensuring that nursing students develop the knowledge anchored on practice (Ticha & Fakude, 2015). A PoE characterizes a kind of evaluation that avails the samples of the work of students that portrays their development overtime. Consequently, by reflecting on one’s learning, often through self assessment, it is likely to start recognizing the strengths and weaknesses in one’s work.  In turn, identifying these weaknesses provides perfect opportunity to make improvement on them.


Mollahadi, M., Khademolhoseini, S. M., Mokhtari-Nouri, J., & Khaghanizadeh, M. (2018). The portfolio as a tool for mentoring in nursing students: A scoping review. Iranian journal of nursing and midwifery research, 23(4), 241.

Ticha, V., & Fakude, L. P. (2015). Reflections on clinical practice whilst developing a portfolio of evidence: Perceptions of undergraduate nursing students in the Western Cape, South Africa. Curationis, 38(2), 1-8.

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RE: Discussion – Week 8

Nurses must have a strategic vision for the future, irrespective of the continuous battle and efforts by health professionals to deliver high-quality nursing care and improved results. When properly spelled out, these strategies give a transition plan to success that may be added to one’s portfolio. When properly put up, this portfolio may be utilized to assist nurses stand out from other eligible applicants when applying for employment and to help us thrive in our practice. According to Little-Wienert and Mazziotti (2018), an Academic Portfolio is a well-organized record of a person’s academic achievements, accomplishments, and professional progress. It helps to maintain one’s status as a scholar by keeping track of one’s reflections, growth, and accomplishments throughout time.

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The first strategy I plan to use to integrate academic activities into my professional development goals is to clearly define my personal objectives in terms of both professional and academic pursuits, as this will help me stay focused while also keeping the program’s priorities and objectives in mind. To deliver the greatest evidence-based therapy for improved outcomes, you must keep current with new advances in nursing education and practice as an educated and practicing nurse (Thomas et al., 2016).

My second plan would be to keep my knowledge and abilities up to date by renewing my professional credentials and licenses, as well as maintaining my expertise and skills current with current worldwide best practices. In line with the notion of social change, I intend to continue my search for knowledge by connecting with other local health care professionals. This is possible because, as a result of increased awareness brought on by social change, more knowledge is available in the community and among practitioners, allowing individuals to make informed decisions based on the circumstances (Walden University, n.d.).

NURS 6003 Discussion: Strategies for Academic Portfolios


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