NURS 6002 Using the Walden Library

NURS 6002 Using the Walden Library

Sample Answer for NURS 6002 Using the Walden Library Included After Question

NURS 6002 Using the Walden Library

Where can you find evidence to inform your thoughts and scholarly writing? Throughout your degree program, you will use research literature to explore ideas, guide your thinking, and gain new insights. As you search the research literature, it is important to use resources that are peer-reviewed and from scholarly journals. You may already have some favorite online resources and databases that you use or have found useful in the past. For this Discussion, you explore databases available through the Walden Library. 

To Prepare: 

  • Review the information presented in the Learning Resources for using the Walden Library, searching the databases, and evaluating online resources. 
  • Begin searching for a peer-reviewed article that pertains to your practice area and interests you. 
NURS 6002 Using the Walden Library
NURS 6002 Using the Walden Library

By Day 3 of Week 6 

Post the following: 

Using proper APA formatting, cite the peer-reviewed article you selected that pertains to your practice area and is of particular interest to you and identify the database that you used to search for the article. Explain any difficulties you experienced while searching for this article. Would this database be useful to your colleagues? Explain why or why not. Would you recommend this database? Explain why or why not. 


A Sample Answer For the Assignment: NURS 6002 Using the Walden Library

Title: NURS 6002 Using the Walden Library

The COVID-19 pandemic affected many people negatively, and I believe understanding the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of postpartum women is an informative and useful topic. According to O’Hara, M. W. (2009), “Postpartum depression (PPD) is a serious mental health problem. It is prevalent, and offspring are at risk for disturbances in development. Major risk factors include past depression, stressful life events, poor marital relationship, and social support”. Many people were stressed, anxious and fearful during the pandemic, consequentially from the loss of a loved one, as well as financial hardship. For pregnant and postpartum women, I can only imagine these emotions were heightened thus putting mother and child at risk.


I find that the database you shared will be very helpful to me because it has peer-reviewed resources which are easily accessible through the Walden university library. The library provides a variety of information regarding scholarly resources of which we will need for the journey ahead.


Thanks for your post.




O’Hara, M. W. (2009). Postpartum depression: what we know. Journal of clinical psychology65(12), 1258-1269.


Walden University Librasry. (n.d.). Databases A-Z: Nursing. Retriieved October 4, 2019 from


I have selected the article “Physical and Mental Health of Children during COVID-19 Lockdown: Parents’ perspective”. This article pertains to my practice as a student to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. I plan to work with children and adolescence with mental health illnesses. The article is regarding children who have spent an increased amount of time at home. Children during the covid-19 pandemic had limited physical activity and increased time using technology, significantly impacting their mental health. Data was collected using a “cross-sectional online survey to assess the impact of COVID-19 on the physical and mental health of the children using parents’ perspectives” (Tajane, Golwala, Nangia, & Chavan, 2021). Results showed an increased number of hours spent on cell phones and sleeping compared to before the lockdown.

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The database I used to search for my article was Walden University library. I searched the terms “mental health children.” This database is helpful to my colleagues because we can eliminate our results to full text, peer-reviewed scholarly journals, and a few other selections. There is also an option to select the publication year. I highly recommend this database. I find that library databases are excellent for searching for a peer-reviewed scholarly journals. It is a fast option that gives many different options for articles. It is easy to use. There are many ways to set options that help us find the article we are searching for.




Tajane, I., Golwala, A., Nangia, D., & Chavan, I. (2021). IMPACT OF COVID-19 LOCKDOWN ON PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH OF 5-12 YEARS OLD CHILDREN; FROM PARENTS’ PERSPECTIVE: A CROSS-SECTIONAL STUDY —Physical and Mental Health of Children during COVID-19 Lockdown: Parents’ perspective. Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management16(3), 92–102.

I love reading post of people who share my passion. It really makes me smile. COVID-19 has definitely had a negative affect on mental health and

wellness. There are a lot more people who have seeked mental help during and after the pandemic. During the pandemic, about 4 in 10 adults in the U.S.

have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder, a share that has been largely consistent, up from 1 in 10 adults who reported these symptoms

from January to June 2019 (Pachel, Kamal, Cox, & Garfield,  2021). The increase mentioned is only for adults. Children and adolescents faced some

similar issues and disorders. Suicidal thoughts or ideations also increased. It definitely shows me there is a need for mental health professionals.

The database I used was the CINAHL Plus with full text database. CINAHL is a cumulative index to nursing and allied health literature (Walden,nd.)

I accessed it through the Walden library as well. I ran into the problem of accessing a full text article even though the database states its a full text database.

Did you run into any issues accessing full text through your database?

Pachel, N., Kamal, R., Cox, C., Garfield, R., (2021). The implications of COVID-19 for mental health and substance abuse. Retrieved October 28, 2021 from

Walden University Library. (n.d). Databases A-Z: Nursing. Retrieved  October 26, 2021 from

NURS 6002 Using the Walden Library

Because I am so interested in technology, and the trend of technology is moving in a very fast paced in healthcare, I found it very essential to do my research on technology in nursing practice. “The Secretary of the VA and the military Surgeons General are embracing the rapidly maturing technology’s potential for increasing access and providing timely care. Consistently, telehealth’s highest reported utilization has been for mental health” (Pauli, Bajjani-Gebara, O’Quin, Raps, & DeLeon, 2018).

The nursing article I choose for this discussion is titled Telehealth – The future for advance Practice Mental Health Nursing (Pauli et al., 2018). Walden University Library, (2019) directed me to a databases organized from A-Z with 15 best bet nursing databases. I choose Medline with full text which was indication as one of the best bet databases, once selected I typed in my search term which was Telehealth and nursing it brought up series of articles. When I try to open the article, no full text was available, I had to click Find @ Walden, then it took me to where I have to select a full text source, I then selected Science direct subject collections – Health Sciences, where I found the PDF of the journal and this was the only difficulty I faced. I consider this difficulty because I was expecting to find the full text in my very first search on Medline.

This database will be very useful to my colleagues because it is a resource with lot of journals, scholarly articles, book, periodicals related to nursing. In this database one can find unlimited articles related to nursing of their interest that are within 5 years as required for the course. The articles have already been cited in APA format as shown below in the references area for easy access.

I will highly recommend this database to my colleagues because it is a nursing database and one of the best bet sources where one can find scholarly articles, Journals, government reports and reports from professional organizations that are reliable, valid and unbiased (Walden, n.d.).

It is user friendly and easily accessible. While in this database your search can be filtered depending on what you prefer. For example, I entered my search term and set limiters to full text, peer reviewed and set the publication date to 2017 to 2021. This help so I don’t get articles that are too old for me to use. It is very important to look for red flags when search for scholar articles so as to avoid articles that are uncredited, of financial interest and self-published (Walden, n.d.).


Pauli, E., Bajjani-Gebara, J. E., O’Quin, C., Raps, S. J., & DeLeon, P. H. (2018). Telehealth – The Future for Advance Practice Mental Health Nursing. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing32(3), 327–328.

Walden University Library. (2019). Databases A-Z: Nursing. Retrieved from https//

Walden University Library. (N.d). Evaluating resources: Journals. Retrieved October 4, 2019, from

As healthcare professionals, research is a huge part of our careers. We are expected to stay up to date on the newest information. Learning how to use the different databases that the Library at Walden University has to offer will be beneficial for us to learn the best evidence- based practices. “Online research is a key skill for Walden coursework. Success depends upon your ability to find good resources in order to respond to discussion posts, finish assignments, write papers, and ultimately complete a study for your capstone” (Walden University Course Guides, 2019b). Improving our online research abilities will help us as current students, and in the future as nurse practitioners. They can also be useful when looking for information related to our current area of practice.

Burn injuries range from insignificant surface injuries to full thickness wounds. My main search was based on finding information about burn surgery. I found interesting information about the involvement of plastic surgeons in burn wound management. However, this article was not peer reviewed. I then began a new search that was limited to peer reviewed articles. I found an article explaining how using the length of hospital stay can estimate the overall outcome of burn patients (Abdelrahman et al., 2017). This article was interesting to me because I have only focused on the intraoperative phase for these patients and not about their general stay in the hospital. This information helps me to think about my patients as a whole instead of their one reason for visiting the operating room.

Searching for reliable articles is important for any research project. Without proper sources, research becomes less credible. “Evaluating resources is an important part of the research process. Using unreliable or incorrect information will weaken your research” (Walden University Course Guides, 2021). Walden University’s library explains different methods for finding trustworthy articles. When evaluating a source, learn about the credentials of the author and think about the accuracy, relevance, and purpose of the article (Walden University Course Guides, 2019a). Answering these questions about sources will make our research reliable information.