NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One

NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One

Sample Answer for NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One Included After Question

NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One

Propose strategies for disseminating your evidence-based practice project proposal. Consider the necessary stakeholders who need to review or approve the proposal (both internal and external) and what methods you will use to communicate.

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One

Title: NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One

Disseminating evidence to stakeholders and decision makers within the organization is crucial to getting the proposed solution implemented throughout the organization. The evidence must have evidence based research that supports the proposed solution and must show how the solution will improve the performance of the organization. After the completion of a research or evidence based project, the information must be disseminated amongst the staff. The purpose behind performing a research project or evidence based project is to create change and to advance patient care. The information that is distributed amongst the staff is quite important. Having a dissemination plan is so vital because there are barriers. The barriers can involve not having the education or information readily available, costs of disseminating the information to staff, and staff being resistant to the new change or information. Using a tool for a dissemination plan will help guide the researcher find all the components necessary to form a formal dissemination plan that specifically reflects the user’s needs and interests (Carpenter, Nieva, Albaghal, & Sorra, 2014). The tool provides six useful components on successfully disseminating the research findings. The components consist of defining the research, identifying target users, working with dissemination partners, communicating the research, communicating the research, evaluating the success of the dissemination process, and developing an action plan (Carpenter, Nieva, Albaghal, & Sorra, 2014). Utilizing the tool will not only provide better outcomes for the researcher but the staff members that are receiving the new information. External Stakeholders would be investors and donors. Internal stakeholders to reach out to would be executive and managers.

NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One Reference:

Carpenter,D., Nieva, V., Albaghal, T. & Sorra, J. (2014). Development of a Planning Tool to Guide Research Dissemination. Retrieved from:

A Sample Answer 2 For the Assignment: NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One

Title: NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One

Dissemination is spreading evidence-based practice information to a variety of clinical settings to increase understanding and adoption of new or changed evidence-based practice. Proposing evidence-based practice projects in a diverse but related setting allows for the uptake of stakeholder support that would increase resources to conduct more complex studies and implement enhanced interventions. Stakeholders are very important as not only can studies require financial backing for equipment, clinical resources and personnel, but also require stakeholders that can understand the gravity a project or proposal has on improving patient related health outcomes (Cunningham-Erves, Mayo-Gamble, Vaughn, Hawk, Helms, Barajas & Joosten, 2020).

Considering my evidence-based project, internal stakeholders would primarily be health care facilities and specifically the outpatient/public nutrition department. Approval would be needed from a health care facility in order to obtain consents and access to the target population and because consent and privacy must be ethically followed approval from a health care facility may already have detailed policies regarding such proposals. Direct communication with administration and the nutrition department will be ideal to maintain good faith in stakeholder support as the project is tailored towards the nutritional field (Warren, Constantinides, Blake & Frongillo, 2021).

External stakeholders would include support from those outside of the health care facility such as local or public dieticians/nutritionists, patients, and public education programs. You can also include digital or virtual stakeholders that could support structured and guided ways to use technology for diet modification and nutritional information. While direct communication for public services and patients can be facilitated, technological stakeholder support may need technical communication for improvements and utilization (Warren, Constantinides, Blake & Frongillo, 2021).

NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One
NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One

NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One References:

Jennifer Cunningham‐Erves, Tilicia Mayo‐Gamble, Vaughn, Y., Hawk, J., Helms, M., Barajas, C., & Joosten, Y. (2020). Engagement of community stakeholders to develop a framework to guide research dissemination to communities. Health Expectations, 23(4), 958-968.

Warren, A. M., Constantinides, S. V., Blake, C. E., & Frongillo, E. A. (2021). Advancing knowledge about stakeholder engagement in multisectoral nutrition research. Global Food Security29.

A Sample Answer 3 For the Assignment: NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One

Title: NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One

There are two ways to disseminate an evidence-based practice project proposal which are either internal or external. Evidence-based practice (EBP) findings are disseminated by transmitting data and actions to significant public healthcare or clinical research population. The fundamental aim of dissemination is to enhance and promote evidence-based strategies, to increase their implementation and patient experience. One internal strategy to disseminate evidence-based practice is the hospital board. Employees of the health organization, such as nurses, physicians, and other professionals involved in patient care, make up the hospital board. The most proper technique to employ when disseminating the EBP to the hospital board would be face to face. The method encourages engagement and immediate response, particularly during questioning sessions(M, 2019). The presenting procedure at professional organization conferences, notably the American Nurses Association, would be an external technique. The professional association would be an excellent venue for disseminating the initiative to a considerable number of nurses. Face-to-face consultation and conversation with other nursing experts would be the approach utilized in the conference. Internal and external communication techniques would differ.

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Individuals who care about or have a keen interest in hospital initiatives are referred to as stakeholders. A stakeholder is the project sponsor, who usually is an executive in the management system is a collection to provide resources and enforce project choices. Clients, freelancers, manufacturers, and even the government are all stakeholders (Watt, 2018). Stakeholders include the project manager, project team members, and managers from different divisions within the business. There are internal and external stakeholders in a project. Top management, project team members, the boss, colleagues, resource manager, and internal customers are all examples of internal stakeholders. Customers, the government, contractors and subcontractors, and suppliers are examples of external stakeholders.

M, J. (2019, May 27). Dissemination of evidence-based practice project results in nursing. The Nursing Ace; The Nursing Ace.

Watt, A. (2018, August 15). 5. Stakeholder Management – Project Management.

A Sample Answer 4 For the Assignment: NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One

Title: NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One

It’s essential to keep in mind that communication methods need to vary depending on the audience. As a result, I mixed a little humor or informal in with the formal techniques.  Because of having established relationships with many of the internal team members receiving this presentation proposal, I hope adding humor helps promote participation in conversations, knowledge retention, and hopefully their buy-in. Not many questions remain right now. Through this process, I found out that my organization has many valuable templates available for nursing research presentations, specifically with poster presentations. There are many “rules” that go along with the use of the logo, like what fonts and colors can be used, making it much more formal. Personally, my preference would be for the more formal poster board presentation, but this method might not be the best fit for obtaining stakeholder buy-in for the pilot proposal.

It’s essential to keep in mind that communication methods need to vary depending on the audience. As a result, I mixed a little humor or informal in with the formal techniques. Selecting suitable graphics is challenging depending on where people will be looking at them, such as on slides on paper or a computer screen which can be pretty different from how they appear on a large screen (Tappen, 2016). Because of having established relationships with many of the internal team members receiving the presentation proposal, I hope that fitting in some humor helps promote participation in conversations, knowledge retention, and hopefully their buy-in. Not many questions remain, but I question how to quote graphics or pictures used from the internet. Through this assignment process, I found out that my organization has many valuable templates for nursing research presentations, specifically poster presentations and PowerPoints. There are many “rules” that go along with using a company logo, like what fonts and colors can be used, making it a much more formal presentation. Personally, my preference would be for the more formal poster board presentation especially when disseminating study results. Although, when proposing a change and needing stakeholder buy-in, a less formal delivery is better.

NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One Reference

Tappen, R. M. (2016). Advanced nursing research: From theory and practice (2nd ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

A Sample Answer 5 For the Assignment: NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One

Title: NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One

Establishing proper dissemination strategies within the implementation phase of the evidence-based practice (EBP) project is a key component for success. The initial strategy for disseminating EBP project proposal information include various communication technologies to be distributed across the organization. The communication technologies consist of email, intranet, integration into electronic health record, and internal social media. These communication technologies will provide on demand access to resources, information, materials, and polices. The next strategy for disseminating EBP include selecting EBP champions within each team of the organization (Evans et al., 2016). The champions will be provided the EBP information and once they have all the necessary information, they will disseminate the information to their teams. Each team champion will undergo an implementation meeting designed for their specific work area for workflow design. Once the initial implementation plan is successful, mass communication will occur to the remainder of the organization.

The essential key stakeholders include palliative care specialist as they are often considered experts in end-of-life care. They should review and share their opinions about the EBP project proposal. Additional stakeholders for review include direct clinical care workers such as providers, nurses, chaplains, social workers, and care management. The role of the clinical care workers will be essential for providing feedback and workflow implementation as they directly provide patient care. Approval of the EBP project proposal include the compliance team, the ethics and legal department, informatics, informational technology, and leadership. The role of the compliance department will be to guarantee the EBP project proposal is reviewed and approved to meet the required standards. The ethics and legal team will ensure integrity within the EBP implementation and throughout the project and approve any necessary safety measures and make recommendations for any required changes. The informatics and informational technology will approve the regulation of the POLST forms and documentation templates. The leadership role in EBP implementation has been recognized as a fundamental role of ongoing support of staff education, department budget, engaging clinicians’, and approval of changes which lead to a sustainable EBP implementation. The critical external agency is Respecting Choices and they will collaborate with the organization to ensure review and approval of the EBP project as part of the contract. They will also support by disclosing any new best practices or updates to the national POLST procedures.


NUR 590 Topic 7 Discussion Question One References

Evans, J. N., Ball, L. S., & Wicher, C. P. (2016). Implementation of medical orders for life-sustaining treatment. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing20(1), 74-78.

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