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GCU NUR 513 Topic 1 Discussion Question Two Sample

NUR 513 Topic 1 Discussion Question Two Sample


I believe that the most effective way to implement change is for all participants to be as knowledgeable and educated as possible. Having said that, nurses should pursue higher levels of education and training through an enhanced educational system that facilitates academic progression. (National Institutes of Health, 2011). By advancing education, nurses can become more literate and prepared to practice within the most current evidence-based practice guidelines, resulting in improved patient care and outcomes. Nurses should be educated and trained to a higher level through an improved educational system that facilitates academic progression (Salmond & Echevarria, 2017). Encouragement from nursing leadership, administration, and peers can be effective in bringing about change. Tuition reimbursement and differential pay for certification serve as incentives for professional development participation. Additionally, healthcare systems, including the one where I work, are pursuing and maintaining Magnet designation status. Magnet recognition is a voluntary program for hospitals seeking the highest international recognition for nursing excellence and evidence-based patient care (Vinah et. al., 2018). In conclusion, educating nurses to their full potential enables the practice of evidence-based medicine, which ultimately results in improved patient outcomes.

GCU NUR 513 Topic 1 Discussion Question Two Sample

GCU NUR 513 Topic 1 Discussion Question Two Sample

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In addition nurses should be full partners, with physicians and other health professionals in redesigning healthcare in the United States ( Institute of Medicine, 2011). Each individual within the healthcare system whether they are physician, Nurse, Nurse practitioner, physician assistant, respiratory therapist or social workers all can bring knowledge, resources, and different perspectives to the table. Working collaboratively as a team can assist in dispersing information evenly across all levels of the healthcare system. If nurses are to serve as full partners, a culture change will be needed whereby health professionals hold each other accountable for improving care and setting health policy in a context of mutual respect and collaboration. (Institute of Medicine, 2011). However there can be barriers preventing collaboration to be successful, altering communication and disturbance in workflow between physicians and nurses. Practice barriers include professional resistance to expand roles for nurses, fragmentations of the healthcare system, outdated insurance policies, high rates of nurse turnovers, difficulty nurses transitioning from school into practice, and aging workforce (Salmond & Echevarria, 2017). For example within the healthcare system for which I work for, barriers between nurses and physicians are prevented by developing committees in which both parties participate from either the same department or hospital wide. For example, I participate in an EKG committee which is composed of nurses, emergency department technicians, physicians, and both nursing and medical administrators. Our goal is to collaborate to develop a work-flow plan, and help implement and disperse the plan within the department to improve patient outcomes. Formations of committees allows for seamless communications between all levels of providers. If nurses are to serve as full partners, a culture change will be needed whereby health professionals hold each other accountable for improving care and setting health policy in a context of mutual respect and collaboration. (Institute of Medicine, 2011). NUR 513 Topic 1 Discussion Question Two

I agree with how the Institute of Medicine describes the advanced practice registered nurse role evolving being that the rolse is going beyond the bedside and task orientation and becoming the forefront of healthcare system reform. Providing nurses with a voice, educational resources and deserved respect can help provide and continue to improve quality patient centered care.

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Re: Topic 1 DQ 2


You are absolutely correct that having administrative support for the education of nursing staff to fully reach their potential is a crucial part of advancing the nursing profession.  Even with the challenges faced by nursing shortages and the current healthcare crisis of a global pandemic, it is critical to advocate for nurses to continue to be educated and for leaders in the healthcare industry to acknowledge and understand this.  Healthcare leaders must understand that investing in their nurses can promote better healthcare outcomes on a variety of levels for patients, staff, the community and even the finances of the institution itself.  The examples you gave of tuition reimbursement, certification pay, and other incentives are fortunately all options that my own facility provides.

As a labor and delivery nurse, I was able to get my RNC-OB certification and my C-EFM certification through NCC, which shows my knowledge of obstetrics and electronic fetal monitoring.  The RNC-OB came with a differential pay increase hourly and access to continuing education classes for CE paid for by the hospital. The organization declared that the fetal monitoring certification is now a requirement for a labor and delivery nurse after two years of labor experience and as a result does reimburse the nursing staff for the cost of the exam and the renewal of the certification. In addition, my organization provides a modest tuition reimbursement for full and part-time associates and a scholarship application process that may cover all or part of the cost of special seminars conferences.

You also mentioned the importance of nurses working with other healthcare providers – not only physicians – but physician assistants, respiratory therapists, social workers and more. I am so glad that you brought up this point as creating opportunities for interprofessional collaboration is critical to help bring about the culture change that you describe.  In order to be perceived as leaders in the healthcare field, we must work with other professionals to pool our collective resources, knowledge and unique viewpoints to help improve healthcare outcomes.  It is interesting that you bring up this point because in my research for the first discussion post this week, I discovered that it was actually a case of interprofessional collaboration between a nurse and a medical doctor that began the process, some 40 years ago, that led to the first advanced practice nurse role of pediatric nurse practitioner (Parker & Hill, 2017). This began the recognition of the contributions that a nurse practitioner could bring by focusing on improved patient care, relieving case load burdens and better follow through on all patients. This in turn helped improve patient outcomes and improved satisfaction for patients, providers and nursing staff alike (Parker & Hill, 2017). We should continue on this path!

Thanks for your post!  Michele


Parker, J. M., and Hill, M. N. (2017). A review of advanced practice nursing in the United States, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong special administrative region (SAR), China. International Journal of Nursing Sciences 4(2) 196-204. Retrieved from https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2352013216301910. NUR 513 Topic 1 Discussion Question Two

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