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NUR 2868 DQ Intuition vs. Experience in Nursing

NUR 2868 DQ Intuition vs. Experience in Nursing


Your discussion post is to answer this question: What do you think nursing contributes to health care? How can a robotic system incorporate the clinical judgment that nurses use? Be as creative as you wish!

If you can, listen to the following audio clip from National Nurses United’s “Insist on a Registered Nurse” campaign:

While this is an attempt at humor about a serious situation, it drives a fundamental question: What would health care be without nurses?

In nursing jobs, no day is ever the same.

One day you’ll be doing one thing, the next day you’ll be doing another thing. There’s such a massive variety in nursing and people don’t realise that actually you can do so much.

There’s a whole world of nursing out there ready to explore and if you don’t like one sort of particular area it doesn’t matter because

NUR 2868 DQ Intuition vs Experience in Nursing

NUR 2868 DQ Intuition vs Experience in Nursing

there’s so much that you can do.

You can go into research, you can work on the hospital wards, you can work out in the community in general practice, as district nurses, in sexual health and family planning, you can go to theatres, the acute wards like A&E and ITU, you can go and work in hospices and care homes for the elderly.

NUR 2868 DQ Intuition vs. Experience in Nursing


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The world is really your oyster in nursing and it’s just amazing.

I find it’s just the best job in the world because it’s so varied.

You meet so many amazing people, we have completely different patients one day to the next.

I have never worked with such an amazing team as I have with nurses and nurses really stick together.

They really pull together in a time of need, one person’s strength is one person’s and weaknesses and they all mesh together which benefits the patient so much. You work with so many different people, not just the nurses but you’re going to be working alongside doctors, consultants, occupational therapists, physiotherapists pharmacists, pain management team… there’s just so many amazing people.

You’re going to work with the most amazing people there and they all specialise in their own thing and they’re all interested in their own things so something that you might not necessarily know or that you’re struggling with someone else is going to pipe in and help you out.

So a personal favourite experience of mine in this career is when you’ve been working hard to help get that patient better, whether they’re deteriorating, whether they’ve just had surgery, whether they’re just really acutely unwell or even just a little bit unwell, or wound-healing management if someone comes to you for a wound and it needs dressing and it’s quite a bad wound and you need to sort of manage that.

My favourite part of this is when they start to get better and you’ve been working so hard, you’ve been looking after them, you’ve been pushing the fluids, getting their nutrition or you’ve been dressing their wounds, you’ve been doing everything you possibly can to make that patient better and you’re praying for them and suddenly they just get better and you see them well again.

You see the colour back in their face or you’ve seen them walk, the wounds are closing up – if you’ve seen a wound one day and it’s quite a nasty wound and then the next week they come back to have it redressed and you can see that it’s starting to heal that’s just the most amazing thing because you know that you’ve done a good job and you know that because of that care that you’ve given to that patient they’re getting better and they’re getting well again.

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