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NRS 451 Assignment: Resume and Cover Letter

NRS 451 Assignment Resume and Cover Letter

Cover letters and resumes are critical documents needed when applying for job openings. All professionals including nursing professionals often study to attain skills and competencies to work in various settings. Nurses tend to apply for various jobs while still studying or after graduating from their respective programs. Cover letters and resumes help in facilitating this application (Smith & Van Genderen, 2018). A cover letter outlines the credentials of the applicant and interest in the position in question (He & Kang, 2021). On the other hand, a resume highlights an applicant’s skills, accomplishments, and background (Jilk et al., 2018). It recaps pertinent education and job experiences. The purpose of this paper is to provide my resume and a cover letter for the position of clinical nurse liaison at Amerita, Inc.

Professional Resume

Professional Profile I am a highly-skilled professional registered nurse passionate about the patient, family, and community health and continuously seeking opportunities to empower patients and advance nursing.
Career Summary Decatur Morgan Hospital, Alabama

Patient Care Tech



·         Helping with patient procedures

·         Bedside care

·         Advocating for patient needs

·         Interacting in daily communication

·         Modeling problem-solving to improve quality, efficiency, and care effectiveness

·         Maintaining regular contact with patients and opportunities to add value in points of care.


Huntsville Hospital, Alabama

Patient Care Tech and Registered Nurse



·         Educating patients and answering different questions related to health conditions, prognosis, and treatment

·         Observing and reporting patients’ condition, progress, and medication outcomes to document updates

·         Liaising with physicians and other health care staff to promote quality care

·         Conducting patient assessments and diagnostic tests to enable physicians to develop focused treatment plans

·         Collaborating with physicians to manage ongoing care

·         Establishing and maintaining rapport with patients and their family members


American Mobile Travel Agency, San Diego CA


Travel Nurse


·         Performing tests

·         Medication administration

·         Writing reports

·         Collaborating with physicians to develop patient care plans

·         Vaccinating populations


South Sac Kaiser Hospital

Registered Nurse

2015- Present

·         Responsibilities

·         Delivering care to patients with various diagnoses

·         Managing care from treatment initiation through to completion

·         Medication administration

·         Facilitation therapeutic communication and crisis intervention

·         Teaching patients lifestyle management and choices

·         Facilitating new nurses’ orientation programs

Education and Training Tarrant County College, Texas

Associate Degree in Nursing

January 2004- June 2008

Waterford College

General Pre-nursing Certificate

January 2003- April 2004


Licenses/Certifications Basic Life Support – American Heart Association


Competencies & Skills set ·         Patient and staff education

·         Patient assessments

·         Process and outcome evaluation

·         Patient care planning

·         Interprofessional collaboration

·         Great team player

·         Patient needs’ advocate

·         Excellence in primary computer and networking skills

Memberships ANA- American Nurses Association- National and State
Leadership Organized a community health program for diabetes screening
Hobbies Adventure

Watching nursing documentaries

Visiting patients




Cover Letter


Following the advertisement for the vacant positions on your organization’s website, I am writing to express my interest in the

NRS 451 Assignment Resume and Cover Letter

NRS 451 Assignment Resume and Cover Letter

position of clinical nurse liaison. I am convinced that this position suits me because of my strong educational qualifications and the vast experience that I have amassed over the years in different nursing positions.

I have an associate degree in nursing and over four years of experience in direct patient care and coordination of services. I am an adept, well-organized, dedicated team leader, a calm health professional with excellent health care skills including patient care strategies, assessment, education, and dealing with the unique needs of patients. My vast work experience has enabled me to attain an exceptional-rounded skill set including outstanding leadership and exceptional nursing skills. I adjust to situations as suitable and my zeal to provide care that matches the demands of the 21st century motivates me to provide services beyond the standard levels.

In my past and present roles as a patient care tech and registered nurse, I have discharged my duties and gained sufficient skills that will support me to deliver the advertised roles competently. I was engaged in regular coordination with physicians to develop patients’ treatment plans. I was also involved in organizing appointments, examining and creating health interventions, and recording health care plans and strategies.

I trust that working at Amerita, Inc. would be mutually beneficial. I believe I would be exposed to a challenging working environment to enable me to use my skills optimally. Kindly find my education and skills in the attached resume.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Cover letters and resumes help in facilitating this application. A cover letter outlines the credentials of the applicant and interest in the position in question. On the other hand, a resume highlights an applicant’s skills, accomplishments, and background. It recaps pertinent education and job experiences. I have given a detailed resume indicating my education, achievements, and work summary. I have also provided a detailed cover letter indicating my credentials and reasons to be considered for the position of clinical nurse liaison at Amerita, Inc.


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Emotional intelligence refers to the capacity to recognize, utilize, comprehend, manage, and handle emotions. It is a very essential tool especially when it comes to being a successful leader since it helps manage the shortcomings encountered in communication that often derails any given team-based projects (Blaser, 2017). Notably, there are five elements of emotional intelligence namely self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. An emotionally intelligent leader is therefore one who has the ability to guarantee the ultimate success of any given team. Within the context on leading and managing groups, leaders who possess high degrees of self-awareness would have exemplary behaviors that has a mix of empathy and a nurturing nature that creates a conducive working environment which thus boosts productivity.

It goes without a doubt that self-aware individuals understands precisely that which makes them feel valuable and appreciated and thus are able to transmit those feelings to the rest of the team members. It is mandatory to note that there is no way one can manage to be an effective leader without having reasonable levels of self-awareness (Kishkilev, 2018). Self-awareness gives a leader the ability to adjust personal traits and behaviors and leadership approaches and styles in a manner that it can accommodate various situations. The kind of leadership approaches and styles of a self-aware leader enables a person to put aside their personal interests and see how their actions impacts others. Additionally, self-awareness gives one the capacity to stay focused on set goals, remain positive, showcase kindness, and practice kindness. An example of a leader with high-degree of self-awareness is a nurse leader who recognizes that team leadership means involving all the team members on team projects and not making decisions based on own views rather than involving the entire team.


Blaser, K. (2017). Training to strengthen the mental self-boundary (Self-Boundary Awareness Training, SBAT) results in greater mindfulness: How self-boundary awareness increases mindfulness. Advances In Social Sciences Research Journal4(1). https://doi.org/10.14738/assrj.41.2556

Kishkilev, S. (2018). Relationship between the Concepts “Self-Awareness”, “Self-Consciousness”, “Samosoznaniye” and “Samopoznaniye”. Psychological-Educational Studies10(3), 46-55. https://doi.org/10.17759/psyedu.2018100305

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