NRS 430 Week 1 Discussion Question 1

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Discuss why you have decided to complete your BSN at this time and the concerns you have about completing your baccalaureate degree. Based on the readings in the class and topic resources, what are some characteristics of successful students and what strategies can you implement to be a successful student?

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: NRS 430 Week 1 Discussion Question 1

Title: NRS 430 Week 1 Discussion Question 1  

After graduating high school in 2000, I attended Oklahoma City University for their Bachelors of Nursing program. I failed out my third semester. I continued on my nursing journey and acquired my LPN license in 2005. In 2010 I graduated with an ADN. During this time, I worked and took care of my sick mother. Taking care of others has always been a passion of mine so I was determined to get to my finish line. I ended up taking my RN boards six times before passing in 2019, six months before my mother passed away.

Its been three years since she has passed and I am accomplishing things that Ive always wanted to and I’m not letting anything get in my way. I started travel nursing in August of last year and this felt like the perfect time to complete what I started twenty something years ago.

I really don’t have any concerns about finishing my degree this time around. I’m older, more mature and way more disciplined. I know that anything that I put my mind to I can accomplish. We can be our own worst enemy at times with our thoughts. Its all about positivity with me. At times when I feel overwhelmed, I will take a step back, close my eyes , take a deep breath and pray as I do now.

The most important characteristics of a successful student in my opinion are sufficient rest, managing time, focusing and asking for help when needed (Murphy, 2015). Ive learned over the years that if you can’t master these it is difficult to be successful. Strategies that I can implement are self discipline and focusing on what is important to me at this moment and that is furthering my education. Any distractions that I had have already been eliminated such as social media. But at the same time, I know that distractions and issues will arise. My life right now is all about work and school. Everything else can wait.


Murphy, P. (2015). 7 habits of highly effective nursing students. Minority Nurse.

A Sample Answer 2 For the Assignment: NRS 430 Week 1 Discussion Question 1

Title: NRS 430 Week 1 Discussion Question 1  

I have decided to complete the BSN program, to help further my career in nursing. Getting my BSN is a stepping stone to getting my MSN in leadership and management. It was a very tough decision to make as i am married and have 2 kids and work full time. My biggest concern is the writing part of the classes, that has always been a weakness of mine that even through my high school years it was tough. I plan to learn all I can about the APA style of writing and utilize all the on-line resources that GCU offers to help me be successful. The strategies I plan on implementing is first to become very familiar with GCU on line materials and where things are, to help me be more comfortable with the program (Morgan and Hart, 2013). I will balance my time out with work, Family, and school to ensure that I don’t lack any area.


Morgan, L., & Hart, L. (2013). Promoting academic integrity in an online RN-BSN program. Nursing education perspectives34(4), 240–243.

A Sample Answer 3 For the Assignment: NRS 430 Week 1 Discussion Question 1

Title: NRS 430 Week 1 Discussion Question 1  

I am retired after many years of nursing practice. Reflecting back on my life, I know I made the right decision to enter the nursing profession. Every day was a new learning and rewarding experience. I have the urge to further my nursing education and reenter the always evolving nursing profession. Many changes have happened since I last practiced regarding nursing education levels and each’s scope of practice. After researching many nursing programs across the United States (US), I found Grand Canyon University (GCU) nursing programs to be the most affordable, resourceful, and user-friendly, especially the associate degree (ADN) to baccalaureate degree (BSN) five-week course online program. I have concerns regarding my lac of computer skills and potential difficulties such as loss of internet connection or program lag. I know my first week will be the most difficult, since it has been many years since I have attended an educational program, and this is my first online learning program.

Understanding and consistently implementing characteristics of successful students is important to being a successful student. An important characteristic of successful students is to be realistic, with time management being a priority. Remembering to allow sufficient time for yourself is crucial for good health and well-being, leading to having a clear mind and ability to focus on learning. Taking breaks when doing tasks at hand, rather than attempting to do it all at once or to multitask is important to help balance school and life’s happenings. Let those close to you be aware of your schedule and school demands (Sanders, 2019). Divide each day into sections of time and prioritize things to do for each section (Murphy, 2015). Monitor assignments and due dates. Study efficiently by having a designated, quiet, organized, well-lit study area (Sanders, 2019). Learn the resources and services available, and utilize them (Sanders, 2019). Requesting help is not a sign of weakness or failure (Murphy, 2015). It is part of being proactive and a characteristic of successful students. Acknowledge and make positive use of feedback (Sanders, 2019). Feedback helps improve the learning process by better understanding each assignment, knowing what was done correctly and what needs correction or improvement. Feedback also positively influences future programs by troubleshooting and improving the current programs. Developing a personalized study system, and consistently implementing it, can make the nursing program less challenging (Murphy, 2015). It is necessary to be realistic and understand that this is not a perfect world. Distractions and disruptions will happen.

Maintaining my health and well-being, time management, and studying effectively, while proactively implementing resources and services available, along with remembering to take rest breaks and reward myself, are characteristics of the realistic plan I am developing to be a successful student.


Murphy, P. (2015). 7 habits of highly effective nursing students. Minority Nurse.

Sanders, E. (2015). Succeeding in an online nursing program. Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! 17(1). DOI: 16.1097/01.NME.0000549623.58762.3

Read Lake and von Baeyer’s article, “Tips for Successful Students.” Also, review the characteristics of a successful student as explained in the lecture.

As you consider these, which is your strongest characteristic? Why? How will this characteristic help you to become a successful student in your program of study?

What do you look forward to as you begin this educational experience and your personal search for purpose? What is your greatest fear? How can you overcome it? Write about one specific educational experience from your past in which you addressed a fear and overcame it and how you succeeded in this process.

How does knowledge of the foundations and history of nursing provide a context in which to understand current practice? Identify at least three trends in nursing practice from the “Nursing Timeline of Historical Events” media piece. How have these trends influenced your perspective of nursing practice? Describe the definition of nursing as put forward by the American Nurses Association. How does it address the metaparadigm theories of nursing? The media, and Hollywood in particular, represent one avenue in which the general public becomes familiar with the role of nurses. How does the media positively or negatively influence the public’s image of nursing? What other avenues may better educate the general public on the role and scope of nursing as well as the changing health care system?

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NRS 430 Week 1 Discussion Question 1
NRS 430 Week 1 Discussion Question 1

What factors need to be considered when determining whether or not identified actions are within the domain of nursing practice? Be sure to cite current literature in your response. You have been asked to investigate a new procedure that physicians would like nurses to adopt in the hospital. Discuss the process you would apply to determine whether the procedure falls within the RN scope of practice and how you would go about introducing the new procedure with physicians and fellow nurses. Outline the process for developing nursing standards of practice, and identify the different entities that might be involved in developing a standard of practice.

Learning happens slowly and consistently. Take for example the process we went through when we learned to read. There were steps, from holding a book the right way up, to recognising letters to phonetics, years of practising and finally fluency.

It’s not actually that hard to learn to read for neurotypical kids, but you do have to develop building blocks and commit to regular practise. It is the willingness to practise that contributes to success as a student.

Consistency is becoming less common in adolescents. Some of the areas most affected by teens’ lack of consistency are mathematics, music and languages. In each of these areas, there needs to be a mastery of some basic skills that only comes with practise. Failure is one of the greatest tools in the learning process. Unfortunately, too many people are simply overwhelmed by the feeling of failure rather than being able to stand back and look at the lessons it can teach us. Having the tenacity to stare down failure is an extraordinary skill.

Teach kids to look at failure in an analytical way. What is the size and gravity of the failure? What are its consequences? What can be learnt from the experience? Goal setting focuses a student’s attention towards certain behaviours and information and away from distractions. Research tells us that incremental goals are far more effective than large goals.

If a student is able to break down a big goal, like solving a big problem, innovating or achieving a higher grade, into small bite-sized pieces they are more likely to be successful. If they can incorporate the feedback they receive on each occasion, the small wins eventually lead to big achievements.

Discuss how evidence-based practice is applied in your practice setting and describe the desired patient outcome achieved through this approach. Explain the value that professional nursing organizations in networking and in the legislative process. Provide a rationale for your response.

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I understand this is a lot of information to cover in 5 weeks, however, the Bible says in Philippians 4:13 that we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. Even in times like this, we are encouraged by God’s word that we have that ability in us to succeed with His strength. I pray that each and every one of you receives strength for this course and life generally as we navigate through this pandemic that is shaking our world today. Relax and enjoy the course!

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