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NRS 430 Discussion: General Public Educated about the Role of Nursing

NRS 430 Discussion General Public Educated about the Role of Nursing

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The nursing profession makes up the largest segment of the healthcare system. The profession has been continuously changing and evolving over the years to meet the increasing consumer demand, while at the same time improve the quality of care provided. On the other hand, nursing professional development is used to refer to the process of improving the quality of service delivery through continuous education and training. Through professional development, nurses can advance their careers and remain updated on the latest technology, techniques, and different ways of practice (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, & Institute of Medicine, 2010). This paper will focus on discussing the Institution of Medicine’s (IOM) report that was published in 2010, and its impact on nursing practice.

IOM Summary of Four Messages and Significance to Nursing Practice Top of Form

            The IOM 2010 report, acknowledges the fact that the United States has all it takes to advance the healthcare system by providing quality services which are seamless and relies on evidence, leading to improved care outcome. Four messages are put across in this report, which includes, (a) ensuring that nurses exploit their full educational and training potential when providing care services, (b) advancing nursing education and training by improving the education system, (c) preparing nurses to become full partners with other healthcare professionals hence having the opportunity in redesigning and improving the current healthcare system; and lastly, (d) improving the process of data collection which is essential in better planning and policy making (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, & Institute of Medicine, 2010).

This report helps in revolutionizing nursing practice in several aspects. For instance, allowing nurses to exploit their full potentials helps in broadening the current limiting nurses’ scope of practice, hence the healthcare system can reap full benefits as a result of nursing training knowledge and skills inpatient care. Consequently, improving nursing education will help in attracting more students to take interest in the nursing profession, increasing overall the number of nurses in the United States (Kearney, 2019). Graduates will also yearn for more educations which will in turn increase the number of nursing specialists, improving the quality of care provision. The full partnership will help in enhancing teamwork in the healthcare system, while an improved data collection process will help in saving time and enhance the efficiency of patient care.

Influence of IOM on Education, Leadership, Benefits, and Opportunities for BSN-Prepared Nurses

            With the aging American population, the healthcare system is likely to face a high shortage of qualified nurses in the future.

NRS 430 Discussion General Public Educated about the Role of Nursing

NRS 430 Discussion General Public Educated about the Role of Nursing

Consequently, the need to hire more nurses has been acknowledged over the years. However, this has not been able to take place due to the few numbers of professional nursing instructors. As such, the IOM reports the advancement of the education system, which will increase the number of bachelors of science in nursing (BSN) graduates. BSN graduates are more responsible, with better supervisory roles, hence making good leaders revolutionize the healthcare system. (Whitehead, Dittman, & McNulty, 2017) They will even enjoy several benefits such as more job opportunities and higher salaries. Lastly, BSN will also create room for achieving a higher level of education and professionalism at masters and doctoral levels, which are required for nurses to serve as primary healthcare providers, researchers, and nurse faculty.


Importance of the Evolution of the Education and Role of the Nurse to Meet the Needs of an Aging and Diverse Population

A high level of patient care skill is necessary given advanced age and the diversity of the American population. The majority of elderly patients have chronic illnesses, which necessitate expert knowledge and abilities for better patient outcomes. As a result, the diverse population necessitates nurses with the necessary knowledge and abilities, including improved communication and a deeper comprehension of various cultural norms and values. As a result, registered nurses and nursing associates lack the skills needed to provide this population with better care (Kearney, 2019). Therefore, better education is required to increase the number of BSNs who possess the necessary skills and credentials to care for this vulnerable population. Additionally, increased educational opportunities allow for the demand for specialized nurses to provide treatment.

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Significance of Professional Development, Lifelong Learning, in Relation to Diverse Populations Across the Life Span and Health-Illness Continuum

            The nursing profession is very challenging due to the continuous changes in information and ways of providing care. To keep up with the changes, there is a need to adopt a lifelong learning attitude for better professional development and improve the quality of care provided. Consequently, nurses encounter patients from different cultural backgrounds, different age groups, and diverse illnesses (Whitehead, Dittman, & McNulty, 2017). As such it becomes very hard to take care of such patients while relying primarily on the education that was gained before in graduate school. However, lifelong learning will help in keeping up with the3 current information and technology required in taking care of this diverse population.

Effectiveness of Nurses Managing Patient Care Within an Evolving Health Care System

            In the current healthcare system, nurses play a new role in care coordination from numerous providers, managing caseloads of individuals with intense healthcare needs, and helping patients transition to other healthcare settings or into their homes. Additionally, the evolving healthcare system has allowed nurses to work as “health coaches” with effective results both in illness prevention and health promotion (Famure et al., 2020). Lastly, new paths have been established for nurses in emerging fields such as informatics, telehealth, scientists, leaders, and genetics and genomics, which have improved the quality and efficiency of healthcare provision.

NRS 430 Discussion: General Public Educated about the Role of Nursing


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation., & Institute of Medicine (U.S.). (2010). The future of nursing: Leading change, advancing health. Washington, D.C: National Academies Press. https://nationalrncm.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/12956.pdf

Topic 5 DQ 1

May 2-4, 2022

Discuss how professional nursing organizations support the field of nursing and how they advocate for nursing practice. Explain the value professional nursing organizations have in advocacy and activism related to patient care.



Billie Gabbard

Posted Date

May 3, 2022, 3:15 AM


Replies to Billie Gabbard

Topic: Lobbying and Million Nurse March

As we discuss our professional organizations and advocacy for our nursing practice, often, organized events bring groups of individuals together for a cause. This week, the Million Nurse March is taking place in Washington, D.C. to advocate for safe practice. Many of our professional organizations will support these efforts. Have any of you had the opportunity to attend a lobbying session to support or decline support for a healthcare legislation? The process is quite interesting to be a part of if you have not had an opportunity.



I have not yet participated in something like this. However, as I am learning more about political entities shaping parts of the profession I chose, I become more intrigued about being involved. Some of the issues in the march are very similar to the ones currently on my union’s negotiation table for the new hospital contract.

The most prominent topic is the recent one about the pay cap. I’m going to go out on a limb and see if I get this right, but you have to be kidding me. This domino effect started with the hospital’s inefficient management and investment of nurses during a raging pandemic. The hospitals invest in themselves, not the patients or the people who care for them. We got furloughed when the surgeries got canceled, and they needed to keep up with the profit margins. Then when everyone and their mother got sick, we had to work extra to make up for it, have unsafe patient ratios, which through patients and us in even more danger, and work in the worst conditions. Nurses got tired of being treated like garbage. So many went to travel. At least that money was worth the crap hospitals put us through. Then the hospitals are saying travel agencies make too much profit. Free market people, supply and demand. Do you hear that? It’s the dominos coming down the road, full circle. If they would of cared and invested in their staff and not the profits of themselves and stakeholders they would of had nurses to staff their hospitals.


So, If I could be there to do a march, I would. The topic of workplace violence is on the docket for our new contract. The hospital I currently work had a huge fall out with racial discrimination and workforce violence not being address. They attempted and got away with some of it but stated we didn’t de-escalate the situation appropriately, and it’s our fault it happened to us. No, sir, workplace violence is unacceptable on all levels, period. This was a huge ordeal, and many nurses left because of it. Experiencing this firsthand and knowing the hospital did not support us confirms the feeling of being indispensable, not valued and not a collaborative team. This is why I support my union in the fight against these issues.

If I wasn’t taking a super fast pace class, or wasn’t sick as snot right know, I could see myself down their marching.

If the hospital and the Union can’t reach an agreement in June I might be striking if it comes to it. Watch the news, you might see me.


Replies to Pepper Wooters


Thank you so much for the great depth to your discussion. Activism and advocacy are essential if nursing is to continue to evolve and to earn what is deserved. You bring up great current information regarding the pay cap for travel nurses.

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