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NRS 429V Week 5 Assignment CLC – Health Promotion and Community Resource Teaching Project

NRS 429V Week 5 Assignment CLC – Health Promotion and Community Resource Teaching Project

Health Promotion and Community Resource Teaching Project Details:

This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment.
It is important to promote the professional role of the nurse to provide health promotion and disease preventive care. Collaborating with other health care professionals and consumer groups in the community in redesigning health care can help meet the goals for Healthy People 2020.

Refer to http://www.healthypeple.gov/ to open the Healthy People 2020 home page.
1. Select the”Topics & Objectives” tab to access the 2020 Topics & Objectives – Objectives A-Z page.
2. Select one of the Healthy People “Topic Areas” for improving health.
3. Submit the proposed area to the instructor for approval. No group may work on the same focus area as another group.

Develop a PowerPoint presentation (15-20 slides) with accompanying speaker’s notes and citations.
For help designing PowerPoint slides, refer to the “Create Your First Presentation” PowerPoint tutorial, located on the Microsoft website:


NRS 429V Week 3 Discussion 1

What is the importance of cultural competency in nursing practice? Support your response.


NRS 429 Topic 3 DQ 1 RESPONSES

OLD Question

Discuss how the concept of “health” has changed overtime. Discuss how the concept has evolved to include wellness, illness, and overall well-being. How has health promotion changed over time? Why is it important that nurses implement health promotion interventions based on evidence-based practice?


According to the textbook, the definition of health has changed overtime, Infectious diseases were prevalent and difficult to control in the early 19th century, primarily due to lack of adequate sanitation procedures including in adequate disinfection of drinking water and excessive disposal of human waste. Health was seen in simple terms as free of disease during this period. Disease become more manageable once proper sanitation measures instituted in the 19th and 20the centuries, shifting the definition of health to mean the ability to remain a functional part of society (Falkner, 2018).

The concept of health grew into more than being disease –free as prevention of disease took center stage, and the World Health Organization (WHO) was established in 1948. Health promotion for communities worldwide was and continues to be the priority of the WHO. As health promotion expanded, the idea of health was seen as an aggregation of variables such as physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

In an attempt to reduce chronic health problems and encourage safe living, health promotion and disease prevention have taken priority in the united states. The aim is to create health culture in which the emphasis is on health promotion and disease prevention rather than finding care after the start of disease. The Healthy people program was developed in 1979 to help reduce increasing disease related morbidity and mortality rates by setting new targets every 10 years.

It is crucial that nurses adopt health promotion policies based on evidenced based practice because the nurse is very active in all health care settings in delivering health promotion strategies. The role of the nurse in health promotion education is expanding rapidly as the emphasis is shifted to preventive measures. The Nurse assess the patient and implements evidenced-based practice while assuming each function and providing health promotion initiatives to patients and the community.

Nurse must continuously strive to be competent caregivers based on sound scientific evidenced developed via EBP in their practice. In Nursing EBP is regarded as the gold standard for guided improvements in nursing practices to enhance patient care. In order to make improvements that strengthen patient care, what makes EBP special is the integration of the latest research, scientific experience and patient expectations and values. (In 2018, Falkner)


Falkner, A. (2018). Health Promotion in Nursing Care. In, Health Promotion: Health and Wellness Across the Continuum. Retrieved from: https://lc.gcumedia.com/nrs429vn/health-promotion-health-and-wellness-across-thecontinuum/v1.1/#/chapter/2

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