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LDR 615 Consider an organization in your field or industry

LDR 615 Consider an organization in your field or industry

his is for discussion question. Each discussion question must have at least 250 words and two references. Thank you.

Topic 8: Leading Continuous Change and Establishing Permanent Change

1. Identify the role of organizational systems necessary to support continuous change.
2. Evaluate the role of quality improvement and creating value in leading continuous change.
3. Evaluate the role of empowerment in creating permanent change.

Topic 8 DQ 1

Consider an organization in your field or industry. Describe the essential systems necessary to facilitate continuous change without compromising quality or causing burnout among employees. Describe three factors to consider when making sure that the changes made become permanently imbedded in the organization\’s culture.

Discussion Questions

DQ 1

Change is an important element in the healthcare industry. It ensures that healthcare organizations have the abilities to provide appropriate services to the needs of their populations. The successful implementation of change in healthcare requires a number of essential systems for it not to compromise the quality or cause burnout among the employees. One of the essential systems is effective leadership. The successful implementation of change requires effective leadership styles for use in an organization to motivate the employees. The leadership style adopted should recognize the diversity among the employees and their contribution to successful implementation. It should also recognize the need for the provision of adequate support to the employees for them to embrace the change. For example,

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opportunities such as training, supervision, coaching, and rewards should be provided to anchor the change. The second system that is essential for the implementation of continuous change without compromising quality is institutional support. The health organization benefiting from the change should provide adequate support. The support could be in forms such as financial, human resource, and material support. For example, the institution should support the provision of training opportunities to the employees to ensure the sustainability of change. The last system is open communication. The adopters of change require open communication between them and change management team for successful implementation of change. Open communication entails ensuring that the adopters are informed about new change aspects, success of the adopted interventions and revisions needed to achieve further success of the change agent (Tappen et al., 2017). Open communication facilitates ownership of the change, trust, and motivation of the staffs to support the change process.

LDR 615 Consider an organization in your field or industry

One of the factors to consider when making sure that changes made become permanently imbedded in the organization’s culture is the alignment of the change with institutional mission and vision. Accordingly, the aims of the change should align with the mission and vision of the organization for its sustainability. Alignment ensures that the change underpins the strategies used to achieve the desired success in the organization. The second factor is the readiness level of the employees. The employees should have the competencies that are needed to implement sustained change in the organization. They should be trained on the sustained use of the change for its incorporation into the organizational culture. The last factor to consider is providing continuous assessment and feedback to the implementers. Regular assessments are important in ensuring that the adopters understand the effectiveness of their adopted interventions (Lumbers, 2018). Regular feedback is also needed to ensure the adoption of interventions that will promote continuous improvement of change in the organization.

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