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Health & Medical Question Assignment

Health & Medical Question Assignment

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1 Bezos Community Medical Center Case Study Brionne Harris Trident University International Capstone 12/2/2022 2 Bezos Community Medical Center Case Study Healthcare Organization The Bezos Community Medical Center, which is going to be situated in Arizona in the United States, will be non-profit and serve the community. It will be a significant healthcare network in the United States, linking together 28 hospitals (Garrison, 2017). The anticipated medical care requirements of Bezoz Community Medical Center are positive, and it is expected that they will lead to improved health results. Bezos Community Medical Center will administer the University Care benefit, a Medicare insurance program. It will seek to enhance access to medical care for low-income people. At the Bezos Community Medical Center, patients can access various medical services, including hospice care, hospital, emergency care, primary care, home care, labs, outpatient surgery, pharmacies, and rehabilitation programs. This article will address various topics, including the implications, a strategic plan, cultural issues, and readiness for the Bezoz Community Medical Center. Data Examination Bezos Community Medical Center intends to offer a vast array of services, some of which include family health centers, in-home care, rental services for medical equipment and devices, and nurse locator services, to name just a few. Hospitalization and visits to the emergency department, specialty care such as organ transplants, rehabilitation, and mental health therapies will all be included as part of the package. According to Plunkett (2017), the organization’s principal areas of concentration are obstetrics, care for cancer patients, medical education, emergency care, critical care, pediatric surgery, and the neurological sciences. Bezos Community Medical Center will try to broaden the scope of people’s access to the necessary medical treatment. Because this is not a for-profit organization, the group’s primary focus is 3 ensuring that those with lower incomes have convenient access to medical care. Plunkett (2017) proposes that they could fulfill their goals by investing all of their money into supporting stateof-the-art medical equipment, novel methods for treating patients, creative ways to compensate physicians, and competitive compensation for their workers. To achieve one’s objectives, it is vital to have one’s healthcare systems aligned with a strategic plan. The creative answer that Bezos Community Medical Center is taking to the increased demand for medical services is to develop state-of-the-art facilities with the future healthcare sector in mind. The mission of the organization is to provide comprehensive medical facilities that accommodate patients and where individuals may get the care they need promptly and uncomplicatedly. To ensure that it can provide patients access to the medical care of a high standard, the Bezos Community Medical Center will implement a strategic plan that focuses on the growth of the network, the happiness of patients, the staffing of nurses, and the effective use of available resources. The Bezos Community Medical Center will establish a staffing plan that emphasizes both the delivery of healthcare and the efficiency of the process. The degree to which a nurse participates in an organization’s day-to-day activities significantly affects the results for patients. The executive management of Bezos Community Medical Center is aware of the significance of maintaining a workforce comprised of qualified medical experts. Excellent nursing care is provided by experts who are fully committed to their work. Because the hospital understands the significance of nurses, it emphasizes making staffing choices that minimize nurse burnout (Perolja, 2018). Many hospitals need help addressing this issue since inefficient staffing strategies contribute to burnout among registered nurses. As a consequence of this, the success of a company is dependent on having a hard-working team and satisfied consumers. 4 Because registered nurses play such an important part in ensuring that patients have positive results, the organization must pay enough attention to the staffing requirements that they have. Utilizing innovative approaches that promote efficient communication about patients’ healthcare experiences is essential for significantly enhancing their overall satisfaction with the treatment they get. The use of telemedicine is something the organization hopes will lead to improved doctor-patient contact. Patients are more content due to the increased opportunities for human engagement afforded to them via telemedicine technologies. Thanks to these technological breakthroughs, patients may now get medical treatment regardless of where they are located (Gonzalez, 2019). If a customer is satisfied with their experience, they are more likely to use that business again and recommend it to others; thus, you should prioritize your patients’ satisfaction. Expanding their network should be a top priority for companies working in the healthcare business. The Bezos Community Medical Center is eager to collaborate with other organizations with a similar mission to construct cancer centers and other facilities that serve the local community. As a result of the growth of networks, it is now possible to collect resources that have the potential to be of benefit to a particular group. Improved network connection and increased levels of cooperation directly contribute to a more intelligent healthcare system. Efficient utilization of resources is strongly tied to providing care that is both inexpensive and of good quality (Gonzalez, 2019). It is hoped that better hospital management of their financial, human capital, and other resources would be the end outcome of the research report on population health resource management. As a result of its profound impact on the healthcare organization’s day-to-day operations, management should take great care in implementing resource allocation. The inefficient use of resources is an issue that must be addressed to avoid 5 unnecessary setbacks. Bezos Community Medical Center should use telehealth and similar technologies to improve the quality of care offered to patients, the satisfaction of those patients’ families, and the overall satisfaction of the patient’s community. Organizational Dynamics and Structure Bezos Community Medical Center believes that the company’s leadership can increase patient access to healthcare. This approach will construct the company’s culture in a manner that prevents the vast majority of workers from playing a role in making decisions, carrying out the strategic plan, or preventing its failure. Effective transformational leadership can shift the management strategy by facilitating a bottom-up communication structure that allows everyone a voice in decision-making. There might be a change in approach from management as a consequence of this. Culture has a role in determining the path that a firm takes while developing its strategy. Maintaining principles or standards that outline what is and is not tolerated in the workplace is a priority for all employees. Therefore, it is important to work together as a team to create a strategic plan so that everyone can make meaningful contributions. Hong et al. (2021) found that compared to firms with stricter communication systems, those with cultures that foster open communication and proper feedback channels are more successful. In order to better adopt a holistic approach, Bezos Community Medical Center should endeavor to develop its communication culture. The industry’s culture heavily influences the success or failure of strategic efforts in the healthcare business. A company’s strategy may be the most important element in its eventual success. An effective strategic plan employs a goal-based planning approach, which considers the challenges and opportunities faced by the healthcare organization (Brophy et al., 2020). If you want to 6 achieve your objectives with any planning, you have to be methodical and persistent. When the strategy is connected to the company’s vision and goals, it becomes easy to manage the existing challenges. When developing a strategy, the group must keep the organization’s purpose and guiding values in mind. Planning using a goal-based approach involves examining the organization’s core purpose and long-term objectives. After settling on a target, the next stage is to create a strategy for getting there, which may include identifying both long-term objectives and short-term tactics. A well-thought-out plan highlights the challenges and opportunities that must be surmounted to achieve the targeted results as efficiently as possible. Bezos Community Medical Center is committed to ensuring that all patients have prompt, equitable, and affordable access to quality healthcare. The organization will improve its healthcare quality by aligning itself with its goals, and the organizing principles of Bezoz Community Medical Center are understood. In that case, it will be simple to determine which plan is best to implement given its ethical consequences and compatibility with the company’s culture. Recommendation and Conclusion Bezos Community Medical Center is dedicated to improving health care by highlighting the significance of both availability and quality. Streamlining and optimizing business processes will ensure the firm can provide excellent service while minimizing waste. Caregiving efficiency may be enhanced by introducing changes that promote efficiency. Having accomplished the shift from a performance-based reparation approach to a value-based compensation model, the healthcare institution will be able to save money and improve patients’ health outcomes. To become a market leader, the organization must continually enhance its operations in all areas, including the quality of its nursing staff, its management of available resources, the happiness of 7 its patients, and the breadth of its service area. Adopting the goal-oriented approach will allow Bezoz Community Medical Center to set priorities according to its values, vision, and purpose. Strategic planning allows the management team to make the appropriate change and improve the situation. 8 References Brophy, P., Stevenson, K., Kaczorowski, J., & Schriefer, J. (2020). A Proposed Technique to Enhance Strategic Plan Implementation Using Continuous Quality Improvement Methodologies. The Journal of Pediatrics, p. 224, 6-9.e2. Garrison, L., & Towse, A. (2017). Value-Based Pricing and Reimbursement in Personalized Healthcare: Introduction to the Basic Health Economics. Journal of Personalized Medicine, 7(3), 10. https://doi.org/10.3390/jpm7030010/. Hong, K., & Cho, S. (2021). Associations between Nurse Staffing Levels, Patient Experience, and Hospital Rating. Healthcare, 9(4), 387. https://doi.org/10.3390/healthcare9040387/. Peršolja, M. (2018). The effect of nurse staffing patterns on patient satisfaction and needs: a cross-sectional study. Journal of Nursing Management, 26(7), 858–865. Plunkett, J., (2017). Plunkett’s Health Care Industry Almanac 2018: Health Care Industry Market Research, Statistics, Trends, and Leading Companies. Houston, Texas: Plunkett Research, Ltd. Health Organization Evaluation Essay.

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    Health & Medical Question Assignment

    Health & Medical Question Assignment

                      1. Information 5 3 2 0
                        Cover Page Given in proper APA formatting Issues with spacing or missing information Issues with spacing and missing information APA formatting is not followed.
                        Abstract Between 150 – 250 words Contains slightly more or less than required range. (+/- 10 Words) Contains more or less than range allowed Did not include an abstract
                        Introduction Expanded on all points from the outline Expand on most points Expanded on some points Restated listed points on outline
                        Thesis Statement Has a clear thesis statement in introduction Thesis statement either has errors and/or is not in the introduction Thesis statement is not in proper format No thesis statement present in the paper and/or is not in the introduction
                        Body Contains proper information to back up the respective main point of the thesis statement Contains some information to back up the respective main point of the thesis statement but could use more Contains very little information to back up the respective main point of the thesis statement Contents goes off topic of what the thesis statement is discussing
                        Conclusion Restates the thesis statement and wraps up the paper. Restates the thesis statement and/or wraps up the paper but with some loose ends Does not restate the thesis statement and/or has lots of loose ends in the paper Contains new information in the conclusion and/or does not summarize the paper
                        Person Contains no First or Second person perspective Has an instance of First or Second person perspective  






                        Contains more than one instance of First or Second Person perspective
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                        Structure 10 5 3 0
                        Formatting Paper follows all guidelines as stated in the syllabus, Paper is in full APA formatting Contains 1-2 Errors Contains 3-5 Errors Did not proofread or Edit paper
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                        APA Style 15 10 5 0
                        Paper Length 5-7 Pages not including Cover page, Abstract, References, etc. 4 pages not including CP, Abs, and Ref 3 pages not including CP, Abs, and Ref 2 or less pages of content OR contains more than 8 Pages
                        Reference No errors Has few to little errors Has many errors Not in APA Format, contains less than 7 references, or has any amount of references older than 10 years
                        In-text Citations No errors Has few to little errors Has many errors Not in APA Format or missing two or more in-text citations
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                        Section 1: Section 2: Section 3: Final Grade:

                        uNotice: Each day that the assignment is late there is a 5 point reduction on the overall grade.

                        uWhen error is stated it is in reference to the instances of the error not the type of error.  Example: In-text citation for multiple authors occurs for two of the references that counts as two errors not one.

                        uAny mention of the paper within the paper will result in a FIVE (5) point deduction per instance. Example: “In this paper…; In conclusion….; In summary…; In this essay…

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