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Health & Medical Question Assignment

Health & Medical Question Assignment

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Assessment Description

The  purpose of this assignment is to assist learners in developing  effective communication by emphasizing the proper application of APA  style. APA style is required for the graduate program.

Refer to  the resources in the Class Resources and Student Success Center for  assistance with APA. Use the APA Style Guide resource, located in the  Student Success Center, to complete this assignment.

For this assignment, complete the following:


Self-awareness  is essential for developing leadership skills. Recognizing your own  strengths, weaknesses, and values, and understanding emotional  intelligence and learning styles can help you to be a more effective  nurse leader.

For this assignment, you have the opportunity to  take a variety of self-assessments to learn more about yourself and  identify your assets and weaknesses as a leader. This will assist you in  discovering how you can improve your own self-leadership skills. You  will be asked to think critically about your results and submit a  reflection as directed below.

Refer to the topic Resources. Select  and complete three self-assessments. Be sure to document the results of  each assessment to assist you in completing the reflection portion of  the assignment below.

Self-Assessment Reflection

Becoming  self-aware is an ongoing process requiring introspection. The more  often people practice self-reflection, the more opportunities they have  to understand their own behaviors and adapt their approaches to working  with other people, which can improve both your own and other’s abilities  to meet their professional goals.

In a 1,250 word reflective essay, address the following:

Provide a rationale and brief summary for selecting each self-assessment. Summarize the results you obtained on each assessment.

Identify the leadership style that closely aligns to your philosophy of care and explain what appeals to you about that style.

Reflect  on how you might incorporate elements of that particular style as you  exercise leadership in a practice or health care organization setting.

Discuss  any particular areas for improvement the assessments helped you  identify and some steps for improving your leadership capabilities.

Analyze  the characteristics of an effective professional nurse leader, or  individuals in nursing leadership. Discuss the characteristics and  explain why they are effective for leadership in nursing.

Analyze  different leadership theories and leadership styles. Select one theory  and leadership style, different from your own, and explain how they each  support a professional nurse leader or individual in nursing  leadership. Consider how the theory shapes the nurse leader in such  things as collaboration, conflict resolution, decision making, and  negotiation.

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Health & Medical Question Assignment

Health & Medical Question Assignment

            1. Information 5 3 2 0
              Cover Page Given in proper APA formatting Issues with spacing or missing information Issues with spacing and missing information APA formatting is not followed.
              Abstract Between 150 – 250 words Contains slightly more or less than required range. (+/- 10 Words) Contains more or less than range allowed Did not include an abstract
              Introduction Expanded on all points from the outline Expand on most points Expanded on some points Restated listed points on outline
              Thesis Statement Has a clear thesis statement in introduction Thesis statement either has errors and/or is not in the introduction Thesis statement is not in proper format No thesis statement present in the paper and/or is not in the introduction
              Body Contains proper information to back up the respective main point of the thesis statement Contains some information to back up the respective main point of the thesis statement but could use more Contains very little information to back up the respective main point of the thesis statement Contents goes off topic of what the thesis statement is discussing
              Conclusion Restates the thesis statement and wraps up the paper. Restates the thesis statement and/or wraps up the paper but with some loose ends Does not restate the thesis statement and/or has lots of loose ends in the paper Contains new information in the conclusion and/or does not summarize the paper
              Person Contains no First or Second person perspective Has an instance of First or Second person perspective  






              Contains more than one instance of First or Second Person perspective
              Max: 35


              Student Earned:





              Structure 10 5 3 0
              Formatting Paper follows all guidelines as stated in the syllabus, Paper is in full APA formatting Contains 1-2 Errors Contains 3-5 Errors Did not proofread or Edit paper
              Mechanics & Grammar No errors 3-5 Errors 6-8 Errors Did not edit or proofread.
              Max 20 Student Earned:
              APA Style 15 10 5 0
              Paper Length 5-7 Pages not including Cover page, Abstract, References, etc. 4 pages not including CP, Abs, and Ref 3 pages not including CP, Abs, and Ref 2 or less pages of content OR contains more than 8 Pages
              Reference No errors Has few to little errors Has many errors Not in APA Format, contains less than 7 references, or has any amount of references older than 10 years
              In-text Citations No errors Has few to little errors Has many errors Not in APA Format or missing two or more in-text citations
              Max 45 Student Earned:
              Totals from Each Section:
              Section 1: Section 2: Section 3: Final Grade:

              uNotice: Each day that the assignment is late there is a 5 point reduction on the overall grade.

              uWhen error is stated it is in reference to the instances of the error not the type of error.  Example: In-text citation for multiple authors occurs for two of the references that counts as two errors not one.

              uAny mention of the paper within the paper will result in a FIVE (5) point deduction per instance. Example: “In this paper…; In conclusion….; In summary…; In this essay…

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