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HCI 655 What are the key workflow elements for a hospital admission?

HCI 655 What are the key workflow elements for a hospital admission?

What are the Key Workflow Elements for a Hospital Admission?
A workflow refers to the platform that combines different discrete workflows approaches or tools into one comprehensive system that automates different processes involving both the human and machine tasks, often in a linear sequence. In healthcare institutions, there are different workflows for various departments and processes. For instance, there are always workflows for hospital admission that are used to guide the admission of patients. Some of the key workflow elements for hospital admission include transfer to other healthcare providers, medication reconciliation, medical records and reconciliation, emergency room admission, care coordination, and patient workflow throughout the care continuum (McGrath et al., 2018). The workflow system for patient admission is always designed to ensure that all the processes of admission are integrated or integrated.

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There are four major workflow elements for the inpatient encounter. Some of these elements include patient appointments, analysis of documentation, release, and patient visit. There are different processes often undertaken to enhance inpatient care. To successfully achieve the above processes, there is always the need to adhere to the workflow system and ensure that all the elements are integrated into the process of giving out care (Heslop et al., 2017). For the outpatient encounter, some of the key workflow elements include patient documentation, analysis of the emergency department records, and outpatient medical records.
Workflow systems impact patients in different ways. Through workflow systems, healthcare providers are able to adhere to the steps required in achieving effective patient outcomes (Sutton et al., 2020). Therefore, organizations that utilize workflow systems are able to achieve high-quality outcomes among the patients. In other words, patients often tend to have great experience in organizations that utilize effective workflow systems.

HCI 655 What are the key workflow elements for a hospital admission?


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