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Explain at least two different types of user testing, their importance and provide an example.

Explain at least two different types of user testing their importance and provide an example.

Types of User Testing

The development of different applications often involves the consideration of different factors. User testing often comes at the final stages. User testing is mainly applied in determining the efficiency as well as the website’s functionality and ensuring that people/users can navigate through it. There are different types of usability testing, including remote usability testing, moderated usability testing, as well as explorative usability testing.

The moderated testing is always administered remotely or in-person by a trained researcher. The testing involves participants who are expected to answer different queries, including follow-up questions (Madathil & Greenstein, 2017). The testing involves understanding user experiences with the new applications. Moderated usability testing often produces in-depth outcomes as a result of direct interactions with the test participants and other researchers. However, the whole process is often too expensive. Conversely, there is unmoderated usability testing that is often done without direct supervision from the researcher. In unmoderated testing, participants use their own devices to browse applications and websites that are under test. In most cases, under unmoderated testing, there is no direct involvement of the researchers. Moderated usability testing is important because it enhances the understanding of the possible weaknesses as well as the problems associated with the new applications or systems (Hass, 2019). Moderated usability testing can also be applied to determine the reasoning behind the user behavior. Some examples of moderated usability testing include laboratory tests, screen sharing, and user interviews.

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The explorative test is another usability testing where participants are engaged in the brainstorming processes; they are also allowed to give their opinions and express their emotional impression about the concepts and ideas behind the development of a given application (Molich et al., 2020). The information is always gathered at the early stages of product development. Explorative usability testing enables researchers to pinpoint gaps in the market and recognize some of the potential new features and ideas. An example of exploratory testing is UX testing that involves the general evaluation of user’s experiences.

Explain at least two different types of user testing, their importance, and provide an example.


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