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NRS 451 Topic 1 DQ 3

DQ 3 If faced with a mandated reporter issue, what are the steps in reporting the issue?

Topic 1 DQ 3

Review your state’s mandated reporter statute. Provide details about this in your post. If faced with a mandated reporter issue, what are the steps in reporting the issue? Create a mandated reporter scenario and post it. Respond to one of your peer’s scenarios using the guidelines for submission/reporting in your state. Be sure to include a reference to your state’s website related to mandated reporting.

In the state of Arizona, as defined by ARS 13-3620, it is required that “any person who reasonably believes that a minor is or has been the victim of physical injury, abuse, child abuse” (Arizona Department of Child Safety, n.d.) is to report any concerns of child abuse or neglect.

To make a report, call the DCS Statewide Child Abuse Hotline, or the law enforcement office. When reporting, it is important to know the following information, if possible, as it will be requested.

  • name, age, and gender of child and other family members
  • address, phone numbers, and/or directions to child’s home
  • parents’ place of employment
  • description of suspected abuse or neglect
  • current condition of the child.

Once the report has been made, a member of the Department of Child Safety will be assigned to the case and will conduct interviews

DQ 3 If faced with a mandated reporter issue, what are the steps in reporting the issue

DQ 3 If faced with a mandated reporter issue, what are the steps in reporting the issue

with and other children who may be in the home, and any other people who may be part of the child’s life such as family, parents, neighbors, teachers, doctors and friends. (Arizona Department of Child Safety, n.d.)

Scenario: A nurse is working in the Emergency Department and a pediatric patient who is 12 years old comes in with their parents and the child has a broken arm. During the time that the nurse is asking the child questions of their history and what had happened, the child seems timid and is looking down without answering any questions. The child often looks to their parents to make sure it is okay to speak but is denied the opportunity to speak and the parents answer questions for the child. The nurse is suspecting that there may be child abuse occurring in the home but continues with her assessment. The nurse notices random bruising on the child’s arms, legs, and abdomen as she is completing her assessment. The parents are quick to come up with reasons for each and every bruise. At this point, the nurse believes that this child is being abused and decides to report this to the state.


Arizona Department of Child Safety. (n.d.). Report Child Abuse or Neglect https://dcs.az.gov/report-child-abuse#:

Here in Arizona, it is required by law to report abuse, physical injury, or neglect of a minor to the appropriate authorities. Reports can be made to the statewide child abuse hotline, or local law enforcement office. Mandated reporters include nurses, teachers, and anyone who has responsibility for children. Everyone is required to report reasonable belief of child abuse to a peace officer or to the Department of Child Safety if it is a non-emergent concern. However, if the report involves an individual who is not involved in the care or custody of the minor, then the report can only be made to a peace officer (Arizona Department of Child Safety, n.d.).

A scenario in which mandated reporting is necessary would be if a nurse noticed signs or physical injuries on a minor patient without a reasonable explanation (or suspected non-accidental). Examples would include fractures, internal bleeding, malnutrition, pressure sores, burns, or bruising. The nurse would be required to immediately report their suspicions and findings by telephone or electronically.


Arizona Department of Child Safety (n.d.). Report child abuse or neglect. https://dcs.az.gov/report-child-abuse#:~:text=Mandated%20reporters%20are%20required%20by,authorized%20by%20ARS%2013%2D3620

Arizona Department of Child Safety (n.d.). Mandated reporter overview training. https://dcs.az.gov/sites/default/files/documents/files/Mandated_Reporter_Overview_Presentation_2020.pdf


Child abuse and neglect is not uncommon in the United States and thus mandated reporter statute exists that mandates that the law mandates reporting reasonable suspicions of abuse in every states (Humphreys et al., 2021). In Miami Florida, a professionally mandatory reporter of possible child abuse is governed by the Florida Statute to avail his or her name to the Abuse Hotline Counsellor upon reporting (Quick, 2021). The situations in which mandatory reporters are expected to report cases of abuse differs depending on the state mandatory reporting laws but reports should be made to the authorities as soon as any sign of abuse is noted. An example of a mandated reporting scenario is a case of a child undergoing physical abuse by foster parents. Any case of abuse must be reported and withholding such incidences is a criminal offence.


Humphreys, K., Piersiak, H., Panlilio, C., Lehman, E., Verdiglione, N., Dore, S., & Levi, B. (2021). A randomized control trial of a child abuse mandated reporter training: Knowledge and attitudes. Child Abuse &Amp; Neglect117, 105033. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chiabu.2021.105033

Quick, C. (2021). Mandated Reporter Training for Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Students Using Virtual Simulation and Community Collaboration: A Pilot Event. Clinical Simulation In Nursing. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecns.2021.08.023

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NRS 451 Topic 1 DQ 3

NRS 451 Topic 1 DQ 3

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In the state of Arizona, a mandated reporter can be one of the following “a health professional, emergency medical technician, home health provider, hospital intern or resident, speech, physical or occupational therapist, long-term care provider, social worker, peace officer, medical examiner, guardian, conservator, fire protection personnel, developmental disabilities provider, employee of the department of economic security or other person who has responsibility for the care of a vulnerable” (AZDES, n.d.) According to the Arizona DES and DCS website minor and vulnerable adults that are victims of unexplainable or suspicious physical injury, abuse, neglect, deprivation of medical treatment, and malnourishment must be reported (AZDCS, n.d.). The reports can be given by phone or electronical and should contain the individuals name, address, parents/caretaker’s name, age, nature of the abuse, and any other information that might be helpful(AZDCS, n.d.). A mandated reporter is required to report this information immediately and a failure to report will be considered guilty of a class 6 felony

(AZDCS, n.d.).

Scenario : A home health nurse arrives to the house of a 23- year old female that has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, is non-verbal and is wheelchair bound. Upon examination the GJ tube site has a crusty old dressing, ribs and hip bones are protruding, diaper is soiled-with signs of pressure stage 1 pressure ulcer on sacrum, and the patient’s overall alertness is drowsy. Otherwise, the patient’s room is clean, clothes are relatively clean, and skin is free from damage and bruising. Foster mother states she has been really busy and has trouble keeping up with GJ-feedings and the patient is agitated a lot so sometimes she gives the patient more valium than ordered by the physician.- The nurse in this situation should be able to detect neglect as evidence by malnourishment and use of chemical restraints/physical abuse as evidence by foster mom stating “sometimes gives more valium than ordered”. This nurse should report to Arizona Department of Economic Security that this vulnerable adult should be further investigated by the state for abuse and neglect


Arizona Department of Child Safety. (n.d.). Mandated Reported- Department of Child Safety. https://www.azleg.gov/ars/13/03620.htm

Arizona Department of Economic Security. (n.d.). Mandated Reporter- Adult Protective Services. https://www.azleg.gov/ars/46/00454.htm

Chizoba Njoku

Jun 19, 2022, 3:44 PM

Replies to Ashley Fitzpatrick

  • The mandated reporter Act in the state of Maryland is a law that mandates certain specialists to disclose any suspected incidents of child maltreatment or negligence to the appropriate authorities. Those who fall under this category include, but are not limited to, medical practitioners, social workers, law enforcement personnel, and educators. Failure to do so might result in criminal sanctions.
  • The statute was put in place in order to protect children from being victimized by adults. It is a way to ensure that those who are in a position to help them are doing everything they can to keep them safe.
  • The statute has been successful in many ways. It has assisted to uncover and investigate a large number of incidents of child mistreatment and negligence that may not have been found otherwise. It has also led to the prosecution of many perpetrators of these crimes.
  • The statute has not been without its critics, however. Some have argued that it is too broad and that it can lead to the false accusation of innocent people. Others have said that it does not do enough to protect the rights of the accused.
  • Regardless of the criticisms, the Maryland states mandated reporter statute has been an important tool in the fight against child abuse and neglect. It has helped to keep many children safe and has brought many perpetrators to justice.


  • There are a few steps that should be taken when faced with a mandated reporting issue. The first step is to try and assess the situation and figure out if there is an issue that needs to be reported. If there is an issue, the next step is to determine who the mandated reporter is. Once the mandated reporter is identified, the subsequent action that has to be taken is to report the incident to the relevant authorities. After receiving the report, the authorities will conduct an investigation and take any necessary action.
  • The first step in addressing a mandated reporter issue is to try and assess the situation and figure out if there is an issue that needs to be reported. This can be difficult, as many situations are not clear cut. If there is even the slightest possibility of something being wrong, it is best to err on the part of safety and file a report.
  • The next step is to determine who the mandated reporter is. This can be tricky, as there may be more than one mandated reporter in a given situation. In general, mandated reporters are those who work with children, the elderly, or the disabled. However, there are also some professions that are automatically considered mandated reporters, such as teachers, social workers, and medical professionals.
  • Once the person who is required to report anything has been located, the following step is to report the incident to the relevant authorities. After receiving the report, the authorities will conduct an investigation and take any necessary action. This may entail removing the kid from the home, bringing perjury prosecution, or taking other measures to safeguard the child from the alleged abuser.
  • Mandated reporting laws are designed to protect vulnerable populations. By taking the steps to report an issue, you can help ensure that those who are at risk are protected.


  • According to the Maryland Statute, a mandated reporter is defined as an individual who, while working in their professional capacity, has direct contact with children or regularly comes into contact with children through their work. This can include, but is not limited to, professionals such as teachers, social workers, medical practitioners, law enforcement officials, and those who care for children in daycare settings. If a mandated reporter has reason to believe that a child has been abused or neglected, they are compelled by law to disclose this information to the local agency that is responsible for child protective services or to the police.
  • In this scenario, a mandated reporter is working in their professional capacity as a teacher when they notice that one of their students, a young girl, seems to be acting differently. The girl is withdrawn and seems to be avoiding eye contact. The mandated reporter wonders if something is wrong.
  • After speaking with the girl, the mandated reporter learns that she has been the victim of abuse. The mandated reporter then reports this to the local child protective services agency or the police. By complying with their legal requirement to report any suspected instances of child abuse or neglect, the mandated reporter is able to fulfill their duties under the law.
  • The role of mandated reporters in the system for protecting children is brought into focus by this scenario. Children who are victims of abuse or neglect and who are not receiving the necessary assistance are more likely to survive and thrive if mandated reporters come forward with their observations.



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