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PUB 550 Topic 3 DQ 1

DQ 1 : Summarize the six steps of hypothesis testing.

Propose a scenario in which hypothesis testing is
applied to public health data.


Danielle Henderson
Jun 30, 2022, 11:14 AM
Week 3 Assignment Details/ What do you need to know?
Class, below are videos to assist with the week 3 assignment. As always, if you have any
questions, please ask.
Professor Danielle
Importing Excel File to SPSS — Watch Video
550-R Descriptive Statistics in SPSS — Watch Video
550-R Frequencies in SPSS — Watch Video
550-R Recoding in SPSS — Watch Video
550-R Computing a Variable in SPSS — Watch Video
550-R Exporting SPSS Output — Watch Video


Valerie Gamboa-ruiz

Jul 3, 2022, 11:46 PM
Replies to Danielle Henderson
“Hypothesis testing is the process used to evaluate the strength of evidence from the sample and
provides a framework for making determinations related to the population,”(Davis, 2006)
Step 1: State your null and alternate hypothesis
Step 2: Collect data
Step 3: Test statistic
Step 4: Deciding if the hypothesis will be rejected or fail to reject
Step 5: Conclusions
Hypothesis tests are often used in clinical trials to determine whether a change of habits, new
treatment, drug, or procedure can have a positive impact on the outcome in patients. For example,
it is recommended to have daily physical activity. Physical activity is essential to the maintenance
of one’s health, as it helps prevent a variety of issues. “Obesity is the most prominent concern, but
according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (n.d.), regular exercise can
help reduce chronic and life-threatening conditions.”(Lazarus, 2021) There are a lot more benefits
besides improved health, including lower medical bills and a better way of living.
Davis, R. B., & Mukamal, K. J. (2006). Hypothesis Testing. Circulation, 114(10), 1078–1082.
Lazarus NR, Harridge SDR. A Hypothesis: The Interplay of Exercise and Physiological
Heterogeneity as Drivers of Human Ageing. Front Physiol. 2021 Sep 9;12:695392. doi:
10.3389/fphys.2021.695392. PMID: 34566675; PMCID: PMC8458865.

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