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NUR 514 Topic 3 DQ 1

DQ 1 :How have you seen or experienced organizational change within an organization?

How have you seen or experienced organizational change within an organization? Did it go well or not? Was there
any correlation in how the organizations used stakeholders or change models?

At the level of charge nurse, organizational change is often experienced as a bystander. The change is apparent;
however, the stakeholders and model are a mystery. Being bought by a large organization and going from a
nonprofit to a for-profit acute care hospital was a rough transition. From the viewpoint of the nursing staff, most
of the change was not favorable. There was the loss of ancillary staff, changes to inferior supplies, gaps in
leadership, and highly drawn-out contract negations resulting in significant delays in step and other raises. If you
asked the nursing staff know how the change went, they would probably say, “not good, but we made it through.”
If you asked the major stakeholders who influenced the change plan, their answer would be different because it
was a success. Five years later and it is business as usual with talks of a new hospital on the horizon.
All the hospitals in the area are now for-profit facilities. This is a trend in the United States, hospitals are
consolidating at an accelerating rate, and healthcare costs continue to rise (Findlay, 2018). From 2013 to 2017,
nearly 1 in 5 hospitals were acquired or merged with another hospital (Findlay, 2018). In most cases, mergers are
necessary for the survival of the hospital. To keep up with advancing technology, modern data management, and
top clinical talent, merging with large corporations is the only option (Findlay, 2018).
Nevertheless, at what cost to the communities these hospitals serve. You would think community services would
suffer; however, a recent study showed only slightly higher spending in charity care for nonprofit facilities and
showed higher charity care spending in for-profit hospitals with 300 beds or more (Garber, 2020). The same study
showed that the most significant deviation in charity care spending was from state to state and had little bearing
on whether the facilities were nonprofit or for-profit (Garber, 2020). Major organizational change is complex, and
some areas of nursing suffer; however, the more significant picture points to the necessity to survive.
Findlay, S. (2018, July 19). Can a Community Hospital Stick to its Mission When it Goes For-Profit? Retrieved from
npr.org: http://npr.org/sections/health-shots/2018/canacommunityhospitalsticktoitsmissionwhenitgoesforprofit
Garber, J. (2020, October 1). Nonprofit and for-profit hospitals provide similar levels of charity care, study finds.
Retrieved from Lown Institute: https//lowninstitute.org/nonprofitandfor-

This is insightful, Marion; organizational change can sometimes become sudden due to the lack
of involvement of some professionals in the change process. In most cases, charge nurses are left
out in the decision-making processes, a scenario that makes it so hard for them to realize that the
change process has been initiated (Nielsen et al., 2020). The change from profit to a non-profit
organization can prove to be a challenge for most healthcare workers due to the changes in the
roles for nurses that ought to be implemented. Given the increase in demand for effective
healthcare care services, the change processes are always dynamic; this is a trend in the United
States, hospitals are consolidating at an accelerating rate, and healthcare costs continue to rise
(DeNisco et al., 2016). Sometimes, when organizational changes are implemented, nurses,

particularly charge nurses, experience challenges in the process of transition. Therefore, there is
the need to involve nurses in the decision-making processes geared towards implementing
changes in the healthcare systems.


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senior employees. In The Nordic Working Life Conference, Aalborg.
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