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DNP 840 Topic 8 Discussion Question Two

DNP 840 Topic 8 Discussion Question Two


Locate the “Comprehensive Assessment Part One: Competency Matrix” assignment in this topic and identify any competency “blank spaces” that were left unmet by either programmatic or course-based assignment completion thus far. Also locate the instructor feedback notes you made while completing the matrix regarding both programmatic and course-based assignments to date. What program competencies were left unmet in your matrix?  What content areas do you need to address and strengthen based on instructor feedback? Develop and post an action plan to address these two areas as you move forward into the practicum stage of the program.

A competency matrix is a handy team and project management tool that helps you
get the most out of your internal talent, and to quickly and easily identify the needs of your workforce. It will help you define standards for recruitment and selection, for
performance evaluation or employee behaviour standards.

Competency matrix and performance management

As Jurgen Appelo explains in his book, Management 3.0, working with each employee

DNP 840 Topic 8 Discussion Question Two

DNP 840 Topic 8 Discussion Question Two

separately is not enough to make improvements in a team or in an organisation. It´s vital to keep an overview that helps us ensure that the pieces fit together in the best possible way.

The competency matrix, or talent matrix, is a tool developed by Christoph Braun that
helps us balance team performance and boost the development of their skills. Also,
it enables you to align your employees´ abilities with the company´s objectives.

With this tool, we can map the skills needed and desired for a team or project. The
matrix is usually represented by a grid showing the desired competencies, those that are available, and those the team does not offer.

When defining processes or creating new teams, having this information to hand is
extremely useful as the matrix presents it in a visual layout that´s easy to follow up.

DNP 840 Topic 8 Discussion Question Two


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How can a competency matrix help my company?

A competency assessment matrix has two primary purposes:

Firstly, it helps you assess the skills needed for a project or team. To do this, first
make a list of the competencies required to carry out a job. This is a useful exercise
when forming a team or deciding whether to hire new talent.

And secondly, the matrix provides you with information about the skills available
within a team or an organisation. If, for example, a project requires business and data
analysis skills, we will have an internal skills “database” where we can start looking for
the right person. What´s more, this is an excellent way of spotting and discovering
internal talent.

A third purpose is also mentioned in an article in Forbes: training. Thanks to
competence mapping, we can create learning programmes that enable employees to
develop all their skills and acquire new ones that the company needs.


Benefits of using a competency matrix

Generally speaking, a talent map or matrix helps boost performance in different areas,
so its benefits are felt throughout the entire company.


  • It helps teams to get an overview of the skills available, as well as those that
    are lacking. Once the latter has been detected, it´s much easier to hire
    professionals that complement the team in question.
  • The matrix enables you to quickly and easily find substitutes when other
    employees are sick or on holiday. When you have a good idea about who does
    what, it becomes much easier to find people from within the company who can
    support you in this area.
  • It offers professionals, on an individual basis, a complete picture of their own
    competencies and what they bring to the team and the organisation. It´s an
    excellent starting point for looking at learning and development opportunities.
  • It makes people aware of the skills that are required for their team to work
    successfully and provides information on competencies they need to master.
  • The tool gives companies a big picture of the skills available among their team
    and areas for improvement. This allows them to develop effective training and
    education plans.
  • It helps distribute internal talent in the best and most efficient way. We don´t
    always need to hire new professionals to cover specific needs. By checking our
    competency matrix, we can often find people who fulfil the desired goals.
  • Improve internal and external customer service. When teams are made aware of
    their skills, we will have more tools and information to prevent problems.
  • Provide a clear vision for professional development and productivity for every
    person in the team and the entire workforce. This also enables us to analyse the
    effectiveness of training and development programmes.

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