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DNP 8114 Wk 1 Discussion Philosophy of Nursing Practice

DNP 8114 Wk 1 Discussion: Philosophy of Nursing Practice

Professional Background

My healthcare career started at the age of 19 as a CNA in long-term care. I have continued my education since that time, obtaining certifications and degrees on a fairly regular basis. I worked in long-term care and acute care as a CNA earning my medication aide and advanced CNA certificates along the way. As an LPN and RN I worked in long-term care, acute care, and home care. After obtaining my BSN I served as a Director of Nursing, Case Manager, and educator within the high school through a community college, dual credit program. I have been the Head of Health Occupations within the high school for the past seven years while obtaining my master’s in nursing education. Since graduating with my master’s degree, I founded a training center for state-approved CNA education and continuing education for healthcare professionals. My plan was to teach online while operating my training center. I found that an MSN in education is not the desired degree for online nursing education instructors, so I choose to pursue my terminal degree.

Nursing Philosophy


The focus of my nursing philosophy is grounded in the roots of nursing. Basic nursing skills and foundational nursing workers. The nursing shortage has been long talked about with minimal progress. Identifying barriers for those who want to cross the bridge into nursing and are facing barriers to great to overcome without support. Direct care workers and the limited staffing in long-term care facilities are my focus. Direct care workers need support to enter into, stay with, and advance in healthcare. “There is a need for nurses at all levels of preparation to articulate with clarity the nature of nursing knowledge and what nurses contribute to health in all realms- individual, family, local, community and global” (Rogers, 2018, p. 21).

I will assist my students to identify and overcome barriers to gaining concepts and further education. My approach to presenting material is based on the practical application of the information. Every student and student group is unique, and I strive to tailor my teaching approach to best fit the student or situation. Although the debate is not closed, it can be successfully argued that nursing is an aspiring, evolving profession (McEwen & Willis, 2019). Modeling practical application and a fluid educational approach provides the students with the ability to learn flexibility with solid concepts.

For too long, direct care workers have not received the support they need to continue their education. My DNP will allow me to give a voice to the direct care worker population with collaboration with State agencies and nursing facilities.

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Philosophy of Nursing Practice

My philosophy of nursing practice is to utilize evidence based practices and a sense of understanding the patient’s prospective. I strive to make every interaction with patients a productive interaction. It is very important the patient understands their health care status. Also, how to improve and maintain their health. Every patient should receive information on a level they can understand. Patient’s don’t understand their health care status. Which leads to multiple hospitalizations and death. Patient’s will give the impression they understand, however they really do not. As providers, we must be aware of our patient’s educational background and cultural practices.

DNP 8114 Wk 1 Discussion: Philosophy of Nursing Practice

My experience working at the ICU bedside, home health care, and in the outpatient ambulatory setting has provided me a wide range of experience. I am able to provide care for patient who life depends on every decision I make and patient who are non-complaint with their plan of care. Being a nurse requires you to be flexible and able to adjust with any situation. Also, being able to modify the plan of care as the patient status changes.

DNP 8114 Wk 1 Discussion Philosophy of Nursing Practice

DNP 8114 Wk 1 Discussion Philosophy of Nursing Practice

My goals for expanding my beliefs through practicing as a DNP includes developing a teaching algorithm that expands across the clinical spectrum. This algorithm will provide quick and easy ways for medical providers to decide the best way to present information to their patients. Knowledge is subjected and depends on the individual’s experiences (McEwen, 2019). The information will be translucent and transferrable. This will allow for different patients with different experiences to receive information in a manner they can understand.

DNP role of social change will lead to the evolution of nursing. I recommend medical practitioner expand the ways patient are present with their health care information. This will lead to positive social change. Patient will be more trusting of the health care system and willing to contribute to their health care maintenance.


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