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Discussion: Quality and Cost Measurements Essay

Discussion: Quality and Cost Measurements Essay


Interprofessional practice is a working culture whereby health care providers from different professions work in collaboration to positively impact patient care. It entails frequent interaction and negotiations between professionals, which appreciates the contribution and proficiency that various health professionals affect health care delivery (Reeves et al., 2017). Besides, patients are provided with comprehensive health services by multiple health providers who work cooperatively to promote quality care within and across various settings (Sebastiao, 2019). The benefits that I have identified with interprofessional practice include improved access to health care, improved health outcomes for patients, especially those with chronic illnesses, decreased conflict among health providers, and increased staff motivation. Interprofessional practice should involve respecting and establishing trust among team members, consulting with colleagues, and helping each other when errors are made, and celebrating when success is achieved.

I plan to join and become an active member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) in the future, which is a membership organization for nurse practitioners from all specialties in the United States. The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) position on interprofessional practice is that the team model of proper-communicated care, coordinated sharing of information, and cooperative partnerships among different health care professionals and patients are the foundation of nursing practice (AANP, 2013). AANP believes that, in the utilization of coordinated care models, for example, team-based care, various principles should be evident, which include: The patient should be the core of the health team. The healthcare team should entail patients and their health providers (AANP, 2013). Besides, the team does not belong to an individual provider, system, or health care profession.  Lastly, the health care team is dynamic, and the needs of the patient should dictate the person who can best head the team at any point in time.

According to AANP, all members of the interprofessional team should practice to the highest capacity of their education qualification to provide patients with high-quality care in different settings to meet their health needs and desires. The role of the nurse practitioner in the team should include, being the patients’ advocate, providing health education, evaluating patients’ response to the treatment

Discussion Quality and Cost Measurements Essay

Discussion Quality and Cost Measurements Essay

plan, and leading the team (AANP, 2013). The nurse practitioner can further take the role of a clinician, consultant, and should strive to transform health care delivery. Furthermore, the AANP believes that the inputs of all health care professions are beneficial and essential in promoting positive patient outcomes (AANP, 2013). Besides, flexible frameworks are necessary for innovation and the establishment of emerging models that will encourage the provision of high-quality care for patients, families, and communities from diverse populations (AANP, 2013). Coordinated health care delivery can be provided in various forms with health teams led by nurse practitioners being one of the established coordinated care delivery models for team-based care.

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In the case study, the nurse practitioner (NP), should have first sought information from the internist on the rationale for prescribing each medication. This should have been followed by a discussion about the adjustments on the treatment plan to make a collaborative decision on whether to stop the medications. This would have promoted coordinated care and prevented confusion on prescriptions in the future (Altman et al., 2016). On the other hand, the internist should have consulted the NP to understand why the medications were discontinued. The internist should have further discussed with the NP why the drugs were prescribed initially and the rationale for the prescription. Besides, the internist should not have expressed to the patient on the dissatisfaction with the care provided by the NP but would have instead informed the patient why it would be best to re-prescribe the original medications (Altman et al., 2016). This would have ensured that the patient does not lose confidence with the NP or other health professionals she might meet in her follow up clinics. The patient, in this case, may hesitate seeking consultation services form any other health provider other than the internist with the fear that she will not be provided with the best care.

Discussion: Quality and Cost Measurements
As nurse practitioners continue to expand their role in delivering health care, it is imperative for NPs to provide the data and evidence to demonstrate the impact of NP care on patient outcomes. There are several challenges that advanced practice nurses face to provide quality care and meet productivity goals of an organization. This week it is important to explore the connection of quality care and performance measures. Some questions to consider as we discuss this topic are:
• Why are quality measures important?
• What is the difference between quality measures and performance indicators?
• What performance measures are used for NP productivity?
• Why are incentive plans used in clinical organizations?
To prepare:
• Read the article, An Incentive Plan for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses: Impact on Provider and Organizational Outcomes, by Catherine A. Rhodes, Mavis Bechtle, and Molly McNett (2015)
• Explore quality measures and identify at least one clinical performance measure, such as the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
By Day 3

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