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Discuss how organizational culture impacts the success of system implementation

Discuss how organizational culture impacts the success of system implementation

How Organizational Culture Impacts the Success of System Implementation

Organizational culture are the shared beliefs, traditions and ways of behavior that have a direct impact on the people’s perceptions and understanding of the organization (Mannion & Davies, 2018). This is one of the major factors that affect systems implementations in healthcare organizations. It impacts the success of system implementation by affecting the flow and channeling of information. Successful systems require effective and efficient communication channels that allow timely feedback and responses. Organizational culture that promotes such means of communication have a higher success rate of systems implementation compared to those that do not favor proper communication channels that lack mechanisms of timely feedback.

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One strategic change initiative that can boost the success of system implementation is enhancing use of team-work, collaborative working and multi-disciplinary team’s approach. In healthcare systems, research findings reveal that collaborative working and multidisciplinary teams have been efficient in solving some of the complex medical and clinical problems (Taberna et al., 2020). This allows sharing of knowledge, ideas and skills but also promotes specialization and support systems. Professionals are able to put their expertise in practice but also realize the importance of other professionals to the success of the entire projects. This brings in the concept of collective responsibility and shared successes or failures.

Team-work and collaboration builds the team morale and appreciation of everyone in the team. Throughout the implementation of the system change, the teams are able to compliment each other and fill the gaps depending on individual strength and weaknesses. More often, the change processes are usually intensive and if there is no common objective and supportive environment, the change could prove to be elusive but teamwork makes what seem impossible possible. In such teams every member is important and every contribution matter (Hughes, 2018).

Discuss how organizational culture impacts the success of system implementation


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