Chapter 18 Assignment: Families Essay

Chapter 18 Assignment: Families Essay

Chapter 18 Assignment Families Essay

Family forms a key structure in many societies globally. However, the question of what exactly constitute the family has elicited controversy in sociology, religion, and politics. While the social conservatives tend to characterize family in relation to structure with every member of the family accorded specific role, sociologists on the their side define the family based on how family members relate to each other on a firm arrangement of status roles. Sociologically, therefore, a family can be defined as an intimate socially recognized group of people that are related by bonds of marriage, blood, and legal ties. Family often creates an emotional attachment and serves as basic economic unity of the society. Besides, family has been a flexible social unit that has survived since time immemorial (Macionis, 2017). There are different types of families and sociologists often recognize them based on how a person enters into them.

Primarily, the concept of family is closely associated with marriage, kinship, and families of affinity. To begin with, marriage can be defined as a social union or legal contract between partners that leads to kinship. The most common type of marriage in many societies is that involving man and woman. However, there are many other types of marriage such as polygamy where a man marries more than one wife at a time and polyandry where a woman has more than one man as a time. Notably, the legal perspective of marriage has tremendously changed and recognizes marriages between the same sexes (Lindsey and Linda, 2015). Sociologically, the relationship between marriage and family is important because families are believed to emanate from marriages and families form the fundamental social units which establish the society (Lindsey and Linda, 2015). Besides, status roles are usually traced to marriages and families, which are endorsed by the society. The other concept is kinship which connotes social bond anchored on familiar ancestry, marriage, or adoption. Besides, families affinity is also associated with the concept of families because it is a way in which people perceives themselves as a family and intends the rest to view them as one.


Essentially, the concept of family varies across different societies in the globe. However, the major types of families include the extended family and the nuclear family. The extended family or consanguine family connotes a family that is made up of parents, children, and other kinsmen. On the other hand, the nuclear family or conjugal family refers to a family comprising one or both

Chapter 18 Assignment Families Essay
Chapter 18 Assignment Families Essay

parents and their child or children. Nuclear families are the most widespread. Moreover, marriage takes different patterns including monogamy which connotes marriage between two partners, exogamy marriage which involve people between partners from different social categories, endogamy which connotes marriage between people of similar social category, and polygamy which refers to a marriage involving more than one spouse. Polygamy can either take form of polygyny or polyandry. polygyny refers to marriage involving one man and more than one woman. Polyandry on the other side is marriage that binds one woman with more than one man.

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Close to the concept of marriage is the issue of descent system. Descent is defined as a system used by the society to trail kinship over generations (Macionis, 2017). Most cultures worldwide have a broad range of systems to trace kinship either through the father’s side, mother’s side, or both. A descent group can be defined as a social group with members sharing a common ancestry. Fundamentally, the unilineal society is one in which a person’s descent is traced through both mother and father. On the other hand, matrilineal descent refers to a system where an individual’s descent is to the mother’s descent group. The patrilineal descent on the other hand refers to individuals belonging on the descent group of their father. Although the model of nuclear family can be viewed as transient and ego-centered, the descent groups are mostly permanent and considered based on a particular ancestor (Macionis, 2017).

Owing to different sociological perspectives of family, the understanding of what family entails can be explained through different theoretical angles. The first theory is symbolic interactionism and functionalism. According to Thompson et al., (2016), the two theories argue that families constitute a group where the members regard themselves as family members and act so. That is, the idea of families implies that people come together and create a vibrant primary group connection and keep the emotional ties among themselves for a durable period. Moreover, the functionalist view argues that families characterize groups that play crucial roles for the society. Besides, this theory argues that families play important roles of providing members with social, physical, and emotional support. For instance, parents are required to take good care of children until they are independent. In turn, when the parents get old, the adult children are expected to care for their old parents. In short, therefore, interactionism theory strives to advance the personal experience of being part of a family, while functionalism seeks to highlight the different functions of the families and their part in ensuring a rational society. On the other hand, conflict theory advances the role played by power in the family life. It argues that the family absolutely a perfect or a safe place but instead, it is a platform that is often frequented with power struggle. The concept of power mostly emanate from the conduct of family status role. The conflicts that may be involved here include rule enforcement from parent to child, others include domestic violence.Chapter 18 Assignment Families Essay

On the other side, families especially the ones derived from marriages occur through different stages including courtship for some societies, settling in which encompasses either ideal or real marriages, child bearing and upkeep, and later in life remaining alone as a couple. However, during marriages a lot of challenges tend to witnessed. They include high divorce rate, remarriage, and family violence especially against children and women. Finally, other than marriage, other optional forms of family include single-parent families, cohabitation, same sex couples, and single parenthood.

In conclusion, the concept of family and marriage has been characterized by drastic changes in the contemporary United States society. There are outstanding incidences of divorce and separations which adversely impact family and marriage institutions. Besides, the society is marred by high incidences of same-sex marriages, cohabitation, and singlehood that essentially influencing the noble ideas of marriages that societies have enjoyed for decades. Moreover, these alternative forms of family also alter the American perspectives of what constitutes a family.

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