1. Students will: a. Take the online Crest Career Interest Inventory at: b. Take the June/Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory at c. Prepare a Resume for Employment as per the enclosed format.

2. Students are at liberty to use other inventories if they desire. Other possible inventories include but are not limited to: Keirsey Temperament Sorter (KTS-II) Assessment tool; the MAPP assessment inventory; the Career Directions Inventory; DISCOVER Inventory: and the SIGI PLUS Inventory. NOTE: make sure the inventory is measuring career interest.

3. Students will provide the printed results of these two tests and their employment resume to a fellow student for assessment, evaluation and development of the Employability Plan. NOTE: A client who is not a fellow student may be accepted with the approval of the course instructor.

4. The printed results of the Career Interest Inventory, the Personality Inventory, the student clients resume and the employment leads section (see below for details) will be the ONLY attachments to this Employability Plan.

5. In addition to the above, the Career Counseling Student will conduct an interview with their Career Counseling Student Client. A one on one personal interview is preferable however, a telephone interview is acceptable. This interview is to gather additional information necessary to produce a comprehensive Employability Plan.

6. The Career Counseling Student will prepare the Employability Plan in according with the format provided below.

7. Assessments will include: 1) strengths and weaknesses of each assessment; 2) compatibility and/or non-compatibility with career goals as per resume and as expressed in the personal interview; 3) any evidence of career indecision and indecisiveness, career maturity and adaptability, and 4) any assessments of career flexibility, motivation, and work values. Each assessment should be between 250 to 350 words, 12-point Times New Roman font, single spaced with paragraphs indented. NOTE: If more than 350 words are necessary the data must be substantive.

8. The Career Counselor student will select two (2) possible occupational choices based on the above assessment. These two occupational recommendations will be selected from the Dictionary of Occupational Titles – Please provide the following for the occupations you have recommended: state the relationship of these two recommended occupations as per your overall assessment

9. See additional instructions for the Employability Plan and the Employability Lead sections in the sample/format below.

EMPLOYABILITY PLAN FOR MARY M. JOHNSON BY JANE DOE CAREER COUNSELING GRADUATE STUDENT CAREER COUNSELINGAND DEVELOPMENT – PSYC 608-191 DR. RAYMOND PETTY, INSTRUCTOR FALL SEMESTER – DECEMBER, 2019 9 CAREER COUNSELING AND DEVELOPMENT – PSYC 608-191 CAREER/EMPLOYABILITY PLAN CLIENTS NAME: ______________________________________________________ ADDRESS:___________________________________________________________________ TELEPHONE NUMBER: ____________________________ _____RESUME ATTACHED CURRENT OCCUPATION: ______________________________________________ ASSESSMENTS RESUME ASSESSMENT Mrs. Black’s resume appears to be in fairly good shape. While she addresses most of the major elements of a well written resume there is the need to upgrade the education section. She leaves out a few facts that could be possible improve her chances of employment. For example . . . PERSONAL INTERVIEW ASSESSMENT Jane Doe is conscious of existence, meaning, purpose, potential and destiny of humankind. She is motivated by the cause of good, growth, and gain in others. Communication of ideas is a primary way of achieving those objectives CAREER INTEREST INVENTORY ASSESSMENT Ms. Jay showed the least amount of interest in the outdoors, and industrial art. These areas have the least to do with her current career, so her low desires in these areas do not come as a surprise. PERSONALITY INVENTORY ASSESSMENT The collected data indicated that Mr. Smith has the abilities that are reflective of his interests. His Discover Assessment displays a unique ability to interpret data and ideas. As a result, we perceived his occupational field to be one that will help others. Once we administered the before mentioned assessments to Mr. Smith it was time to decide which path to take in terms of a career. As we looked at the collected data, we saw that many of Mr. Smith’s personality traits showed that he was dependable and hardworking. 10 CAREER COUNSELING AND DEVELOPMENT – PSYC-608-191 CAREER/EMPLOYABILITY PLAN (Continued) OCCUPATION RECOMMENDATIONS Job #1 Title: ____________________________________DOT Code: _______________________ Job Description: __________________________________________________________________ Job #2 Title: ____________________________________ DOT Code: ______________________ Job Description: __________________________________________________________________ EMPLOYABILITY PLAN The Employability Plan will be written in narrative format in this section. Again, this section and the employment leads section below should be between 250 to 350 words, 12-point Times New Roman font, single spaced with paragraphs indented. NOTE: This section in particular may require more than 350 words. If this is the case this is acceptable. The Employability Plan will focus mainly on the two occupations as recommended above by the Career Counselor Student and include a discussion on: 1) educational and vocational plans; 2) certification and licensure goals if required; 3) career options and plans for exploring each; 4) short and long-term goals; and 5) the client’s readiness to pursue their career choices and goals. EMPLOYMENT LEADS The Career Counselor Student will do the necessary research to find two (2) real employment opportunities for their client. These positions can come from newspapers, journals, newsletters, the Internet, etc.) The actual documentation of these positions can be an attachment to this employability plan but must be on the same standard size paper (8 ½ X 11) as the employability plan itself. Students will be allowed to cut and paste the employment announcement under the employment leads section of the plan. In either case, their must be visible identification of the source of the employment announcement on the attachment or cut and paste process. A very brief narrative of why these two employment opportunities were selected should be written in this section, single spaced with the paragraph indented. Cut and paste employment opportunities documentation to be placed here 11 JOHN A. AMERICA, Ph.D. 632 Hallmark Branch Court Anchorage, AL 87734 676.443.2551 Home • 676.577.8991 Cell EDUCATION Doctor of Psychology 2008 USA University, Minneapolis, Minnesota Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology 2003 Bowie State University, Bowie, MD Bachelor of Arts, Psychology 2000 Salisbury State University, MD EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE Job #1 2010-Present Description of the duties of the position Job #2 2007-Present Description of the duties of the position Job #3 (If necessary) 2000-2007 Description of duties of the position CERTIFICATES, AWARD, HONORS, ETC. TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY Windows Vista, Windows 7 Windows XP, Internet Explorer, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint, SPSS, MS Excel. PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS American Counseling Association (ACA)………………………………………………2003 – Present American Psychological Association (APA)……………………………………………2003 – Present REFERENCES Dr. ABC, Chairperson, Counseling/Psychology Department USA University; Dr. First and Last, Chairman, Social Sciences Department, College of Good Luck Dr. Walk T. Hall, Professor/Health Science Counselor, Better Grades University; 12 CAREER COUNSELING AND DEVELOPMENT – PSYC