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Assignment: The Use Of Technology In Nursing Education

Assignment: The Use Of Technology In Nursing Education

The text The Use of Technology in Nursing Education: A Faculty Guide discusses the use of technology in nursing education. Consider the various types of technology available today, such as eReaders, smartphones, and netbooks, to name a few. Choose one type of technology application and explain how it alters the nature of the learning environment and/or the learner’s experience within it. Between 300 and 400 words. Including at least two references and citations.

The Application of Technology in Nursing Education


Questions for Discussion (DQ)

Initial responses to the DQ should be at least 250 words long and address all aspects of the questions posed, including a minimum of one scholarly source.
Successful responses are substantive (i.e., they add something new to the equation).

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Assignment: The Use Of Technology In Nursing Education

With ongoing growth and modernisation, technology has been integrated into our healthcare system. Students are adequately equipped for entering the workforce thanks to the increased use and deployment of technology in educational settings. Educational institutions have upgraded their technology infrastructure and are incorporating new teaching platforms on a regular basis. Nurse educators have access to a variety of technological tools to help them develop their teaching and better serve their students as they prepare for graduation. For students in remote locations who may not be able to physically visit educational facilities, technology has enhanced access to learning. Simulation learning, mobile phones, e-books, personal laptops, and tablets such as iPads are examples of technology used in nursing education. Technology is a vast issue that provides certain obstacles; yet, it is an important tool in today’s learning environment. This essay presents an instructive and reflective review of the benefits, problems, and yet optimistic and inventive prospects for the future of nursing education that technology has to offer.

Learning, educational, facilities, healthcare, technology, nursing, educators, and students are some of the terms used in this article.

according to Assignment: The Use Of Technology In Nursing Education Technology is becoming more popular as a teaching medium, and it is critical in today’s educational climate (Merrill, 2015). Today’s nursing education includes a variety of technologies, such as high- and low-fidelity simulation, which offers students with case-based scenarios and the ability to practice hands-on skills (Tosterud, Hedelin, & Hall-Lord, 2013). Many nursing programs have embraced technological improvements such as e-learning, which allows students in remote regions to learn in a more cost-effective and accommodating manner (Sheikhaboumasoudi, Bagheri, Hosseini, Ashouri, & Elahi, 2018). Many educational institutions have focused on adapting to changes in educational delivery through rebuilding projects, financial revisions, and improved support for educators (Benjamin & Ostrow, 2008). Technology is a multidimensional topic that has made numerous good contributions to today’s nursing education. With regard to the next generation of nursing students, it is critical that, as technology advances, the priority of providing quality patient care does not diminish (Mahon, 2017).

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