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Assignment Statistics in Psychologist 

Assignment: Statistics in Psychologist 

1. A method for testing a claim or hypothesis about a parameter in a population, using data measured in a sample, is called

random sampling

level of significance

hypothesis testing


2. The one-sample z test is a hypothesis test used to test hypotheses

concerning a single population with a known variance

concerning at least one population

concerning the variance in a population

all of the above

3. Given the following values: μ = 6.0, M = 7.6, n = 36, σ = 6, conduct a one-sample z test at a 0.05 level of significance. For a one-tailed test, upper-tail critical, what is the decision?

to reject the null hypothesis

to retain the null hypothesis

There is not enough information since the sample size is not given.

4. ________ allows researchers to describe (1) how far mean scores have shifted in the population, or (2) the percentage of variance that can be explained by a given variable.




effect size

5. The ________ is an inferential statistic used to determine the number of standard deviations in a t distribution that a sample means deviates from the mean value or mean difference stated in the null hypothesis. Statistics in Psychologist Assignments

t distribution

t statistic

standard error

degrees of freedom

6. State the critical value(s) for the following two-tailed t test at a 0.05 level of significance: t(∞).



the same as for a two-tailed z test at a 0.05 level of significance

both ±1.96 and the same as for a two-tailed z test at a 0.05 level of significance

7. A researcher reports that the mean time it takes to complete an experimental task is 1.4 ± 8.0 (M ± SD) seconds. If the null hypothesis was that the mean equals 1.0, then what is the effect size for this test using estimated Cohen’s d?

d = 0.05; small effect size

d = 0.50; medium effect size

d = 1.05; large effect size

There is not enough information to answer this question.

8. Computing a two-independent sample t test is appropriate when

different participants are assigned to each group

the population variance is unknown

participants are observed one time

Assignment Statistics in Psychologist 

Assignment Statistics in Psychologist

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all of the above

9. A researcher has participants rate the likability of a sexually promiscuous person described in a vignette as being male (n = 20) or female (n = 12). The mean likability ratings in each group were 4.0. If the null hypothesis is that there is no difference in likability ratings, then do likability ratings differ at a 0.05 level of significance?

Yes, this result is significant, p < 0.05.

No, this result is not significant, t(30) = 0.

No, this result is not significant, t(30) = 1.00.

There is not enough information to answer this question, because the variance in each sample is not given.

10. A type of related samples design in which participants are observed more than once is called a

repeated measures design

matched pairs design

matched samples design

both matched pairs design and matched samples design

11. A researcher records the level of attention among 18 students during an interactive and lecture portion of a single class. If she computes a related samples t test at a 0.05 level of significance (two-tailed test), then what is the critical value for this test?





12. A researcher computes the mean difference in locomotion in a sample of 12 rats before and 30 minutes after an injection of amphetamine. Rats were placed in a box with infrared beams. The number of times rats crossed the beams was used as a measure of locomotion. The mean difference in locomotion was 6.2 ± 8.4 (MD ± SD), and this difference was significant. What is the effect size for this result using estimated Cohen’s d?

d = 0.74 (medium effect)

d = 1.36 (medium effect)

d = 0.74 (large effect)

d = 1.36 (large effect)

13. A researcher reports with 90% confidence that 31% to 37% of Americans believe in ghosts. What is the point estimate for this interval?




31% to 37%

14. In a sample of 20 participants, a researcher estimates the 95% CI for a sample with a mean of M = 5.4 and an estimated standard error (SM) of 1.6. What is the upper confidence limit for this interval? Statistics in Psychologist Assignments





15. There is no difference between a point estimate and an interval estimate.



16. Using a between-subjects ANOVA design,

n · k participants are each observed one time

n participants are observed k times

data are not analyzed between groups

the same participants are observed in each group

17. A researcher measures attractiveness ratings of a male confederate among 30 women who were told the confederate was either single, dating, or married (n = 10 per group). What are the degrees of freedom for error for the one-way between-subjects ANOVA?





18. A researcher measures differences in romantic feelings among adolescent and adult males. If different participants were in each group, then what type of statistical design is appropriate for this study?

a two-independent sample t test

a one-way between-subjects ANOVA

a two-way between-subjects ANOVA

both a two-independent sample t test and a one-way between-subjects ANOVA

19. Which of the following post hoc tests is associated with the greatest power to detect an effect?

Schaffé test

Tukey’s HSD test

Bonferroni test

Fisher’s LSD test

20. A researcher computes a one-way within-subjects ANOVA in which k = 4 and n = 20.

What are the degrees of freedom error for this test?




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