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Assignment: Self-Assessment and Reflection Essay

Assignment: Self-Assessment and Reflection Essay


Self-assessment is a crucial aspect in enhancing an individual’s leadership given that it helps in realizing personal values, weakness, and strengths. Through self-assessment, I have been able to identify my weaknesses as a nurse and would like to mitigate ways of improving those weaknesses to enhance my leadership skills. In this paper, I will reflect on my learning styles, personality, and emotional intelligence.

Through my experience, I have come to realize that emotional intelligence is my greatest weakness undermining my leadership capabilities. Emotional intelligence is crucial in nursing leadership as it helps one identify and manage his own emotions in addition to those of others. As a leader, it is very crucial to have a high emotional intelligence to be able to reason and make decisions with a clear mind (Foster et al., 2015). It also enhances one’s communication skills as you will be aware of the present emotional climate for the discussion of different topics with different magnitudes. My biggest problem is not identifying my emotions but controlling them in instances that require my utmost attention. As such, I may end up making irrational decisions which might negatively affect others. I, however, believe, that I have the capability of working on my emotional intelligence to be able to serve as a good leader.

Secondly, I would like to assess my learning styles which is a very crucial aspect in enhancing my leadership skills and for the growth of my knowledge in the nursing profession. Being aware of your most effective learning style makes it easy to integrate new knowledge and adopt appropriate skills to make a good leader (Spano-Szekely, Quinn, Clavelle, & Fitzpatrick, 2016). From my experience, I have come to appreciate the fact that I am more profound with mild aural learning and verbal learning styles. I can learn from both spoken and heard information by criticizing the information. As such, developing my learning style will help in widening my knowledge and skills to make a good leader.

The last aspect of must self-assessment is reflecting on my personality. Assessing once own personality is crucial as it helps in the identification of emotional patterns, cognition and habitual character (Saravo, Kiesewetter, & Netzel, 2017). An individual’s personality is what defines them as good leaders. Consequently, one can only become a good leader by being able to differentiate the personal traits that he or she possesses which are considered as either good or bad leadership traits. For instance, I am very patient, bold, goal-oriented, creative, sensitive at times and very observant. These traits among others are the main reasons behind my good leadership. Consequently, personality assessment enhances self-actualization which will help me maximize my potentials as a good nursing leader.

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Leadership Style

In my philosophy of care, the main leadership style which aligns with my nursing practice is transformation servant leadership which will bring change for better patient outcome. Servant leadership is, is mainly focused on supporting and developing team members

Assignment Self-Assessment and Reflection Essay

Assignment Self-Assessment and Reflection Essay

while transformational leadership is focused more on inspiring followers to work together towards a common goal. A combination of the two results to a leadership style that will not only focus on enhancing the quality of care provided, but also supporting other nurses in achieving their goals. This leadership style aligns with my course of practice, given that handling patient problems require collaboration of several health professionals from different disciplines (Marshall, & Broome, 2016). For instance, it is only through transformational leadership that a nursing leader will be able to bring together nurses, physicians, pharmacists, nutritionist and physiotherapist especially when dealing with a patient who needs a care plan that incorporates both pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions for effective outcome. consequently, servant leaders tend to create a level environment where other staff members will feel part of the group rather than just followers. This enhances their quality of work which in turn improves patient’s outcome.

Incorporating Elements of the Leadership Style

Transformational–servant leadership style is very vital in healthcare organizations as it advocates serving others rather than being a boss. It helps in aligning the provision of nursing care which is mainly centered at providing quality services to the patient. hence, the main elements of transformational-servant leadership such as serving and bring of change can be incorporated into the healthcare sector. As a nurse, I can implement this leadership style by enhancing an involving environment between nurses and patients to enhance care outcome. Consequently, I can encourage nurses to communicate effectively with patients to enhance win their trust, which is very crucial when collecting patient data to make accurate diagnosis and formulate the most effective care plan. The nursing profession is a growing field which requires group reasoning and sharing of innovative idea which enhance the quality of work provided (Herman, Gish, & Rosenblum, 2015). This can best be achieved through implementation of transformational-servant leadership style. Consequently, empowering nurses improves their working morale leading to optimization of their potential inpatient care. Lastly, through transformational servant leadership, I will create a level environment where nurses and physicians among other healthcare professionals will be able to work together to improve patient’s health and safety.

Through my assessment of learning styles, personality, and emotional intelligence, I have come to realize that I have to improve my communication skills and emotional intelligence to make a good leader. A successful leader must have excellent communication skills as effective communication enhances the level of coordination and understanding among team members (Saravo, Kiesewetter, & Netzel, 2017). I will enhance my communication skills through being an active listener, learning body language, thinking before speaking, learning different body language, treating people equally, always having a positive attitude and being brief and precise. To improve my emotional intelligence, I will follow implement the following steps, utilization of assertive style of communication, responding instead of reacting to conflict, use of active listening skills, being motivated, practicing self-awareness, taking critiques well and lastly empathizing with others. In the end, I am optimistic about making a good nursing leader.

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