Assignment: Research Reflection Essay

Assignment: Research Reflection Essay

Assignment  Research Reflection Essay


The current demographic patterns reflect a scenario where diverse cultures are united within a given society. Understanding the socio-cultural needs of different population groups is essential for researchers who intend to navigate through the social perception of people to access information (Keith, 2019). Social competence can be defined as the emotional, behavioral and cognitive skills, which enable a person to adopt in a given social setting. Often, the competency manifests when a person uses the knowledge of previous experience to adjust to the changes in the current situation for social interactions in a given environment. In contrast, cultural competence refers to behaviors, attitudes as well as policies that form a system of agency to allow effective working of people from different cultures (In Frisby & In O’Donohue, 2018). It includes human behaviors, communications, values, social groups, and religious beliefs. As such a multicultural environment will be established when people are competent in the ethics and values of others which allows them to demonstrate respect to one another. Moreover, cultural competency enhances interaction among people from different social background especially those who come together to work, study or worship.

Social and cultural competencies are widely used in social psychological research. It allows the researchers to offer quality data since the study takes into account the diversity of the population investigated. Utilizing social and cultural competency provides an avenue for researchers to study objectives as well as ideas that would help to explore diverse options to optimize project findings. Researchers in social psychology also utilize aspects of cultural competence to formulate study design, avail consent documents, develop research questions as well as recruit study population (Keith, 2019). Moreover, the concept of social and cultural competency allows researchers in the field of psychology to predict behavioral changes that might lead to conflict during the study. As such, the researchers will analyze the belief system of the selected study group to ensure that the social, cultural, as well as the linguistic needs of the population, are addressed.Assignment  Research Reflection Essay

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The perception of populations in a given community is influenced by the thought process about a given issue in society. Often, emotions emerge as a social psychological concept to determine the patterns of behavior as well as interactions of people among

Assignment Research Reflection Essay
Assignment Research Reflection Essay

different communities. Emotion can be defined as a strong feeling that emanates from an individual’s circumstances related to mood or how they relate with other people. Emotions also influence thought processes and determine how people behave based on a given circumstance. In daily activities of human beings, emotions can be identified through the psychological phenomenon that includes motivation, temperamental and personality behavior (In Wildman, In Griffith & In Armon, 2016). Social and cultural competence can be used by researchers to establish psychological needs and evaluate the expressive behavior of the study population during the research period. The premise plays a significant role in developing emotions which can motivate all the study groups from diverse cultures to participate in the activities of a given study. This optimizes the outcomes as study population will enable researchers to collect data and evaluate findings.

In the event that the researcher fails to include cross-cultural perspectives, then there is a possibility that the participants may reject the project which in turn will alter the quality of findings. For instance, sociocultural concepts may be ignored when a researcher does not demonstrate respect to a community’s belief and cultural practices, often witnessed by failure to issue consent documents to seek for permission of participants (In Frisby & In O’Donohue, 2018). Poor response to the cultural beliefs of participants alters the emotional as well as the thought processes which results in negative outcomes in the study findings. Therefore, the researcher needs to take into account ethical procedures in research as a remedy to rejection by the study population.

Social competence is a complex concept consisting of social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral skills. For example, one might change social interactions based on the situational perspective of another individual.
Cultural competency enables organizations to work in cross-cultural situations based on skills, attitudes, behaviors, and policies. For example, it is important to provide health care services that meet the needs of all patients and addresses diversity issues.
In 500-750 words, address why social and cultural competency is critical in the research process. Be sure to address the following prompts:
Define social and cultural competency
Evaluate the importance of these concepts in terms of social psychological research.
Give an example of a social psychological concept that can be understood from a cross-cultural perspective (e.g., social self, emotion, attitudes, fundamental attribution error, etc.)
Why does cultural competency matter when researching a concept like the one you chose?
Discuss problems that might occur if cross-cultural perspectives are neglected in the research. Be sure to share an example(s). Use two to three scholarly resources to support your explanations.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
When writing in APA style, it is important that your analysis is written in third person. Writing in third person helps with clarity and conciseness throughout your paper. However, some instances writing in first person is acceptable and should be used sparingly. Solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines.