Assignment: Proposal Health Care Policy Essay

Assignment: Proposal Health Care Policy Essay

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: Assignment: Proposal Health Care Policy Essay

Title: Assignment: Proposal Health Care Policy Essay

Assignment Proposal Health Care Policy Essay


In March 2010, Barack Obama signed into law the proposed Affordable Care Act (ACA), as a comprehensive reform in the healthcare sector. Officially known as Obamacare, the law comprises a list of healthcare-related provisions envisioned to encompass health-insurance cover to millions of uninsured US citizens (Chen et al., 2016). The Act prolongs Medicaid suitability, shape health insurance exchanges, and prevents insurance firms from charging more or denying coverage because of the pre-existing situations. Also, it allows children to remain within the insurance plans of their parents until they reach the age of 26 (Chen et al., 2016). Based on the above information, this essay proposes to examine how the act improves, cost efficiency and equity for the people, its financial soundness, how it accounts for ethical, political and legal, factors and the nursing perceptive for implementation. Also, it looks at how it achieves state, federal, and global health policies and the advocacy strategies employable to ensure that people can access the benefits of the policy.

The ACA aimed at reducing the cost of health insurance cover for individuals. Poor families are qualified for additional savings on health insurance plans through cost-sharing discounts and premium tax credits. According to Frean, Gruber, and Sommers (2017), the rising income and inequality in wealth made Obamacare a stark and redistributive law. It not only subsidized health insurance for individuals with low and middle incomes but also increased taxes on high-income earners. Such a mixture of policies made the law contentious and advanced the Obama administration’s objectives of reducing the gap between the poor and the rich Americans.

Is the Policy Financially Sound?

Health insurance should provide not only accessibility to health care services but also a financial product, which is intended to guard individuals from disastrous bills in case of injury or sickness. However, it is early to measure the Act’s full impact, but various studies have shown that low-income citizens have been less vulnerable to financial shocks related to health. Gaffney and McCormick (2017) argue that fewer individuals struggled with health bills or lacked medical care because of increased costs but both health debt and bills have reduced as to date. Additionally, the policy has reduced the federal deficit. Obamacare was planned with a mixture of new spending and taxes, alongside cuts to the national Medicare program, with the aim of saving more than it costs.

How It Account for Ethical, Political and Legal, Factors and the Nursing Perceptive for Implementation

The Act is often considered a move to socialism with a “State Seizure” of healthcare. It demands that most people, as well as legal inhabitants, get health insurance, but it could be from the private firms, Medicaid, employers, state-based insurance exchanges or Medicare (Nikpay, Buchmueller & Levy, 2016). People who pay more than 8 percent of their incomes on health insurance can get subsidies in their premiums using the insurance exchanges. Therefore, the Act needs no legal or political control of the health system. In its place, it tries to boost both access and effectiveness through orders to be performed by private and state health care providers and insurers.

Responding to ethical issues related to the Act, it is imperative to differentiate traditions from realism. A number of health matters have their roots in societal inequalities and unless people appreciate the intent and predicted results of the Act, they cannot

successfully address ethical concerns to talk about. Health specialists are morally responsible to take actions that back effective delivery of healthcare as well as determine and address inequality (Nikpay, Buchmueller & Levy, 2016). Efforts to restructure the system of health care in the US have principally dodged the idea of human rights. When accessibility to quality health is seen as a correct, and not only a privilege or option, the Act embodies larger moral gravity. It modifies the social contract and establishes a new model that shifts toward general healthcare insurance with an implication that everybody needs accessibility to elementary health care. Therefore, it is significant for nurses in healthcare to reflect on how the application of the Act connects to their duty in appreciating and attempting to correct situations of injustices within the health sector.

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Under the federal system of the US, governance responsibility is taken by both the state and federal governments. The ACA, which extends Americans’ coverage decisions, among other reforms in the health system, reflects such kind of a structure. Although the federal government offers most of the funding for subsidized covers and sets a federal background for regulations of the insurance market, states have the ability to implement the law (Sen & DeLeire, 2018). The existing health reform suggestions from the political sphere aim at giving more responsibility to states. Globally, the Act has revolutionized the healthcare industry in various ways. It has enabled other countries to implement policies to establish cost-effective healthcare policies affordable for every citizen.

The Advocacy Strategies Employable to ensure that People can access the Benefits of the ACA

Assignment Proposal Health Care Policy Essay
Assignment: Proposal Health Care Policy Essay

Improving accessibility to health means taking a wide strategy which includes various stages. To start with, there should be sufficient financing of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and maintenance of Medicaid growth and implement growth in every state. Secondly, there is a need to stabilize personal insurance markets and retain ACA market reforms. This will help to nurture a strong health insurance market and ensure that low, as well as middle-income patients, have safe, affordable as well as adequate covers. Thirdly, physical shortages should be addressed. Moreover, there should be Telehealth as well as remote monitoring of the patient, which will be a cost-effective, essential as well as a consistent means to boost capacity in a health system. Finally, there should be increased efficiency of the existing workforce.

From a Christian perspective, to support, encourage health and prevent infection among people, it is the moral and professional duty of Advanced Registered Nurses (ARNs) to be holistic caregivers (Watkins, Hart & Mareno, 2016). They should address cultural, spiritual as well as mental requirements of the patients. The increasing mixture of patients’ needs requires nurses to show cultural sensitivity and awareness. Patients can have explicit needs as a result of their gender or religion.

Assignment: Proposal Health Care Policy Essay Conclusion

The essay examines the ACA, which was established by Barack Obama and envisioned to address health-insurance cover to millions of uninsured US citizens. In improving cost-efficiency and health equity for people, the Act not only subsidized health insurance for individuals with low and middle incomes but also increased taxes on high-income earners. Further, through the Act, both health debt and bills have reduced. Also, the Act does not need legal or political control of the health system. Although access to quality care is seen as a good, and not only a privilege or option, the act embodies larger moral gravity. However, the state and federal governments, which are implementing the Act inspire other countries to establish effective healthcare policies. Finally, the essay emphasizes a Christian viewpoint to give advocacy strategies employable to ensure that people can access the benefits of the ACA.


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Select a current or proposed health care policy that is designed to improve a specific population’s access to quality, cost-effective health care. In a paper of 1,000-1,250 words, include the following:
1.Explain the policy and how it is designed to improve cost-effectiveness and health care equity for the population. Is the policy financially sound? Why or why not? How does the policy account for any relevant ethical, legal, and political factors and the nursing perceptive one must consider when implementing it?
2.To what state, federal, global health policies or goals is this particular policy related? How well do you think the policy is designed to achieve those goals?
3.Finally, discuss the advocacy strategies you would employ on behalf of your population to ensure they have access to the benefits of the policy. Explain, from a Christian perspective, the professional and moral obligation of advanced registered nurse to advocate for and promote health and prevent disease among diverse populations.

You are required to cite five to 10 sources to complete this assignment. Sources must be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and nursing content.

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