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Assignment Multiple Choice 1

Assignment: Multiple Choice 1

1. Which of the following correctly describes the relationship between victimology and criminology?

A) Victimology encompasses several sub-disciplines, including criminology.

B) Victimology can be considered an area of specialization within criminology.

C) Victimologists only study the victims of crimes, and criminologists only study the offenders.

D) The two disciplines are similar but there are clearly-defined boundaries between them.

2. The essential inquiry involved when M’Naughten Rule is applied is:

A) Was the act the result or the product of a mental defect

B) Was the person able to distinguish between right and wrong at the time of the offense

C) Was the act the result of an “irresistible impulse”

D) Was the act the result of an addiction

3. According to the tenets of _____, neither the offender nor the victim is the real culprit.

A) the just world outlook

B) system blaming

C) victim blaming

D) offender blaming

4. The lower rate in violent crime, especially murder, is explained by which of the following contributing factors?

A) The U.S. economy

B) The victim’s movement

C) Three Strikes law and harsher punishments

D) A dramatic increase in the number of police officers on duty

E) All of the above

5. The most common argument made by opponents in Stage 3 of the rediscovery process is which of the following?

A) We have not gone far enough in protecting victims.

B) We have gone too far in protecting victims.

C) Victims are not defined correctly.

Assignment Multiple Choice 1

Assignment Multiple Choice 1

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D) The Victims’ Movement has been exaggerated by advocate groups.

6. Arguments that the victims of a crime might share responsibility with their offenders for what happened due to facilitation, precipitation, and provocation have been characterized as:

A) just world outlook.

B) victim defending.

C) victim blaming

D) offender blaming.

7. Victimology is an interdisciplinary field that benefits from the contributions of:

A) sociologists.

B) criminologists.

C) psychologists.

D) all of the above

8. _____ refers to the practice of charging a defendant with every applicable crime committed during a single criminal incident.

A) Bedsheeting

B) Overcharging

C) Misprision of a felony

D) Perjury

9. Which of the following is a false statement about serial killers?

A) The majority appear to have experienced gradual or traumatic breaks with one or both parents while in their youth

B) They have a pervasive lack of commitment to conventional values

C) They usually do not have meaningful, close relationships with peers

D) They tend to involve themselves in drugs, alcohol and “marginal behaviors”

E) All of the above statements are true

10. According to Eysenck the foundation for criminality is:

A) The over reactive RAS.

B) Personality differences in conditionability.

C) Financial gain

D) Instrumental conditioning.

11. Which of the following behavioral characteristics is NOT typical of the psychopath?

A) Inability to give love or true affection to others

B) Unable to demonstrate genuine guilt feelings for wrongdoing.

C) Poor social skills as an adult.

D) Inability to handle school

E) Irresponsible

12. The DSM IV indicates that personality disorders have an enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates markedly from the expectations of the individual’s culture. Which of the following is NOT one of the ways in which these patterns are manifested?

A) Impulse

B) Interpersonal functioning

C) Subliminal

D) Affectivity

E) Cognition

13. The social learning of violence is believed by researchers to be a direct result of:

A) Being victimized

B) Biological influences

C) Gun ownership

D) Viewing violence

E) All of the above

14. A husband has a long history of physical abuse toward his wife and children. The wife’s order of protection and previous complaint to the policehas not stopped the abuse. One night, the wife shoots the husband in his sleep. Examine this scenario from the perspectives of “victim blaming,” “victim defending,” and “system blaming.” Please explain

15. When would-be complainants experience strong pressures from their own families and friends not to come forward and tell the police what hashappened, they have experienced:

A) cultural intimidation.

B) fear of reprisal.

C) amnesia.

D) none of the above

16. The following was/were believed to be able to detect criminal predispositionby examining bumps and abnormalities on the surface of the skull.

A) Sociologists

B) Phrenologists

C) Sigmund Freud

D) Neurobiologists

E) Hans Eysenck

17. One similarity between criminologists and victimologists is that they:

A) have existed for about the same amount of time.

B) share a pro-police viewpoint.

Important information for writing discussion questions and participation

Hi Class,

Please read through the following information on writing a Discussion question response and participation posts.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Important information on Writing a Discussion Question

  • Your response needs to be a minimum of 150 words (not including your list of references)
  • There needs to be at least TWO references with ONE being a peer reviewed professional journal article.
  • Include in-text citations in your response
  • Do not include quotes—instead summarize and paraphrase the information
  • Follow APA-7th edition
  • Points will be deducted if the above is not followed

Participation –replies to your classmates or instructor

  • A minimum of 6 responses per week, on at least 3 days of the week.
  • Each response needs at least ONE reference with citations—best if it is a peer reviewed journal article
  • Each response needs to be at least 75 words in length (does not include your list of references)
  • Responses need to be substantive by bringing information to the discussion or further enhance the discussion. Responses of “I agree” or “great post” does not count for the word count.
  • Follow APA 7th edition
  • Points will be deducted if the above is not followed

Welcome to class

Hello class and welcome to the class and I will be your instructor for this course. This is a -week course and requires a lot of time commitment, organization, and a high level of dedication. Please use the class syllabus to guide you through all the assignments required for the course. I have also attached the classroom policies to this announcement to know your expectations for this course. Please review this document carefully and ask me any questions if you do. You could email me at any time or send me a message via the “message” icon in halo if you need to contact me. I check my email regularly, so you should get a response within 24 hours. If you have not heard from me within 24 hours and need to contact me urgently, please send a follow up text to.

I strongly encourage that you do not wait until the very last minute to complete your assignments. Your assignments in weeks 4 and 5 require early planning as you would need to present a teaching plan and interview a community health provider. I advise you look at the requirements for these assignments at the beginning of the course and plan accordingly. I have posted the YouTube link that explains all the class assignments in detail. It is required that you watch this 32-minute video as the assignments from week 3 through 5 require that you follow the instructions to the letter to succeed. Failure to complete these assignments according to instructions might lead to a zero. After watching the video, please schedule a one-on-one with me to discuss your topic for your project by the second week of class. Use this link to schedule a 15-minute session. Please, call me at the time of your appointment on my number. Please note that I will NOT call you.

Please, be advised I do NOT accept any assignments by email. If you are having technical issues with uploading an assignment, contact the technical department and inform me of the issue. If you have any issues that would prevent you from getting your assignments to me by the deadline, please inform me to request a possible extension. Note that working fulltime or overtime is no excuse for late assignments. There is a 5%-point deduction for every day your assignment is late. This only applies to approved extensions. Late assignments will not be accepted.

If you think you would be needing accommodations due to any reasons, please contact the appropriate department to request accommodations.

Plagiarism is highly prohibited. Please ensure you are citing your sources correctly using APA 7th edition. All assignments including discussion posts should be formatted in APA with the appropriate spacing, font, margin, and indents. Any papers not well formatted would be returned back to you, hence, I advise you review APA formatting style. I have attached a sample paper in APA format and will also post sample discussion responses in subsequent announcements.

Your initial discussion post should be a minimum of 200 words and response posts should be a minimum of 150 words. Be advised that I grade based on quality and not necessarily the number of words you post. A minimum of TWO references should be used for your initial post. For your response post, you do not need references as personal experiences would count as response posts. If you however cite anything from the literature for your response post, it is required that you cite your reference. You should include a minimum of THREE references for papers in this course. Please note that references should be no more than 5 years old except recommended as a resource for the class. Furthermore, for each discussion board question, you need ONE initial substantive response and TWO substantive responses to either your classmates or your instructor for a total of THREE responses. There are TWO discussion questions each week, hence, you need a total minimum of SIX discussion posts for each week. I usually post a discussion question each week. You could also respond to these as it would count towards your required SIX discussion posts for the week.

I understand this is a lot of information to cover in 5 weeks, however, the Bible says in Philippians 4:13 that we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. Even in times like this, we are encouraged by God’s word that we have that ability in us to succeed with His strength. I pray that each and every one of you receives strength for this course and life generally as we navigate through this pandemic that is shaking our world today. Relax and enjoy the course!

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